FEEDBACK: upNXT January 1st 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s edition of NXT. Braden and I are hosting Rewind-A-Dynamite tonight so upNXT will be out tomorrow where we will also be doing our “Best and Worst of NXT 2019” show!

Don’t have much to say, other than it feels like Io got robbed. Even Rhea got robbed.

Shayna won best women’s competitor of the year? Really? I find that REALLY hard to believe she had more votes than anyone else.

Yup, just found it on Voting was 100% rigged this year.

For the first time, voting in the NXT Year-End Awards was extended to WWE Legends & Hall of Famers, the WWE Performance Center coaching staff, the media and USA Network, in addition to the fan votes cast by the NXT Universe on and Twitter.

Shayna was the most dominant female competitior period. She was nxt womens champion for over a calendar year. Deal with it. Baszler beat Shirai again and it feels so good!

Nas from NYC

Didn’t watch the show. Most of the awards made sense. I enjoyed the banter between Cole and Gargano. I’d love a 4th fight somewhere down the line.

I’ll defend Baszler for Women’s Wrestler of the Year. Simply because she was the glue that held it together. Also how quickly she got over as a legitimate badass on the main roster shows her star quality. She held the title the entire year and then dropped it to the right person in an awesome match. Not much more you can ask of her.

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