FEEDBACK upNXT Feb 12th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s NXT featuring Johnny Gargano vs Cameron Grimes and KUSHIDA vs Adam Cole! We will be live on YouTube for our upNXT review at 10:30EST

Hiya guys.

Just wanted to say this Rhea/Bianca feud is heatless. No one believes Bianca is going to win on Sunday, and Rhea has lost every shred of momentum she’s gotten since debuting on NXT (they gave her way too much way too quickly). The Rhea/Charlotte feud is going to drag, and I think its painfully apparent at this point that the audience wants/is waiting to see Io back (as she was easily the most over woman in NXT before she was injured, and she’ll only be even more over when she returns), because the division has massively cooled off since she was injured. Plus Io is slated to return very soon after Mania, and I don’t think they can keep the title away from her much longer.

I also wanted to mention that I feel like Bianca is getting called up soon after Mania, as they could use her on RAW or Smackdown, as she mentioned in a recent interview that she hates being separated from Montez.

Question of the week: How do you guys feel about Simone Johnson officially signing with WWE? Do you think she’ll take to the ring like her father did?

Paul from New Jersey

Didn’t know if I would ever say this, however Roddy Strong on the mic made my night. His wife also never looked better, even if it’s on the pants of another man. Totally thought velveteen might kidnap Troy. The feud is still young. Dakota Kai seems to really take a beating in some of these matches for real. “And Laree’s nose is leaking like a political document“. Mauro Is the fucking goat. Take notes Corey.

Question for you gents as well as Eva from London if she sees this, thoughts on the Becky/Shayna bite spot? I didn’t think it was that bad, but it seems to get a pretty negative reaction. Does anybody recall any of Eva‘s facts containing any history of Shayna being a vampire? does she go out in the sunlight and what are her feelings on garlic?

Signed the Marty Jannetty of New Jersey POST Wrestli, Paul

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Eva from London
Welcome back Davie and thanks to Scrump for the kind words he had for… a random Baszler fact nobody asked for! (Paul Im torn on the spot great visual but i think a beatdown would have been better and not prone to misinterpretation. i think they were more going for Shayna expressing dominance than actually giving her a dracula gimmick. No she isnt a vampire): in 2016 the future raw womens champion made a cameo in the music video Raise Your Horns for the Swedish viking metal band Amon Amarth.
Few thoughts

  1. Garza/Rush and Grimes/Gargano were mint
  2. I could not disagree with Misery more, I think the women’s division in NXT is doing just fine.
  3. Mark Henry previewing Dijakovic and Lee…hype master.

Questions:1 which titles change hand in Portland and 2. Davie which Wrestlemania rumored womens match are you most looking forward to, Shayna Becky or Charlotte Rhea?

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Chris from Pennsylvania,

I don’t care if they take PPVs off the WWE Network, if they just give us a weekly Pete Dunne/Matt Riddle show, I’ll never cancel my subscription. The Odd Couple is a pretty well used wrestling trope, but these two might be the best to do it. Overall, I felt there was more great wrestling than usual tonight, but it just didn’t feel like there was much storyline development with Takeover on Sunday. I’d go 8/10 for this as a two-hour wrestling program, but a 5/10 as a go-home show. I guess it doesn’t matter too much though, that card is stacked and I’ll definitely be watching.

I love NXT so much. That’s my feedback.