FEEDBACK: upNXT April 17th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Takeover New York has come and gone. We’ve had the hangover. The Raiders are now “experienced”. Now it is time to usher in a new era of NXT. So please leave all of your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT. Ahoy!

Paul from New Jersey

Murphy and Dream was as great as I’d thought. The NXT crowd are like 100’s of pairs of your parents wanting to see everyone prosper. With that being said, I hope that kid heckling Gargano gets sent to bed without dinner. Little shit.

Question: Big Buddy Murphy fan. We see how good he is. What will be his EXPEEIENCE be on the main roster?

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Charbel the sushi master !

Shout out to the Nintendo switch super Mario odyssey hat in the crowd ! Cappy is lit !

i really love buddy Murphy , I wasn’t watching nxt when he was there , I discovered him on 205 and this man is awesome . This guy is really good he comes in one night in nxt and put one hell of a match with vd! And seriously how good is velveta dream becoming , he is improving every time I see him ! And by the way buddy bliss sold that code breaker like a pro , ( they need to change the name of that move to the dream breaker ) my wife said that even if ricochet is her favorite wrestler now , she told me that she likes the match of dream better because they are always different , she is always intrigue how he will dress , how he will make an entrance ect ! Just for fun ricochet or dream for you guys ?
This match for me is my new gargano Almas and chill ! This was freaking amazing ! My moty for now !
Shit I’m writing this and I’m like wtf did I just watch !

Why is everyone shiting on Angelo I think him and his partner are better then 90% of the tag team on the main roster and they have a good chemistry !

Can I listen to a 24 hour non stop gargano and Adam cole bay bay promos …can I fall a sleep on their back and forth !

I’m probably alone on this one but I prefer to watch kairi and shayna wrestle then Becky and Charlotte ! Go fight me ! These two are amazing ! What a 10/10 episode of nxt! I just don’t understand why is Asuka the tag team partner of Kairi after this inSane segment at thee end ! Why is the main roster such fucking morons …

Burak (aka BG) from the Roman City of Saint Albans, UK!

Velveteen Dream vs Buddy Murphy was a true delight to watch! Buddy’s knee strikes are super impressive. But Velveten channeled the spirit of Inago Montoya with that Hat for his entrant, and Buddy prepared to die…who next for Dream? Roddy for me…

Loving the Street Profits and can’t wait to ‘experience’ them vs War Raiders next week.

I’m going to miss Kairi in NXT, but all will be forgiven next Wrestlemania when she approaches the ring on a giant fucking Pirate Ship!

Also, who was chanting ‘no you dont’ to Johnny Gargano when people were chanting ‘you deserve it’ to him about winning the NXT title!? Yuck to those fans, suck it! Johnny is champ.

Big love and hugs to you both

Buddy Murphy vs Velveteen Dream was real good and I’m bummed we won’t see more Murphy in NXT.

How much did Davie cry during the Kairi/Shayna segment and J&M Security forcing Io to watch Shayna “snap” Kairi’s arm? I did like Io pretty much screaming in Japanese that she’s gonna kill Jessamyn, Marina, and Shayna though. And I hope that happens. If Shayna goes over Io after this, NXT has made a massive mistake creatively.

With the hot new tag team on the block The Viking Experience, I have changed the name of a few other teams
The Heavy Experience
The Street Experience
The Forgetful Experience
The sky pirate experience. Hey that last one sounds awesome.
I think the next big story in nxt will be the implosion of UDE. Adam Cole going crazy when roddy wins the title is my prediction, and cole gets obsessed with him after he’s kicked out by the rest of them. But Vince will call Cole up by summer slam, so long term booking is even riskier.

El GenericoSi from Chile!
Greetings D&B:

After watch the hangover mania episodes of raw an sd and the shake up experience can proudly say moving forward NXT is the only wwe show i will watch (they F up sd with roman

We have one kawai girl left becuse the evil figure of vincent, but i’m shure Io or Mónica (like JP said) will be the best champion in the galaxy

Jonathan Gargano and the decemption of UE looks like a short term feud and someone still need to raise above i think Matthew Riddle is the next champ

:anchor::anchor::anchor: for.this episode :cry:
cheers and empanadas!!
and i need my garota (taynara)
and xia lee is in the opening wtf

everything on this episode was enjoyable. dijak’s gimmick feels done before but we’ll see where it goes. cant wait to see that match for the north american title though.

that last segment was some evil heartbreaking shit. the way they held made io watch was great. the heel levels reached over 9000.

where do you see kairi in a year? i’m not too optimistic about it. probably eating ddts from bliss.

There are two teams that should never be broken up : New Day and Undisputed Era. I hope that’s not where they are going.

Patrick from Toronto

Really solid episode this week, cannot complain about anything.
Dream vs Murphy was great. I expected those two to kill it and they lived up to my expectations.

Shayna vs Kairi was a good way to write off Kaira while also building up a new feud. I am looking forward to Shayna vs Io.

Babyface Gargano was cracking me up on the mic with his back and forth with Cole. Those two are fantastic promos. I am curious to see how they mix Roddy into this… looks like a breakdown of U.E. is going to happen somewhat soon… any chance you see U.E. turning on Cole and booting him from the group? What would U.E. be without Cole anyways?

Have a great long weekend boys!!! Down to get LIT with you guys someday! All the best!

So where is all this heading then? The way I’m seeing it, The Viking Experience have to lose their belts to someone, which means Street Profits? Forgotten Sons? Aichner and Bartel? Back to Undisputed Era? With Lorcan now gone as well, there doesn’t seem to be many that could be credible champs, or putting them on UE seems a little tired. And now Ricochet and Black on Raw, Ciampa out, Velveteen as NA champ, is it safe to assume the top of the card for the men will be Cole, Gargano, Riddle and Keith Lee? Is pushing Kusihda too soon? Going to be an interesting few months on NXT…