FEEDBACK: upNXT 5/15/19

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT. Ahoy!

Paul from New Jersey

… if that’s your real name. Those profits from the street are cheeky fellows.

Getting microphones knocked out of your hand and

doors slammed in your face, Cathy Kelley is really in the shit down there. I howled laughing at the door spot. So simple, but I never would’ve thought of it.

Why in the green hell is Beth Phoenix on commentary? Was the show too good? Did we need to bring it down? She is terrible. Very disappointing.

A rare occasion I can catch NXT live and leave feedback, Braden and Davie, if that is your real names.
First off let’s give it up for the busiest man of the night, Mr. William Regal.
I’m not entirely sold on Keith Lee. I’m certain he has did somw amazing things elsewhere but I haven’t quite seen it in NXT. I’m afraid to go look at his outside-WWE stuff because I don’t want to get my hopes up when he will inevitably get watered down.
Is it just me or is NXTs finest picking up some charisma? His hoodie look is a lot better than his white shirt, dirty pool boy look
Jessie vs Vanessa was a thing. I guess.
Speaking of forgetting, I wish they wouldn’t have telegraphed the Forgotten Sons interference.
Also on the subject of forgetting, if you’re gonna make a strain called KUSHida, it better be strong enough to make you forget what year it is.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So my big fear with the whole deal of Roderick Strong leaving the Undisputed Era is I think it will kill him off in WWE. I’ve watched Roddy on and off since 2005, and I’ve seen him in a bunch of groups. Generation Next, the No Remorse Corps, the House of Truth and the Decade and no matter what, there was always something missing with Roddy. He’s had this reputation of having no personality. That all changed when he joined the Undisputed Era. Sometimes I think it’s pointless to have established wrestlers with TV experience go through the Performance Center, but Roderick Strong has become a new wrestler thanks to his time in NXT. My fear is if they leaves the group, he will go back to being that bland wrestler I’ve watched for so long, or even worse, he’ll go back to being Dad. I saw this mentioned on twitter, but Roddy beat up Matt Riddle so bad, he turned him into a shoe.

Charbel from Victoriaville

It’s been a little while !

Here’s some feed back for tonight!

I think just in thee entrance I could see that the finest as improve a lot ! It’s really nice seeing people “evolve” in nxt !

My wife watched with me tonight and she was really disgusted by The vision’s gear , I think she told be three time “” wait is her gimmick a stripper “” and me like I’m a good husband I said yes your so right what a shitty gear ! Knowing that she doesn’t listen to the show can I just tell You a secret guys , my god Vanessa is so
Fucking sexy :laughing:!

I don’t mind the Viking war raiders experience dropping the tittle but I would have love an epic multi team match at takeover 25 before dropping them !

Thank you for reading my feedback !

I saw détective Pikachu , did you ? I won’t spoil nothing but it is a good thing your reviewing Pokémon the movie while détective Pikachu is out at the theatres! Is it too late to post feedback for it ?

Ken-Ken from the Internet,

Gentleman, first time long time here. I have a few tidbits for my first feedback with UpNXT.

R.I.P. Percy Watson.

I suppose we expected the Viking War Machine Raiding Experience would probably relinquish the titles someway, but I didn’t think they would flip the birds to NXT and try to peace out like that.

I don’t know if I understand where the Undisputed Era story is going. Was there an actual dispute of who the leader is? Did Strong actually think he killed Riddle? Did Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish believe him? Who is playing who? O’Reilly looked waaaaay too interested in Stong committing homicide. Kinda fucked up, but whatever.

I am happy to see Keith Lee back. This was a good squash win for him. Also, apparently it’s ok to bull rush the boss’ office in NXT. It really doesn’t seem like a pleasant workplace.

I actually didn’t hate Kona in this spot against Kushida. Hey! I only noticed a few back to the future references before the opening bell this week. A quick match with a heel who isn’t aware of his short comings works great here. Plus we get a tease of an actual good opponent for Kush with Drew Gulak. Sign. Me. Up.

Belair and Yim bothering Regal now? My dude, lock the door. Leave the building. Do something to be left alone. I also felt horrible for Cathy. Bullied around, mic drops and doors being slammed in her face. Yikes!

Vanessa Borne showed up, I guess. I won’t hate on it. Good for her.

The main event was interesting. First, you have the Vikings embracing the titles they deemed worthless and tried to donate. Then, you had a surprising sprint to what I thought was going to be a fast title change, but instead, we had a tease for a possible multi-tag team title match. This could be a satisfying match. Heavy stuff, doc.

My going away question, what do you want to see for Keith Lee now that he is back. Punishment Martinez or whatever the fuck his name is now?

I respect War Pigs ending. Iron Man ending is a banger as well.

Bonini got bodied 3 times in that match. First by Keith Lee’s entrance, second by his own tattoo “Bad to the Bonini” and third by the finisher. The Keith Lee and Dijak rematch will be a banger when Dijak returns.

Kushida’s entrance is so slow. It just doesn’t do it for me. It could possibly be because his New Japan theme was so catchy. What do you guys think? Kona has the most hilariously awesome entrance. Each one is very special.

Mia Yim is slowly growing on me, her nickname is still awful but she’s interesting now. Vanessa Borne’s finisher was the best part of that match.

The Street Profits need to be NXT tag team champions. This was one of the most entertaining episodes of NXT and it furthered along a bunch of new faces.

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Jake from The Windy City

For about two minutes, the main event was a really fun as hell match. The Raiders have been great but I’m surprised in a good way that The Street Profits have risen to the occasion to be one of their most fun opponents. They’ve been in the ring several times and every encounter they’ve had have been highly entertaining. Their pace is just so fast. So are the Raiders done with NXT? I wouldn’t mind them just going with War Raiders vs. Street Profits at NXT Takeover Bridgeport.

Other question:

What do you guys think of the AEW/TNT TV deal in the States? Do you guys have TNT in Canada, if not then where do you predict this product will be on for Canada? Braden, since you’re more familiar of the TV landscape in Canada, do you believe Bell Media/TSN would be an option for AEW? If not, the only other heavy hitter in Canada would be Corus/Shaw Networks with Global.

Cheers dudes!

Kinny from Bristol, UK

Viking Raiders and Street Profits started the show with a nice back and forth followed up by a quick match that again showed they can hang. Montez will be a star. Good to see Keith Lee back, he has a lot of in ring ability but i can’t help but feel he is missing something. Cezar Bononi got no spice and needs to hand that Future Star award back!

Kushida vs ‘The Finest’… Match of the Year!!:joy:. Looking forward to seeing Kushida in some big matches. Just imagine Kush vs Riddle… Kush on a pole match.

Davey - Loving the British nostalgia talk last week when you mentioned Byker Grove. Do you remember Finders Keepers and The Queens Nose?

BrayD - Last week you ask me to send you some grime tunes. Check out Headie One, he has some bangers. Also check out Fire in the Spoof, they turn cartoon characters into grime artists like Aladdin vs Jafar or Tin Tin vs Fireman Sam. Its fire! Have a good one lads.

On some real level guys, I just want to extend a huge thank you to the whole Post Wrestling family. I spent the last week or so driving back and fourth home as my father has become very ill as a result of the cancer he’s had for a few years. This morning, I head home to bury him.

Post’s podcasts have been a fantastic help to keep me in a good state of mind during these drives. Big thanks to BrayD, Davie, John, Wai, WH and Nate for providing some laughs these last few days.

All the best lads, very excited for the Gargano/Cole rematch at Takeover 25.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila PH

Allo, allo, allo! BFFs

War Machine and Street Profits gave me good hypes when the show started followed up with a Slobberknocker main event which ends in a forgettable Tag team interferance (Meh), nonetheless thank you War Machine for Command & Conquer NXT. Welcome back Keith Lee, his in ring ability is improved, ala Monty Brown but he is lack of something, I don’t know. Cezar Bononi needs some improvements for sure, at least he is back in TV.

Kushida vs Kona Reeves. Best in the world for sure. What the heaven is Drew Gulak doing here?

Jessie vs the Dominatrix[Vanessa Borne], good womens match. But not great, especially her finisher which resembles the one from Michael Mcgillicutty.


Is Daddy Roddy gonna revert back to babyface, in case he is kickout of UE?

Any sightings of Eric Bugenhagen in NXT TV?

Is Shamrock 2.0 (Dijakovic) injured? Is he gonna be a champion anytime soon?

Take care BFFs, and God bless :wink:

Vanessa Borne is always trying new things I’ve noticed. I’m not a big fan of her but that swinging neckbreaker is very unique.

I also loved seeing my man Drew Gulak on NXT again !

Patrick from Toronto

Some quick thoughts:

  • Viking War Raiders looked like some wimpy wastemans not addressing last week’s attack and wanting to relinquish the titles. They should be cheesed and looking to beat down on the biker boys
  • Vanessa Bourne didn’t look too bad, her new finisher is alright
  • Kushida vs The Finest was not that bad of a match, I am starting to respect Kona a bit more every time I see him. I like his schtick.
  • Kushida vs Gulak will be fire though, great pick for his first feud
  • Main event was pretty good while it lasted. I guess we are going to a four way for the titles at “TAKEOVER: BRIDGEPORT”
  • Poor Mr. Regal having to deal with his roster’s bullshit all night. He was a very busy man tonight

Great review Davie of this past week’s GOT. Some predictions for the finale:

  • Jon kills Grey Worm and Dany
  • Jon does not want the throne and goes back to Castle Black to rebuild the wall; we see Tormund again
  • Sansa sits on the throne but rules from Winterfell as King’s Landing is just rubble
  • Arya rides off on her pale mare and lives a free life like her direwolf

Take care boys and all the best! Bleeesssss

Andrew from chino Cali,

with viking raiders vacating the tag titles, is this the weakest tag division in nxt in a long time?
Who do you guys want to win the money in the bank matches? Much love.