FEEDBACK: upNXT January 27th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring Finn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly vs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

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  • Not a fan of Lumis being a part of the Gargano/Kushida feud, but I guess someone needs to take the pin so they can extend the feud until Kushida wins the title.

  • That Shirai/Storm/Martinez segment was decent, but keep Toni away from a live mic. She’s an absolutely horrendous promo. Also both Toni and Mercedes posed with the title at some point, and we know what that means. Toni’s offense also looked super off.

  • The Finn/UE stuff is interesting. Keep Kross away from it though.

Not much else to discuss tonight on NXT, a solid episode through and through, even if it wasn’t anything special or super memorable. It’s a pretty solid but forgettable episode outside of what I mentioned above, unless you really like tag team wrestling. That being said, with Sareee officially on her way over (she had her last match in Japan just this last weekend), the NXT women’s division is about to get even more stacked.

Question (more like comment) of the Week: I just wanted to comment on how awful RAW was again last Monday. That Asuka/Alexa title match was easily one of the worst matches I can ever remember (and I’ve been watching wrestling since 2003). It was WCW 1999-2000 levels of awful. I can’t believe WWE is getting $1bn for that garbage.

Shoutout upNXT Rumble Eve. Pretty decent/good show coming off last weeks superb effort. Stories continue to be furthered as we inch closer to Takeover. Dakota and Raquel roll on to the semis. MSK looked good once more moving on and The Grizzled Young Vets won a very good battle with Kushida and Ruff. Excited for both of next weeks tourney matches they should be bangers.

WALTER tease? Yes please. Cool to see “Rios” aka Daniel Garcia make a NXT appearance as Rust got a showcase against him in a nice little match. Poor Stallion. I think they’re just messing with him and us at this point. Regal was mighty upset though. I enjoyed his “fire” Reed and Swerve had a fun match as Reed continues to be booked strong and seems to be slowly building his way up the card finally. And of course Io was awesome. Kool Kyle and Finn the dream team tearing it up with the champs in their cool new gear as their dad Pete Dunne waited outside in the car until it was time to break fingers and stuff. Teasing Finn joining with UE? We will see.

See you all in the Rumble tomorrow night. I’m trying to start my road to Fire-Mania (not Fire and Flava fest thankfully) PS Good luck in our rumble pool -everyone who hasn’t responded yet please do ASAP thanks for the great response and participation so far.

I give this one say a B grade but I had a enjoyable time watching it and everything made sense and had a purpose so no complaints. Looking forward to the tag matches next week. Ahoy.

Solid show tonight:

  • The women’s title picture is looking great with Shirai, Storm and Martinez.

  • Lumis’ feud with The Way could delay Kushida’s inevitable first win

  • Kyle O’Reilly had the finish of the night and could a possible truce with Finn Balor be forthcoming?

  • MSK and GYV are my picks as the finalists for the Dusty cup

  • Are Asuka and Charlotte ever gonna stop by? Because, other than the trophy; I can bet NXT will elevate the women’s tag titles instead of holding them hostage on the main roster

  • Lack of Shotzi Blackheart isn’t pleasing.

Question of the day: Imperium followed up Wolfe’s resurfacing strongly hinting that WALTER could be following suit…will he bring the UK title across the Atlantic?