FEEDBACK: upNXT 27th March 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie here asking for your feedback to this week’s NXT. Ahoy!!

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Eric in Miami

NXT did the Triple H, 20 minute opening promo but I didn’t mind it because they don’t do it often and what Cole and Gargano said out there was magic. Loved that Cole waited until he walked away to explain his million reasons why he would win.

I know you guys are big into Twitter so I’ll do this
Unpopular Opinion: if 205 Live started out in Full Sail it would be as hot as NXT, they aren’t those old Impact crowds that were in to get themselves over, they made the tag final feel special. Enjoy your day fellas

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

I’m really looking forward to the NXT Championship match, much like most of NXT they’ve done a great job in the build. Matt Riddle still screams ultimate stoner guy, while Aces and Eight will remain to be forgotten. Much like Finn and Joe before a makeshift team of former champions proves just how shallow the NXT Tag Team division is.

Davie, gave you been keeping up with NXT UK and what are your thoughts and expectations on “Dunne v Walter”? (Dunne is currently at 676 days as champion, now 14th longest single reigning champion in WWE History).

Braden, what are your thoughts on the alleged crimes of rapper Cardi B? (I’m referring to the allegations that she use to take men back to hotels, then drug them and while knocked out would rob them, allegedly).

James from London! Long time second time

Gargano and Cole exchange was excellent, Shayna is fire, Dream is just dripping in ‘sauce’. Sons of Anarchy are just awful, stop trying to take Rodderick Strongs move set and hop on your tricycles to Impact.

Takeover looks set to be amazing. :v:t2: @ hugs :call_me_hand:t2:

Charbel from Victoriaville

I’m writing this Thursday morning 8 o’clock … my wife is in Labor… baby 4 is coming in a couple of hours … I will finally have my own stable , mock the system

So long time first time as a 4 time dad ( plz Davie shout that !

Kacey is lit , nice seeing two roommate being a tag team like this ! They look legit happy taging together ! I think both these girl can go far !

I love that chant of Johnny wrestling and Adam cole and because there is no commercial or anything they can let this sink in it was an awsome atmospshere for what 3 minute non stop wow

Ricochet is a lucky bastard because kacey is lit

Omg i think baby is here

Véronique push
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Ooooooo my baby boy kicked out
Mama Mia baby Renaud kick out at two

What and awsome false finish ! Can’t wait to see him

Kacey is lit

Kacey and Ricochet is the best couple. Just look at their videos on youtube, they are adorable.

Hello Guys happy end of march,
This episode was meh, i like promos but this start segment / feud felt rushed.

the scorpion woman was good, baszler needs to go, she is made to work 5-9 min tv match and she drag if her opponent is bad or the match is too long.

ricoblack won , but i didn’t get invested in the match at all maybe because they are appearing on tv for 1 entire month.

:guitar::guitar: kyle’s guitar for this episode

i’m from chile :flushed: (you asked the last pc)
ok guys have a great sushi!! and travel safe!! and don’t look at the sun!! and eat a burger in ny!!