FEEDBACK: upNXT August 19th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here asking for all your feedback for tonight’s episode of “upNXT” where we will be talking all about tonight’s NXT!

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Hiya! Gonna keep it short and sweet tonight.

  • Johnny and Mercedes both took pretty nasty bumps tonight. Johnny especially!

  • Raquel coming back to help Dakota was expected and needed. Because before then, Dakota had zero chance of winning. But I still don’t think she’s winning though. It’s way too early for Io to lose the title, and Dakota just doesn’t feel like the right person to beat Io, interference or not. She’s way too weak credibility wise. The only chance she has of winning is if Io is getting called up very soon (and as much as a brand like Smackdown could use her, I don’t trust WWE to handle her well on the MR).

  • Dream winning tonight was completely the wrong choice, and Triple H’s response today to the allegations was disgusting (WWE investigated and found nothing). And now he looks like a complete dumbass because a couple of new accusers just came out with evidence about an hour ago. Things are getting real ugly for WWE, and if I were them, I would cut ties with Dream immediately. Don’t even wait for Takeover.

Question of the Week: How do you guys feel about Asuka getting both a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship and Smackdown Women’s Championship at Survivor Series? Do you see her winning at least one title there AT THE THUNDERDOME. I’ve seen people complaining about how she shouldn’t be getting shots at both titles, but the story makes sense considering Sasha and Bayley ended Kairi’s career (kayfabe wise), and bragged about it for weeks.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I’m gonna post early as I have no interest in the Creep-a-teen Dream so I don’t care much for the main event match result. One of his accusers went to the police and the police didn’t get back to him. So I checked out NXT as there was no AEW tonight and I gotta say, this show is really boring. It’s got bland wrestlers, few characters and the promos are all subpar compared to the people in AEW and even some people on the main roster. Sure, Pat McAfee was fine, but compare him to Jake Roberts, Cody, MJF, even a guy like Ricky Starks. The first hour was one of the longest hours of wrestling I’ve watched in awhile. A good compare and contrast was tonight’s Dakota Kai jobber match against Jessi What’s-her-face and Big Swole vs Rebel from a few weeks ago. The latter match was a lot shorter, but it was a lot more explosive and did a great job getting Swole over, despite it being the only thing the women did that night. The only people I was interested tonight in were Rhea Ripley, Shotzi Blackheart and Mercedes Martinez. Hell, Shotzi brought some colour to her match, and it was more than just her hair. If only AEW liked women’s wrestling, some of these people would be great on that show. 4 out of 10 show.

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Paul from New Jersey

I’m glad they kept the Gargano spot in there. It added to the intrigue of this match. Like Ridge Holland , but his theme sounds like something you try jeans on to. Change that crap. So happy to see Big Mommy Cool is back with the Heartbreak Kick, but I wish this happened on Saturday as I want Dakota to win. Big Pat McAfee fan, thought he cut a savage promo tonight. everytime Black heart yells welcome to the ball pit, an angel dies. Hope she can live with that.

This weeks Kona Fact: Kona’s finishing move is the Hawaiian drop. It’s like the Samoan drop, but Hawaiian.

never forget, you’re the superior brand.

Charbel the chosen one

Pat mcafee !! Wow
I’m ready … takeover Brooklyn mcafee kross for all the gold

Question : will he were pants or not at takeover xxx

It seems that tonight we saw something minor that highlights the difference between Io as champ, and Rhea as champion. When Io’s music hit for her to confront Dakota, she did not pause to do her pose. Remember when Rhea would always do her foot stomp at the top of the ramp, even when it felt totally wrong for the moment? Basically, this week, Io is not throwing away her shot! She is young, scrappy and hungry.

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Why compare him? He’s a former football player. This is not his profession. I’d be willing to bet, McAfee is better on the mic, than any of those people when they first started.


This show did absolutely nothing for me. It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but after not watching WWE for months, I decided to give this show a chance considering there was no AEW to watch this week. It’s just bland and the booking was something that I’ve seen 10 000 times in this company delivered in this exact way, where only the faces are different.

Also one thing that really bothered me and made the show a chore to go through: there’s no humor on the commentary table. The announcers are not interacting with each other like human beings and this makes them tedious to listen to. I know Mauro is having his issues, but I am sure he can actually communicate with other people like a normal person. Right?

Other stuff: I hate, HATE the way WWE are structuring the commercial breaks for their matches. Makes them unwatchable.

Most of their vignettes, on the other hand, are top notch. And this is the biggest praise I can give for the show: the Killer Cross vs Keith Lee vignette was great and it was the only thing on the show that sparked some interest in me (well, maybe “CAAAMERON GRIMES!” sparked something too, but in a different way).

It’s not supposed to be a comedy show that offers wackiness out the ass. WWE have Raw & SmackDown for that. Wrestling also has AEW for that. NXT is there to offer an actual alternative. If you’re tuning in for showbiz wrestling, you’re not going to get it.

Are you a comedian now?

So to you main roster WWE and NXT are the same? Are you being serious or are you delusional? AEW follow WWE’s main roster style a lot more than NXT. If that’s your style then fair enough. Unfortunately people have a hard time admitting that’s they’re style because they desperately want to be seen as not liking WWE main roster and then they turn around and pretend AEW is super different… it’s quite sad.

Just join the club and block that guy. He brings nothing to the discussion. Claims to be an NXT fan but can’t stop talking about AEW or its fans for some weird reason. This place is much better without his lame takes

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I know, but sometimes he says something so stupid, that I just can’t help myself… :frowning:

Saying everything on every WWE event is terrible is a great take but saying NXT isn’t like main roster WWE is too far. I know you guys are allowed to insult me because I’m not a hardcore AEW fan and I’m not allowed to insult any of you back but I’ll just say that you guys are very, very sensitive and seem to have issues dealing with any sort of differing opinions. It’s pathetic, childish and embarrassing but I guess I should be used to that from both of you and a couple of other AEW diehards on the forum.

You could’ve say this a year, year and a half ago, but not anymore.

That’s your perspective and that’s fine but to me, it’s nowhere near the same and as I said, I view AEW as being a lot more similar to WWE. However you view things is fine, there’s no need to get triggered over things either way.

Sure, but if we accept that NXT is just developmental and not a big deal, then yeah, his promo was really good. But I guess I don’t want to just hold NXT to that standard.

His promo was a lot better than a lot of the stuff on the main roster too. Just because he’s an outsider, doesnt mean he deserves hate. Is it the ideal thing for Adam Cole to be doing? No. But McAfee is obviously putting in the effort to make this entertaining.

I thought the McAfee promo was great. Not sure who I’m supposed to be cheering for or why the match needs to happen but he definitely did his part