FEEDBACK: upNXT April 22nd 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring Finn Balor vs Velveteen Dream, Drake Maverick vs Jake Atlas and Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai & Reina Gonzalez.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So I’ll be honest. I don’t normally watch NXT, despite being a World Champion patron but I like supporting you guys and just keep up with NXT through you guys. However, tonight I wanted to check out NXT because of Drake Maverick. His story of getting let go, releasing his viral video and either getting his job back or getting a chance to show off to other promoters is enthralling. I’m watching AEW currently and the story of Dustin Rhodes saying he’s going to retire if he loses to Kip Sabian doesn’t seem as real. I do believe he was legitimately released and they had extra dates to use him. Rhino worked the ECW One Night Stand pay per view after he was released during his 90 day no compete so this isn’t the first time this has happened. Yeah, he lost, but I now know that his next match is win or go home, and the rest of the tournament will be important just like the G1. Drake Maverick’s story is the best in pro wrestling today. Even Jake Atlas seemed to feel bad for winning his tournament match after hitting his greatly named LGB-DDT. But yeah, I’ll be watching NXT simply for Drake Maverick.

Eva from London
As still lists Shayna as part of the NXT roster despite now featuring in the opening theme for Raw, Random Baszler Facts are applicable. Once she is moved from the NXT roster on the website, I will pick a new member of the women’s division to rebrand this segment

Random Baszler Fact: Despite being raised in South Dakota, she was born in San Angelo, Texas.

I watched all of NXT except the main event as I have officially become bored with the Velveteen Dream. All the cruiserweight matches were lit though it was crushing to see Maverick lose but still effective storytelling.

Im calling it now, Hijo de Phantasma is the one orchestrating the abductions, hence why he was able to avoid capture himself.

Gargano Candice segment was cringe. nothing about it worked.

Raquel’s chokeslam finisher was awesome. The height she got and still managing to keep it safe…take notes Nia.
Til next week
Keep up the good work lads


Fun show tonight, only a couple of points of feedback to hit upon, at least for me:

  • Where did Finn go? Was he a victim of the parking lot lucha ninjas?

  • That Io promo was absolutely great (probably my favorite in a very long time), and I think she’s probably going to end up dethroning Charlotte, who has been a complete bust as champion so far. The fact that her first actual match as champion was on RAW shows they aren’t really invested all that much in her being in NXT. The title feels like it’s just being used as a prop to give her something to do.

  • Candice and Johnny being heels who claim they will reign over the entire division as married couple champions is fine and all, but Cole and Charlotte both have to drop their titles first. I would have Cole drop the title to Dream, and Charlotte drop it to Io. You can have Johnny go after the man who originally took his NA title in Dream, and Candice chasing the woman who first stabbed her in the back (even if it was deserved).

  • Dexter Lumis appearing outta nowhere and helping Dream was great.

Question of the week: How did you guys feel about the Nia Jax botch that happened on RAW? I was disgusted by it, and even more disgusted by Nia trying to utilize it for cheap heat. It doesn’t make her look good at all. It just makes her look like…a really shitty person.

Hey Boys,

Have you considered doing a duet of Hunger Strike together? I assume Davie would sing Cornell and Brady Vedder.