FEEDBACK: upNXT 5th December 2018


Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all of your wonderful feedback to this week’s edition of NXT and 205 Live.


Rob from Mississauga

Monday night was a fun night because I didn’t punish myself by watching Raw. Instead, a friend and I decided to go see Creed 2 (great movie) and, then we went to a bar for a beer. Little did I know that I has just crossed into Davie Portman’s territory at Gabby’s! It was great meeting you, Davie, and I look forward to playing you guys in Beerio Kart at the Takeover Tailgate next year!

As for the NXT, it was a decent show highlighted by a great closing segment between Ciampa, Black and Gargano.

Question: if you could book one main roster performer to come down to NXT for one match, who would it be and who would it be against?


Ari from montreal
Although i was soo happy to see Punishement Martinez, i dont think this was a good showcase for him. Hes is sooo athletic for a big guy and i loved him in ROH. I guess the forgotten sons gimick is pretty over since…i had forgotten about them. Closing segment was great.
Question: i kno its early but do u see Dream be a suprise entrant at the rumble? Or maybe EC3?


Jake from the Windy City

Overall, it was a decent show but I didn’t really like the way Punishment Martinez debuted and didn’t seem pegged to be a big deal up-and-comer. I’m worried he might be the next Baron Corbin. On the brighter side however, I really enjoyed the last segment and Black came off as a freakin’ badass here with the Black Mass out of nowhere on Ciampa. Looking forward to the steel cage match against Gargano.

-I’m really excited for you guys to join John and Wai for the Year-End awards, are you doing a lot of watching back and preparations now? Are you guys still planning on doing a separate Best of/Worst of shows specifically for NXT?

And finally, are you looking forward to the UK Takeover in Blackpool on 12th January?


Brae in Newfoundland

Hey gang,
Long time/first time. Solid episode of NXT tonight. I think Dakota Kai looked great in her match against Shayna - I like the subtle development of Dakota once being afraid of Shayna, but now she’s damn near kicking Shayna’s head off (that around the world Helluva Kick looks sick)

Johnny Badass continues to be my favourite wrestler today. I love the story thats building between him/Black/Ciampa - with the “puppet master” working them both. Al ain’t no dummy though, that was a great Black Mass to Ciampa on the apron.

Ps. I hear you’re talking of a SummerSlam party. Myself and a few Good Brothers are looking at making the trip. Let’s party.

Keep up the good work lads



Nxt was great as always, I’m not sure about the hype around punishment, I wasn’t a fan of him in ROH, but I hope he gets better down in the PC. Kyle OReilly is the goat his acting is so money, please never go to the main roster. Side note fabian aichner vs mark andrews from this week’s nxt UK is must watch! So lit! it’s my match of the week, btw As of today weed is finally legal in Michigan so cheers broooooos