FEEDBACK: upNXT and Mae Young Classic Sep 5th

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all your wonderful feedback for this week’s edition of NXT and the first episode of MYC Season 2!

Andre from Edmonton (I don’t know, does it rhyme?)

How was Chicago boys? Did you have a good time?

I like the Forgotten Sons. I think they could be a geat trio if given the right opportunity.
Davie, I may have to fight you for Kairi Sane. She is my absolute favorite female performer. And shes damn cute. Definetly looking forward to seeing the rematch with her and Baszler
The main event was straight up lit. I think Johnny Gargano has PTSD from his feud with Ciampa causing him to snap. I look forward to the eventual rematch between him and Ciampa, but I wanna see Dream be the next challenger for Ciampa. Also loved the dueling chant at the end of Johnny Wrestling/Johnny Failure.

Tegan Nox is sensational. She is phnomenal in there and I think she could be a big star in the WWE.
Lacey Lane is a great surprise. She did great. I like seeing new ladies I have never heard of before. I think she will go far in the tournament. I could see her as a dark horse to win.

Will from Georgia

Fun episode of NXT this week. The Johnny/Velveteen match was great, but I’m not really interested in the same “I’ve forgotten how to be Johnny Wrestling” angle we’ve seen several times the past year.

Cutler broke his nose on the apron kick by Ford in their match, and as they were walking up the ramp, he called Ford a “stiff son of a bitch.”

I’m really glad they let Kairi use her personal treasure chest for her big first entrance with the title. She accidentally tossed the belt into the hands of a fan while throwing coins to the audience, which she’s joked about on Twitter.

No spoilers, but you guys are in for a heck of a treat with Dunne vs Ricochet. It was awesome.

As for the MYC, the Meiko vs Kelly match was my second favorite match from the first round tapings this year. Rhea Ripley has really transformed herself in the past year and has been impressive on the Florida house shows this year, so I’m glad she’s getting a chance to shine.

Question for you guys: I can’t see them doing another Gargano/Ciampa match at War Games, so who do you think gets the NXT Title shot next?

Keep up the great work and hope y’all enjoyed Chicago!

Jake from Chicago here!

Thank you Braden, Davie, John & Wai for coming to my city for Starrcast and ALL-IN! I hope you guys enjoyed your time here.

NXT was a very fun episode tonight. That was probably Velveteen Dream’s biggest and best win in NXT and this turned into a Takeover worthy main event type of match. This was great. The storytelling was on point. Gargano and Dream really set out to tell an epic story about Gargano being conflicted over doing the right or vicious thing. Dream was shown as a genus who took advantage of Gargano’s dilemma by exacerbating Gargano’s inner turmoil in his favor. The commentators told a wonderful story as well by relating this to Gargano’s beatdown on EC3 a few months ago.

Tonight’s broadcast tells you that you need to go out of your way for in terms of an epic main event. The rest of the show remains consistent in creativity. Otis Dozovic even gets an honorable mention for pulling out a funny poop joke.

P.S. Sorry about my Sunday Night’s Main Event shirt, Braden. I know that you want to stomp a mudhole on Agnew’s ass someday.

Pappy in Dallas

1.) Can someone please tell Shayna Baszler that you INVOKE a rematch clause, not ENACT it?

2.) Michael Cole doing PBP really drags down the MYC. I expect my Wednesday nights to be Cole free! What is your theory on why Michael Cole is calling the entire MYC and not Mauro? My thought is that for this MYC, especially with the finals at the Women’s Only Evolution PPV, that they are trying to draw in main roster fans and casuals, and they think Michael Cole will be that “familiar” inviting voice for such viewers, rather than Mauro, who might be associated with being the PBP guy who caters to hardcore fans. Would love to hear your thoughts and theories. Thanks!

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Wait, since when did Wesley Blake join Aces & Eights, um I mean Forgotten Sons? Also love how Regal’s office has his brass knuckles on display like a sports trophy. Lastly Is Dream the best wrestler to solely come from the performance centre?

Having not seen most of these women before Tegan Nox is an instant star. Rhea Ripley now reminds me of Jay White after excursion, before a happy babyface but now dark heel. Wait, did Renee just name drop New Japan during the main event?

Take care lads!

Carlos from sunny scotland…

Not seen MYC yet so will watch it before listening to this fine show…

Great main event, love having a new team in Forgotten Sons as it makes for fresh matches. Womens match was fun. The Regal segments have been fun to watch but the show was stolen by Tommy Champion…Is he hinting at a new faction? This would be amazing having a true heel faction as UE are so over.

Carlos prediction…WarGames will be winner takes all with UE, BSS and WR wirh Ricochet. The title vs title match in two weeks can see it be the beginning of the push. I dont read ahead either.

Cheers boys and a loud boo to the Everton fan in the front row at the tapings.

I have nothing to say on NXT.


Excellent match between Satomura and Kelly. They are building up Satomura as a legend, is she really ? She’s no Manami Toyota or Aja Kong but she’s really good. I thought Vanessa Kraven should have won her match. She looks more interesting than Lacey Lane.