FEEDBACK: upNXT April 13th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!!

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Very notable post Takeover show/new night debut. Shoutout Kushida I wasn’t expecting that tonight and it pumped me up.
Super cool moment with all 3 women’s champs taking a bow where it all started.

So much happening and it still left me wanting more. No hangover here tonight.

Monet’s debut got overshadowed there but it was a fine introduction.

Really enjoyed the tag and cruiserweight title matches as well as Swerve vs Ruff.

Main event was really fun.

Don’t go Roddy!

Shoutout Tuesday nights!

Hello Braden and Davie! I am a first time and very long time listener. NXT tonight was straight fire on its brand new night. From long-awaited tile win from Kushida to an epic segment with a monumental moment with all the WWE women’s champions standing tall together.

I’m left Wondering what’s next next for poor Roddy! Possible call up with Marina?

Taya valkyrie debut was is just OK. The back-and-forth with Racquel was quite entertaining though.

I popped hard for my girl Bianca when her music hit!

So glad for Kushida finally got his title win! Let’s hope it lasts some time.

Getting a little tired with the Rush, Swerve feud. Feel like it’s complete ran it’s course.

The main event was sorta entertaining and did not care do the Indi Dexter story part of it. Bronson’s tsunami is just devastating!

Nxt after mania was everything Raw wasn’t!

Mike DaCosta from Massachusetts


Great episode of NXT tonight, and how shows after Wrestlemania SHOULD be. While Davie will probably disagree, that main event was stupid, but the fun house show kind of stupid. All here for InDex.

My only real complaint is Monet’s debut being overshadowed by a moment that kind of felt forced. But I hope Io gets her own major moment at some point similar to Bianca, Rhea, and Raquel, as she’s just as important as those three since she carried the show during the war and pandemic, but maybe I’m in the minority here.

Question of the Week: With Raquel putting over Io in that promo, do you think Io is main roster bound, and if so, where does she land? I think she’s ending up on Smackdown, because that division is in desperate need of strong women right now. You have Bianca, Sasha (who might be heading off for a bit to film Mandalorian stuff supposedly), Bayley, and maybe Carmella. After that its a sheer dropoff in terms of credible contenders for the title.

Jesse from the 6

Happy Tuesday, lads!

I know it’s goofy AF and Johnny Gargano should not be associated with such frivolity, but I’d be lying if I said the InDex stuff didn’t bring a smile to my face. I’m definitely shipping those two.

What didn’t make me smile was that horribly contrived women’s segment. Last time we saw Belair and Ripley in NXT they were beating each other up to face Charlotte. Now they’re friends? And we’ve never seen any on-screen connection to Gonzalez. Just more of WWE obnoxiously trying to manufacture a “feel good moment”. Blech.

The clip of Mercedes Martinez choking Aliyah from the 6 should do good numbers on YouTube if they choose the right thumbnail.

Do y’all think Roddy is moving to the main roster now or is this just an NXT storyline and he’ll be back in two months with Bobby Fish to save the children or something?

See you at UpNXTMania.

Alex from TO

Hey guys,

Really enjoyed tonight’s NXT. Almost felt like the booking sheets for a typical Hangover edition and the RAW after Wrestlemania were given to the wrong shows.

I really didn’t think they would pay off the Robert Stone owing Mercedes money storyline but they did plus set up not one, not two but three contenders to Gonzalez in Monet, Martinez, and the eventual Dakota Kai turning.

They say wrestling is a male soap opera but the writers might want to stop watching Young and the Restless before they book NXT next time. I am totally in to see where the Index relationship goes if it keeps Lumis out of the ring.

Wade Barrett yelling “Tsumami” always makes me laugh so hopefully Bronson Reed keeps getting pushed.

If you guys have not discussed it yet where do you see Rodrick Strong going? I personally think him on Smackdown makes the most sense and to see him versus Daniel Bryan, Sami Zyan, Kevin Owens, or Big E would be amazing matches to name a few.

Stay safe guys.

Tonight felt a new beginning. The second hour was slightly stronger than the first hour. Kushida finally claimed his first piece of gold by beating Santos Escobar and it killed two birds with one stone as it crowned a new champion and it frees Santos to move up the card to the deeper end of the pool. Raquel standing with Rhea and Bianca all draped in gold was a cool sight. The 8-person tag was hilarious fun. Indi Hartwell, in particular, stood out with her comedic skills and there were sprinklings of intergender spots.

A fun jumping-on point.

Sywenky from the Border City

What an enjoyable first night of NXT’s on Tuesday night.

Swerve vs Ruff and Kushida vs Santos were both banging matchups and definitely want to see them again down the road.

Loved the reaction from Kushida winning the title seemed like he was literally in pure joy.

Main event I was expecting to dislike but actually highly enjoyed it from the Indi & Lumis stuff and just the combination of everyone in there doing their part.

I know they are part of the same organization but I feel like after a “blood feud” I feel like you wouldn’t bring the guys in the hospital at the same time. Are we finally going to get our first NXT Hell in a Cell?

Lots of contenders for each title and I can’t wait to see where things go!

Definitely enjoyed both the Cruiserweight title match and the 8-Person Mixed Tag the most. The chemistry between all members of The Way is off the charts and as much as I enjoy the comedic dorky timing of Johnny Gargano, Indi Hartwell truly came into her own in this match with constantly trying to get “kidnapped” by Dexter Lumis.

Whatever RAW failed to do for the most part last night, NXT delivered this week with a big post-Mania show. Now, let’s see if Roddy shows up on Smackdown Friday night.

I shudder to think how Roddy will fare on his own on a show like that.