FEEDBACK: upNXT August 5th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for this week’s episode of “upNXT” where Braden and I will be talking all about tonight’s edition of NXT!!

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Hiya! Just gonna keep it short tonight, so no question of the week, unfortunately:

  • I wasn’t interested in Cole/McAfee until that goddamn punt. Orton’s punt looks minor league compared to Pat’s.

Also if you guys don’t name this episode of upNXT “Impatium”, I will be very sad!

Chris Thunder from Down Under


The Black & Gold brand was very Green & Gold tonight. Rhea, Bronson, Shane, Indi, plus our Kiwi friend Dokota.

Happy to see them all getting air time, but poor Rhea. 2019 was high tide by 2020 the tide is definitely out. Feuding with the Robert Stone Brand is just above the bottom of the barrel.

Here’s hoping we have two new champions at Takeover, One Aussie & One Kiwi.

Lastly, poor swerve bro losing in Raw Underground.

Peace out.

Paul from New Jersey

Very happy to see Dakota Kai as number one contender, but I thought how they got there lacked creativity. Thought Holland would win the triple threat, but I’m not angry at all as I’ve come to enjoy the work of Damien Priest. It’s not Cameron Grimes fault he as a gentleman wants to make sure his opponent is following the rules. I am a fan of Pat McAfee’s & am enjoying his feud with Adam Cole. Cole isn’t in the title picture anymore so why not have a fun feud that culminates the weekend of SummerSlam?

This weeks Kona Streak: Kona went undefeated in his rookie year of 2013. Maybe he only had one match, but maybe he’s simply The Finest.

Matt in the 604

Where do you see Rhea Ripley’s story line headed? I would really like to see her on the main roster but the women there are doing pretty damn good.

Would you rather go camping with just a backpack full of beer and no food or a tent, sleeping bag and food?

Ahoy from the heavens …

Fun bde facts everybody asked for
Bray d is one of the greatest Mario kart player around the world , he once went to Australia and Japan to perfect is art to become now the Mario kart god he is known for

In the mae young classic I really liked Martinez … but man since she joined nxt she looks like a Pokémon that evolveD to its final form ! She looks ready as hell

No joke if kross loses , even if I love Wwe and only Watch their shows , I’m giving up on them , then now and forever ! They should push kross like you guys pushes white claws , I don’t even know what a white claws is and even if davie’s girlfriend says it’s toxic af I wanna try them and drink them everyday And sleep with them !

Seeing moustache moutain and Tyler throwing the towel reminds me how those guys are part of the best tag team in the world and I miss them so much !

I always loved pat on preshows and stuff or on commentary … but tonight he was lit ! Maybe everybody will laugh at me for my next comments but I’m sure this guy can be one of the best we ever saw on the mike in wwe and be one of the best fucking annoying deep shit heel ever ! I don’t know but I thinks he as the it factor !

Be safe and … ahoy for ever

Charles from the slums of Shaolin

I actually watched this live over aew tonight and i thought this episode was crap well not crap but the ending made me mad they made McAfee look stronger then Shane McMahon one steroids !! But Dakota kai and Ripley match was match of the night and Mr Reed is starting to become one of my favorites in nxt and grimey and Kieth lee match was also good do you think they will put the belt on Kross at takeover ?