FEEDBACK: upNXT Jan 15th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

Eva from London
Random Baszler fact: when she was on the independent circuit, the queen of spades regularly trained with a group of wrestlers including Mercedes Martinez, Roderick Strong, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Nigel McGuinness.

Great episode of NXT.
Brosierweights vs South Wales Subculture and Cruiserweight triple threat were top notch matches.
GYV proper heels
Keith Lee yelling the prophecy ends next week Roddy next week! Great passion.
Worlds Collide Looks stacked. Especially looking forward to Balor vs Dragunov.
I loved the joint finger manipulation elimation from Baszler.
I think this was a tuneup for Baszler to see how she’ll fair in a Rumble style environment.
Belair vs Rhea? I’m down.

So not much to say tonight.

On one hand, I’m kinda sad about Io losing. But on the other hand, I feel like it was for the best, because Bianca is definitely losing at Portland. Save Io/Rhea for Takeover: Tampa, and have Io go over there. Because holy fuck she’s the most over performer in the NXT Women’s Division by a mile. And Rhea is slowly creeping towards unlikable, especially after her promo tonight. She’s constantly killed the Full Sail audience with her promos over the past couple of weeks.

Question of the Week: When Io and Rhea do eventually collide, do you think Io is going to get a more positive reaction than Rhea?

Also looks like Io chipped a tooth or two from that bump.

Sango from Malaysia here.

The Dusty Classic matches were excellent tonight. It always surprises me how hard Mandrews and Webster can go in the ring, and I was hoping they’d upset the Broserweights near the end. Also, Alex Shelley had a match live at Full Sail! Honestly hope more X-Division alumni will show up in the near future.

We’re blessed to get a Cruiserweight division match this week. As much as I love Lio Rush’s work here, it’s great to see another guy like Isaiah Scott win and set up Garza’s first title defense. What’s with Swerve changing themes every month though? It doesn’t help that this one isn’t any better than his previous theme.

Thought it was weird that they’d make the women’s battle royal the main event, but it was an inspired decision. So many things got me to pop all throughout: the returns of Shayna and Kacy, Dakota shooting Tegan in the face, Shotzi eliminating Shayna, and Bianca yeeting Io out of contention. Very happy to see Belair win, but I’m scared for her chances at Portland; I don’t think she’s ever beaten Rhea in any capacity.

Here’s to more NXT and UpNXT!

Wilson from Mississippi.

First time poster, started following upNXT more recently since the move to USA. I was a former listener of Braden’s NXT on the LAW with he who won’t be named. You upgraded substantially with your cohost, big fan of Davie. I love the movie reviews and it probably won’t be long before I’m a Patreon.

As for NXT, this was a fantastic show, much improved off last week. It had fantastic matches, unexpected reunions, and some surprise returns. It’s great seeing Kacy back in NXT. I expect her in the Rumble this year for the crazy spots. Mercedes looked great in her debut with a good bit of shine. And let’s not get started about Shotzi! I see a lot for her in 2020. I was skeptical about the Bazler return. I hope it was just for the surprise factor and she’s still heading out. Have you guys heard the rumors of Ronda returning and winning the Rumble? Let’s hope that is not true because I’d much rather see Bazler winning.

I could go on about the women more, but I need to wrap this up. DIY reunion was a nice surprise. I see them and Mustache Mountain stealing the show at the Worlds Collide show. Keith Lee is fantastic. I would love to see him be a surprise in the Rumble and win it. Vince must be salivating over this guy each time he watches NXT. And lastly, I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m officially a Broserweight fan. Where has this tag team been? The division needs a strong team like this since neither have singles programs.

Thanks again for the great shows!

Harry from Houston,

Great show tonight from top to bottom. Every match had stakes and it feels like NXT is better at doing the whole “wins and losses” thing better then even AEW. I loved the Keith Lee stuff and I really hope he wins the title next week because it’s time for him to take the next step.

Also I’m going to be attending worlds collide so I’ll be sure to give you guys a live report of that. The card looks amazing so far and I’m glad I got some pretty good seats early.

Hello there … it’s Charbel The chosen onee
Not first time , but long time

Seriously I was looking to twitter to finally see what aew was all about , And I saw so women stuff there … holy crap it was shit ! What the mama fn Mia was this battle royal ! … they set so much stuff in one single battle royal It was awsome !

dakota kai gets me high like bray d io high level , shotzi is lit , nice to see kacy back , .How cool is Martinez in nxt ., seeing online that people are legit happy to see belair win is awsome , I still think she has huge potential !
you guys are right it’s clearly the best women division in the world and even more then that , we can say it’s the best women division any company as ever had . I may be in the minority but any women could have tonight and I would have be happy cause we have such a diverse set of women . We just need a women tag division .

Davie and bray d , i have a question , is nxt always giving a lost to new comers debut
List of people losing their debut match
Alex and the kush , Kyle , fish , shotzi , Austin theory, team 3.0 ( Martel and Parker ) first time I saw black was in the uk championship tournament as tommy end also losing to Neville …
Am I forgetting someone , and what do you think about that tactic , we have now 2 secondary title the nA and the cwc so why are they all Losing in their debut match can they not even chase a secondary title or something before losing …

Nas from NYC (still not the rapper)

I loved this show. Nothing new. NXT is awesome.

Questions, one in topic and one off topic:

Thoughts on Brock in the Rumble and potential face offs against NXT guys? Initially I had Riddle eliminating him which would have been awesome. But I really love the idea of Tyler Bate eliminating Brock and facing him at Mania.

Listening to Davie in the NXT UK Takeover review referencing the Premier League, I have to ask him who do he support in football (soccer)? Lifelong Newcastle United fan/sufferer and a season ticket holder of NYCFC here.

That episode was an easy 10/10. Just perfect.

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