FEEDBACK: upNXT Jan 13th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT featuring Johnny Gargano vs Dexter Lumis, Shotzi Blackheart vs Candice LeRae and Round 1 of the Men’s Dusty Classic!

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Hiya! Tonight’s episode of NXT was mostly solid.

  • Kinda curious to see who actually steps up to face Io next. Raquel declared she’s going after the title now, same goes for Toni and Mercedes. But all of them are tied up in the Dusty Cup, at least for now (I can’t imagine Raquel not being in it with Dakota).
  • MSK was great. Loved what I saw, and hope to see more in the future. Their names are kinda goofy though.
  • Didn’t really care for the Main Event, but maybe that’s because I’m kinda over Lorcan and Burch holding the tag titles, so this tournament as a whole isn’t that investing.

Speaking of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic, I have to imagine Toni and Mercedes are losing next week. I know that sounds unrealistic, but Io Shirai has a bone to pick with both Toni and Mercedes, so I can see her screwing them over. That being said, I really hope Io actually shows up again soon. It’s been 39 days since Io’s last match, 57 since her last singles match. That’s kind of absurd.

Speaking of absurd, here is my question of the week: Am I alone in dreading Rhea potentially going to RAW? Especially since the division is already back to being the Charlotte Flair show. Asuka was backstage, but they opted not to use her in any capacity, which probably didn’t sit well with her considering she had to fly out from Vegas during a pandemic, just to sit in catering.

Tag team wrestling became a priority again tonight. Each of the Dusty Classic first round matches were solid with MSK (FKA the Rascalz) vs Atlas/Swerve being the best of the bunch. Xia Li’s new wushu assassin persona continues to be pleasing. Kushida finally sets his sights on Johnny’s title which’ll heighten their first round Dusty classic next week and the NXT title scene is humming along and I think Pete Dunne vs Finn Balor has a ton of potential to be fantastic.

Karrion Kross should wait his turn. A good showing for black and gold.

Tian Sha for life. That is all.

Chris Elliot
It was a decent show, not liking the new name for The Rascals but I’m sure we’ll get used to it. I tried watching both shows tonight but found myself paying more attention to NXT for the most part. GYV winning is a good sign and would be my shout to win the Dusty Cup. Show closing angle looked good although the end of that match with Fandango jumping for the leg drop when Cole was well out the way looked stupid