FEEDBACK upNXT: 21st November 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman ere requesting all of your feedback from this week’s hangover edition of NXT and all the feedback from TakeOver:War games. Plus any feedback you have from 205 Live this week.


The good: fantastic use of commentary and music to sum up each match from Takeover. Even though NOLA is still my favorite Takeover ever, War games 2018 may be #2.

Keith Lee and Matt Riddle are future stars on the main roster.

The bad: too many squash matches. Too much dead time.

Great show on the weekend and nice meeting @TheBrayD at ROH on Nov. 11 in The Six with my Post Wrestling shirt on. Keep up the good work.

In honor of Creed 2 coming out, I think you should review the Rocky movies, even though ur both Milennials :wink:


Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Hello lads, yet another hangover edition of NXT, so I can assume you spent 40 minuets talking about The Bray D’s beets & England’s results from the weekend’s internationals?

A good show, as far as Hangovers go. Good showings for both Keith Lee & Lars Sullivan, while Nikki Cross vs Candice LeRay delivered for a TV main event.

  • Question: Without reading ahead what do you see the NXT Women’s Championship & NXT North American championship for Takeover: Royal Rumble?

Tony Nese vs Noam Dar & Grand Metalik vs TJP were good TV matches, while Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick beat up some jobbers.

  • Question: So with all of these Tag Teams forming and their still some kind of partnership between Raw & 205 Live could you see a 205 Live team challenge for the Raw Tag Team Championships and upon winning defend them on 205 Live? Kind of like how John Morrison and The Miz were a part of ECW, but won the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in November of 2007 and defended them on both SmackDown and ECW.
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KB61, Perth AU

One of the weaker NXT Hangovers in quite a while, 2 squashes plus a post match angle overshadowing the actual match is certainly different, presented much more like a weekly ep than the usual Takeover dark matches.

My Q pertains to 5 Star Lars. If you havent already discussed yet, if you could fantasy book his main roster debutt, which show would YOU put him on and who would you put him against? And looking at their history of call-up failures, where/who do you think he will ACTUALLY end up with?

Thanks boys, belated congrats on your trivia domination last week.

Hey guys it’s Brad from Halifax, I’m not a first time long time but I’m a first time in a long time. I normally don’t get a chance to do feedback as I watch NXT with my son after school on Thursdays. I agree with everybody else’s this show is skippable other than the big single I really hope they give Keith Lee a big push. I actually prefer Keith Lee over Matt Riddle I think that Keith we would fit a particular part of the marketplace that is not being filled up right now in NXT or WWE. Keith Lee is a very charismatic performer with a particular look that if given a chance could be a main event.

I’m going to give you some of his feedback to take over from his perspective as a 10-year-old. He was very angry when undisputed era did not win he thinks that they are the best thing going and has told me that despite not watching much WWE. When they go up he wants to follow them and watch all of their parts. He is not interested in watching the horse show but just that group. I’m afraid guys I hope that he always likes wrestling however if they go up in our utterly destroyed because they don’t look the way Vince McMahon once his wrestlers the look I think my son’s heart maybe broken and there may be no coming back.