FEEDBACK: upNXT August 7th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT and everything surrounding TakeOver: Toronto II

So I just wanted to post that Io Shirai video package has sold me completely on her being the top heel of the brand going forward (man or woman). The uncrowned queen (for now). That package was absolutely amazing, one of their best packages that I can remember for an NXT wrestler. And Io followed it up with an amazing tweet on top of it all.

Eva from London

Hes more hype package now than man

Ranking the hypes packages plus my takeover picks

  1. dunne dream strong i missed half of it but so hyped for this match it works: Strong wins
  2. Baszler vs Yim: this hype package was better than what they showed on previous nxt episodes combined: my heart wants Baszler my head says yim. Ps Baszler turns 39 on August 8 which is when i assume you’ll record the episode, so if you want, wish her a happy birthday.
  3. Shirai vs Lerae. This was awesome if for no other reason then it actually showed Candice hitting that chair from Shirai’s vertical suplex: Shirai.
  4. Street Profits Vs UE: Montez Ford is amazing on the mike.: UE
  5. Gargano vs Cole. Not only did they air a half hour long promo package before NXT, they aired 15 minutes of it again on the regular show. The sheer overpromotion of this feud has made me lose interest. Still should be phenomenal match: Cole
    So did Dain and Riddle have a segment off screen? I know at the tapings Dain attacked riddle on his way to the ring but despite being billed as main event somehow I missed it.
    Whats your opinion on the likely three (two confirmed) preshow matches: break out final, breezango forgotten sons, and Dain Riddle?
    Keep up the work guys and see you at takeover . And of course the main man: WH Park.


Is it the first takeover that they are two women match !?

The Johnny and cole hype video is the best championship video I ever seen in my life … the guy who had the idea should go to the main roster this was lit !

I’m opening a new business the night of takeover plz have fun for me . It was suppose to open two weeks ago … but my shitty partners forgot to do something and we had to move the opening date to this Friday …

Question when can we get the he news of a patreon if we are not at the tail gate?

The usual send off
Shirai gets me high and conti gets me horny


Street Profits give me a heel-vibe. There’s confidence, then there’s arrogance, and the Profits are moving towards the latter.

Thorne…… just strikes me wrongly. Just looking at the two guys on the screen, Thorne gave me the feeling like he’d call ICE on Joaquin. Don’t know why Thorne leaves me with that feeling (and I could be stereotyping him wildly off base.) Maybe if Thorne had an actual character I’d respond to him differently rather than let my imagination fill in the holes.

Math Question: How many times can the word “opportunity” be fit into the commentary in a less-than-an-hour show? I suspect if they tried that the announce team could fit in a couple of dozen or more.

Not looking forward to a long Riddle-Dain series. Do you guys think Dain is really up to the task of putting on great matches with Riddle? Dain just doesn’t seem like the right fit for Riddle. On the other hand, Dain could be a great monster heel for the undersized Joaquin.

So there was only one match on this show, but the four minute long Io promo package is a good consolation prize.


Jesse from the 6

Well fellas, the time has just about arrived. The week which we’ve all been looking forward to for months . . . the return of club football!

Whaddya think, Dragon Dave, how will John Pollock’s beloved Queens Park Rangers do? Some are predicting doom for QPR but I think they’ll be safe. I’m not sure I can say the same for Carlton Athletic. If Lee Bowyer remains at the helm, the Addicks might be all right, but that’s a big “if” while the awful Roland Duchâtelet remains the owner.

And that’s just the Championship! How will Salford City fair in League 2 during their first ever season in the Football League? How will Notts County --the oldest professional football club in the world-- fair in their first season outside of the Football League?? Will Hamburg get back to Die Bundesliga or will it be their bohemian cousins in St. Pauli??? Can PAOK repeat as Greek champions??? It’s all so exciting!

Take Care

That’s a very handsome picture of Roderick Strong right there!

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An episode filled with promo packages. The last one with Johnny and Adam was very good. I love how unscripted Johnny was with Finn and Seth, how he was helping at the PC. That’s the kind of promo package WWE should always do, it’s modern and less panto.