FEEDBACK: upNXT April 3rd

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback to this go-home edition of NXT. Please leave all your feedback and predictions here!

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.


  • Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Fabian Aichner & Marcel Bartel; Kay Lee Ray defeated Isla Dawn; Joe Coffey defeated Trent Seven.

  • Next week Piper Niven debuts; Travis Banks vs. Kassius Ohno; & Toni Storm © vs. Jinny for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

  • Neither of Pete Dunne or Walter appeared on the show, instead a 3 minute video package aired, the same one aired on NXT as well.


  • Oney vs Aces & Eights member Blake, with Blake & Blake ringside…WHY isn’t this on NXT Hangover?! Street Profits vs Fabian Aichner & Marcel Bartel…WHY is this on NXT Hangover?! LeRae vs Aliyah…WHY is this on NXT Hangover?!

  • Nice to see my favourite WWE game is back, “Spot the Jobber”, overall a rather lacklustre go-home edition once you remove the video packages well see again on Friday.

Takeover thoughts

  • Surely both War Raiders & Velveteen Dream retain, while Walter & Adam Cole become champions.

  • As for the Women’s four-way it really could go anywhere. Shayna Baszler is someone I could see being called up on Monday or Tuesday but the other 4-horse women ain’t ready to be on their own in NXT. Bianca Belair sould have won at the last takeover when the timing seemed right. Io Shirai now seems to have the momentum now, while Kairi Sane has unfinished business.

I watched this week’s NXT and had a few thoughts. Oney Lorcan would be a world champion if he was on the gas, Candice LaRae is back to being a babyface, and all 4 women in the Takeover title match are absolutely deserving.

But that is not why I am here.

A couple weeks back, I stated that Almas/Gargano wasn’t that good. I am now rewatching the match to see if I’m completely out of my mind, and here they are:

  • During Andrade’s entrance, they spoke of the amazing unbeatable champion Asuka and the NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Oh how time changes
  • These dudes flow like water together
  • They use a lot of counters that are very logical. It’s a breath of fresh air
  • Commentary mentions Ric Flair’s health situation. I’m so glad Naitch kicked out at two
  • The referee looks like he started balding at 17 and now he’s in his 40s, utilizing the newest technology to regrow hair, and he’s in the midst of his first treatment for regrowth
  • I paused this match because Mauro mentioned Frye/Takayama. I’ve heard the sequenced mentioned by John Pollock and many others before, and I didn’t know the context. Those two beat the ever living fuck out of each other. Back to Gargano/Almas
  • Maaaaaan, Almas is so underrated
  • I love Gargano, but I hate his superkick
  • Zelina distracting with the shirt was masterful
  • Almas decimates Gargano and finishes it. Beautiful.

This match is great. I undersold it a lot. As far as a standalone match, it’s excellent. Because of the entire story around matches like Bayley/Sasha or DIY/Revival, it isn’t my absolute favorite, but it’s very good.

If you read all that, bless you

Brayden, I know you’re listening to this. Don’t get arrested in New York, but have a great time

PS - Beware of canoe teeth (btw, I forgot Kona Reeves’ name, and just googled NXT HAWAIIAN JOBBER and Kona Reeves’ Wikipedia page came up)


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Here is my feedback …
Plz have fun this weekend , your living a big dream of mine ! Be safe Davie !

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Jake from The Windy City

Do you see any of the women in the title match for Takeover going up on the main roster after? I don’t know how much Kairi and Shayna has left in NXT after this and I want to see Candice LeRae have a bigger presence in the NXT women’s division because I’m disappointed with her being positioned as just “Johnny’s wife”.