FEEDBACK: upNXT 31st October 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback from this weeks episodes of NXT and 205 Live. Ahoy!

Good Evening Boys, another solid episode of NXT and I’m looking forward to Takeover in a few weeks… My major takeaway from this episode though, Montez Ford needs to get far away from Angelo Dawkins… This guy is going to be a Superstar, and the sooner he gets his Barbershop Window moment the better… Thank you guys for all you do!

Ari from Montreal
Mann does my wednesday feel empty without the mae young classic…at least we got to see mercades.
As the previous comment states…GET FORD AWAY FROM DAWKINS! Great to see riddle broo
Great reference to rey getting lawn darted by Nash in WcW. And finally after tht wait we get the war game annoucement…brought a tear to my eye actually.

Question: Will Ford ever turn on Dawkins? And possibly allign himself with Bianca belair…they could be a crazy team

P.S. Braden the haunted tv has stuck again…his latest victim my brother. Happy halloween to you both

Jalen from Pickering,

Bro… NXT is great, 2017-2018 NXT has been some of, if not the best wrestling television I’ve ever seen. The past 2 episodes closing angles have had a nice mixture of realism and drama while involving several distinct characters.
It’s nice to see the Evolve Tag Team Champions getting a W. But, holy hell Matt Riddle is great, I now get the hype behind the Stone Cold Stoner. Closing angle was great, however I selfishly want Moustache Mountain involved in this somehow. The card and the new match graphics for War Games all look nice, I’m ready for another phenomenal Takeover!

Jesse from the 6

This will likely be the last feedback I leave for a while because I have cancelled my subscription in protest of the Saudi Arabia deal. I’ll miss NXT so I’m counting on you two to keep me abreast of events.

My only feedback here is in response to something you mentioned on your Halloween II review. The razor blade in the apple is almost entirely a myth. It has happened, but a professor who tried to track down instances of blades and pins in Halloween candy found only 80 such incidents since 1959. Many of these were hoaxes or otherwise pranks designed to scare a specific person. Only ten of those resulted in injury. Furthermore, there has never been a police documentation of somebody handing out poisoned Halloween candy.

More info here:

Take Care

Wassup I’m Chris from Rochester New York long time listener this my first time posting in the forum

I really like today’s episode of NXT, the Street profits are lit especially Montez Ford ihe has potential to be great if he ever break away and become a single, since Regal announced Gargano vs Black for Takeover do y’all think it should have a stipulation to the match it could be match of the night

PS Love the show keep up the good work

Hi guys I do try my best to listen to you’re show every week there’s just so many podcasts nowadays.

I have a question about my utter contempt for wwe’s use of some of the nxt wrestlers on the main roster actually, although I don’t think anyone has the answers to them…So since both of them won the Royal Rumble in January how has wwe managed to screw up Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka so bad?. Remember when Nakamura made his electrifying debut at that takeover Dallas show to now it’s so depressing.

What has happened to Cien Almas? Where the fuck is Sanity?

Can you Imagine how fast and how low Kairi Saine would fall on the main roster!? I don’t want Vince going anywhere near that fucking pirate character, I hope she just stays on nxt for 7 years, skips the all that main roster bullshit and just goes straight into the hall of fame.

As good a match-up that Shayna and Kairi make, and have done so repeatedly, the backstage segment left me wondering. Shayna’s gang have the looks of heels, but we’ve never seen them in a ring. The logical next step is for Kairi to get her own gang but that runs a bit counter to Kairi’s perfect ultimate undersized underdog babyface character. NXT needs to make a new female group of faces that can gel as a team, but I don’t know who of the current NXT women’s roster fit together naturally as a team.

Where is the NXT women’s program heading?

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

Guys, did you enjoy Evolution? What stole the show for you? Mine was marginally Flair/Lynch.

Hope Martinez gets signed as she is quality to watch. Candice + dark makeup = heel (she looked like Emma at first.)

Holy Crap…Ford’s springboard frogslpash!!

So good to see Riddle finally in WWE. So unique, think he will go far and already cannot wait to the match ups he can have in NXT.

“Main event” was awesome. Love when NXT change it up by turning a UE promo and makimg it a beat down. Interesting they put alot of emphasis on Dunne but give me this matxh NOW!!!

Question…Are Shane Thorne and Montez Ford the 2 best under used talents? I feel as singles, they could be big and they carry their respective tags currently.