FEEDBACK: upNXT 4/18/18

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Alex K from TO

Hey Braden and TBA,

While I am sad that Bartender Dave has left this show I would compare it to a great sport franchise: You don’t rebuild, you reload.

This week’s NXT was good but seemed to cram in a lot of stuff that resulted in some stuff being hurried most importantly the Larae-Vega match that I thought could have been better with more time and less interference. They are both great workers so I didn’t think Almas and Gargano needed to be there.

I enjoyed the EC3, Kona Reeves, and Undisputed Era segments as ways to promote guys when they are not on the show plus I can only watch so many WWE shopzone ads.

Shayna’s punk out of the rest of the women’s division was interesting with no one standing up to her and Dakota Kai running away scared. Besides Kairi Sane do you guys see anyone that you can buy as a serious contender for Shayna and do you think they might do what they did with Asuka and bring in outside women (like Serena Deeb or Mercedes Martinez) to face her in one off matches?

Can’t wait for the review.

Jesse from the 6

Greetings to Braden + new co-host,
This was an inauspicious episode to review for the New Era of upNXT.
Lars “Ulrich” Sullivan vs. Killian Dane was boring because they’re both boring.
Candice Lerae vs. Zelina Vega was decent, but could have been better under different circumstances.
And Kona Reeves, and his new gimmick, is utter trash.

I haven’t read the spoilers, but I assume a heel (probably Ciampa) disrupts the Black-Gargano title match next week. That’s a tough situation for Black; he’s a babyface, and he’s over, but everybody becomes a default heel when facing Gargano.

What’d y’all think of the NXT call ups the past two weeks? Which ones do you like going forward and who do you think might struggle?

Take Care

P.S. Braden, did I see you outside of Sneak’s at 2AM on Saturday night?

Jalen from Pickering,

NXT was good, but it kinda felt like a 1.5 hour show crammed into an hour, especially with the main event. Kona Reeves’ gimmick looks corny as hell, but it looks like it’s on purpose, so I’m on board and ready to laugh and love it. All the packages and backstage segments were great, especially Undisputed Era’s. Those guys look like they’re having all the fun!

Question: Do you think Bobby Fish could get lost in the group, especially with this injury? He’s like the middle man: third best wrestler, second best promo.

Pappy in Dallas,

When EC3 made his first appearance in NXT, it seemed clear to me that his gimmick is that of the cocky heel who flaunts his status, wealth, and body. It hit me that EC3 is what Tino Sabbatelli wishes he was.

Does the presence of EC3 hurt or help Sabbatelli? Seems like Sabbatelli could learn a lot from EC3, but on the other hand, given that they both essentially have the same gimmick, it seems like more reason to keep Sabbatelli off TV except in a jobber role.

did I miss it, I dont see a new show in my feed.