Feedback: upNXT 31st October 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT!

Sango from Malaysia here.

I liked that NXT got Poppy perform to start off the show. Hope they’ll be able to get more “alternative” artists like her going forward; her sound fits in perfectly with the show’s aesthetic.

Always happy to see Shane Thorne get TV time, even if it’s in a loss against someone he beat two months ago. Fair play to Bronson, though; the impact he got off that incredible top rope splash deserved to finish the match.

It’s a good time to be Keith Lee. We just got 3 straight weeks of this hoss manhandling his rivals in the most sports entertaining way. Can’t believe it took NXT this long to put him in a match together with Matt Riddle; it felt like every match in 2017 couldn’t have one without the other.

Semi off-topic, but it’s a shame we won’t get Jordan Myles or his banger theme on TV anytime soon. I feel he’s justified in his anger over the T-shirt, but after the Jay Lethal tweet and Instagram apology(?), I kind of feel someone in the locker room needs to help care for his psyche.

Cheers to more Broadway and BDE!

Hi everyone!!

  • Io having Poppy play her to the ring was amazing.

  • I like how Candice kayfabe wise is just as dumb as her husband, deciding to do a lionsault right onto the chair.

  • The mens matches were fine, but the women’s stuff was the best part tonight.

  • The women’s tag match dragged on a bit long, but good lord Asuka and Kairi got a heroes welcome. I think WWE was hoping that Tegan would get a massive reaction for the hot tag, but…its Kairi and Asuka.

  • WOMENS WAR GAMES. I wonder who the teams will be? It seems obvious on the face side, but for the heel side, I’m not really sure I want to see Marina and Jessamyn in that match. I would have Shayna bring in the Kabuki Warriors or something, especially if the rumors of Survivor Series being brand vs brand again this year are true.

As an aside, Asuka mentioned (in a post match interview) that she only used the mist because she thought it would be funny.

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Jesse from the 6

TFC! :clap: :clap: :clap:
TFC! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Take Care

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Eva from London
Yes the Shayna superfan with the second installment of random Baszler fact no one asked for: She is an avid WarHammer 40k player. On some of her ring gear you will find homages to the chaos space marine faction.

Great episode. Barnburner start to finish.

Io Candice. Good match with an eddie Guerrero esque finish(io hiding the chair under herself so candice doesnt see it)
Kai Nox Kabuki Warriors one of the best tag team matches male or female i have seen in a while. Maybe they built up to the hot tag a little long but it was good in the end

Is their anything better than Regal saying “one way to settle this: war games!!!” I really liked how Baszler did not back down from Rhea this time stood her ground. So looking for that match

Bate grimes equals best hurcanarna ever

Daddys going to war (does that mean two war games matches)

Question: Wine of the Week, what are the actual stakes for the womens wargames match or is it just bragging rights, and when is the last time you heard someone say malfunction at the junction before tonight’s episode?

Keep up the good work the best damn podcast tag team in the business and thats including John and Wai (close second though)

Paul from New Jersey

I’m actually a fan of Asuka using the mist and watching the women’s locker room go full bad girls club was fun. Seemed like there was a ton of commercials or maybe they were just poorly placed. Principal Regal was Great. Congratulations to the Washington Nationals.

Really happy for the women’s division getting the wargames match. I can’t wait.

I like it I’m just struggling to think of 2 teams that make sense. I don’t get why Io or Bianca would team up with Shayna.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s kind of like the original survivor series, they are teaming because they have common ennemies.

TO me that made sense for the face team, more than the heel team. I mean it isn’t like the faces in the ring were friends but they all have beef with the heels. But Io and Bianca also have beef with Shayna. It would almost have made more sense to have three 3 person teams. Essentially though I cannot see Io working with anyone.

Well in that sense, it should be 3 v 3 v 3. I hope they come up with an angle where Bianca does not want to be with Shayna.

Yup Horse women, vs Candice and Team Kick, Vs others. The others team doesn’t make a ton of sense as they are not really on the same page but that could be the story especially if the winning team gets something.