FEEDBACK upNXT: April 15th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT. Braden and I will be talking about this and of course all of the releases that took place today.

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Eva from London
Random Shayna Baszler Fact: on the indies, she wrestled Joey Ryan, defeating him via armbar with his signature lollypop stuck in her mouth, winning the DDT Iron Heavymetalweight Championship in the process.

As for today…to all the wrestlers and behind the scenes talent who were let go today…i wish you all the best. None of you deserved to be treated like this. I think the one that hit me the hardest was Finlay, who has been an unsung hero for women’s wrestling in the company since he started as agent.

NXT itself. Aichner Balor was decent but as soon as the cruiserweight stuff started i felt dragged out of the show, not because the match was bad but because of all the layoffs.

Keep up the good work BrayD and Davie, I know watching the show tonight must have been rough.

First things first; pour one out for all the future endeavoreds today. Hopefully this is more temporary than permanent and they all can land on their feet. Days like today make you think “wrestling’s a bit silly innit?” I’d probably prefer all the wrestling be put on hold but I’m not not gonna watch so as long as those involved are doing so willingly and remain safe I guess it’s fine?? Fuck a covid. This too shall pass!

First off, my thoughts to everyone cut today, and same goes for whatever happens tomorrow as well. I feel like more releases are incoming. Hopefully Kairi isn’t one of them after what happened on RAW last Monday when she got squashed by Nia Jax. I feel like she’s way too valuable to be cut.

NXT tonight was okay. But I’m to try and keep a positive mindset with all the negativity going around today.

  • I feel like the first match dragged on a bit, but it was fun to see Balor back.
  • Is it me, or is Charlotte sort of overlooking Io? The fact that they plan to have Charlotte run through the division (starting with Mia Yim) before she faces Io is an interesting concept. If that happens (Charlotte running through most of the division), do you see Io winning the title?
  • I’m glad Tegan found a new friend in Shotzi now that Candice is a coward!!!
  • Kross attacking Ciampa legitimately scared me. But the moment the Law and Order opening started playing I burst into laughter.

Thanks for reading my feedback tonight guys, and keep your chins up!

Hugh from Melbourne here. I hope you guys are doing OK in this pandemic. I work in retail so I’m still considered essential but our shopping centre is a ghost town right now.

  • The Best of Super Cruisers got off to a great start, I didn’t think Tozawa would pick up the win over Swerve but it was a hell of a match. I’m guessing the final is Kushida vs Fantasma the parking lot kidnapper.
  • It really sucks for Drake Maverick but at least WWE is letting him wrestle three more matches. The video he put on Twitter was heartbreaking.
  • The tag title match was great and a fantastic debut for Timothy Thatcher. Maybe when Pete gets back they’ll be a trio for a bit until it breaks down and we get Riddle and Thatcher at Takeover.

One last side note: Melbourne City Wrestling’s Youtube page put up a short documentary on Jonah Rock now known as Bronson Reed, it was filmed about six months before he signed. It’s well worth checking out to see his rise through the Australian scene and later around the world.

Stay safe guys, see you later