FEEDBACK upNXT: February 26th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT featuring Bianca Belair vs Charlotte Flair!

Braden and I will be going LIVE for our show on YouTube and The HotMic App at 10:30EST tonight.

Eva from London
First of all:Baszler Lynch brawl in Winnipeg was better than tonight’s Ciampa vs Gargano one. Not even close boys.
Second, With the rough couple of months Ive had in rl, i figured I’d try something new for a laugh: instead of asking you guys questions about tonight’s show or takeover fantasy booking, I’d ask some random ones tangentially related to NXT.

  1. What is the most annoying commercial you’ve seen since NXT switched to the USA network?
  2. Who is your favorite NXT women’s wrestler that you doesn’t get you high?
  3. Other than the remaining three Star Wars movies, any other movie reviews you plan to do that will go up on the free feed?

Keep up the good work at the BDE

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Hiya! Just a couple of things tonight:

  • I never want to see the Forgotten Sons again.
  • Who do you see being in the #1 contender’s women’s ladder match at Tampa? Assuming its multiwoman, of course. I think it will probably be Io winning, and probably taking the title soon after. Rhea is rapidly losing steam, and looks like a dick after tonight.
  • Why am I not shocked Charlotte won clean? The match itself was…okay? But nothing I would go back and see. Charlotte is just not good at all, and she never makes anyone but Becky look good. That ending was an absolute mess. Bianca is probably getting called up after Mania though.

Question of the Week: Did you guys see the project that Io is a part of? It’s supposed to be an image-positivity project ran by Carmella. Carmella had some videos up in her Instagram stories talking about it. All of the women photographed are not wearing makeup, and there will be a roundtable discussion with Io, Carmella, Rhea, Bianca, Charlotte, Ruby, Candice, and Liv on why women shouldn’t put themselves down no matter how they look.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Tonight worked out great as I was able to watch Omega-Pac live, then switch over to the NXT recording and be caught up by the main event. A few thoughts:

  • Bianca-Charlotte was good, but I was expecting a little more out of them, especially for how much this was promoted. I hope they move Bianca up to RAW right after Mania. She’d immediately be one of the best women on the main roster.
  • I had to laugh at Ripley pausing to do her giant stomp at the entrance ramp before coming down to chase off Charlotte.
  • Austin Theory could get a main event push tomorrow and be completely ready. He and Dream could be the faces of this company for the next 10 years.

Question - With Balor seemingly headed to a match with WALTER, at this point it has to be Dream vs. Cole for the title at Takeover, right? I guess Ciampa-Gargano will main event the show anyway, but it seems odd that we’re only 5 weeks out and the NXT title match hasn’t been set up yet.

Paul from New Jersey

Forgotten Sons Vs. GYV is the definition of who gives a crap. If they’re asking me to feel any American patriotism they can take a long walk off a short pier. Somebody needs to tell Teagan that Racquel has the ability to climb. When Mia Yim got her booking sheet do you think it said “Be Stupid” on it? Save that shit for RAW. Bit of a weak show. Time for your Kona Reeves fact you’re getting because I have little to say about this show. Kona is dating American wrestler Karissa Rivera. Neat.

Charbel the chosen one

Life is shit but thanks guys to be here doing what you do every Wednesday…

Takeover Tampa will be awsome

Balor vs Walter … take my money , my debit card , my visa my house and my wife for god sake

one last thing last time you dint read my catchphrase about nox so here it goes I have a new one and this one is for bray d.

Candice gets my tits lit :smiley: any good ?

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