FEEDBACK: upNXT January 29th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring the final of the Dusty Classic!

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Eva from London
Ill keep the comments short and sweet this week.
Shayna should have won the Rumble (and that Santina spot was just wrong on so many levels)
Since Shayna didn’t win, where do you see her going moving towards Mania?
Beth Phoenix with the Razzie level performance trying to sell her disgust at Orton’s attack on Edge was hilarious.
Takeover Portland is looking stacked.
Any clue what those 2 5 20 commercials are for?
Nox makes me Rock
Keep up the good work BrayD and Davie

Sam from Tennessee

Hey guys, first-time, long-time! This was the first NXT episode I’ve been able to watch live in a month, and it was very good overall.
One of these days Triple H and Regal will learn to put extra security in that damn parking lot. Nobody is safe!
Priest and Dijakovic both looked great in their match and I’m interested to see another Lee/Dijakovic match with them being respectful rivals as opposed to bitter enemies.

I was already hyped for the Ciampa/Cole match in Portland, but that segment sent me through the roof with excitement. Could be an early MOTY contender!
I thought for sure that Dunne was going to turn on Riddle and join the GYV in the main event. However, I will not complain about them getting the chance to tear the house down with Fish and O’Reilly in a couple weeks. A really good 7/10 show.

Terry from Colorado

Great hard hitting main event tonight. Alot of hard hitting over all. Dijakovic and priest was pretty good looking forward to Lee and dijakovic going at it again.

7.5 shotzi tanks out of 10


Not much to say tonight, but I wanted to mention that if WWE is trying to portray Dakota as the big mean nasty heel in her feud with Tegan, they are doing an incredibly terrible job of it. Tegan is coming across as significantly less sympathetic than Dakota in the video packages they’ve been airing. This feud is already falling apart, and I’m about to give up on it.

Question of the week: How do you guys feel about Bayley taking shots at Io in a couple of interviews about how Sasha is the true greatest wrestler, and how she (Bayley) is the champion, and Io can suck it? Think it could be leading to something down the line? Maybe after Mania or even slightly before it?

Sango from Malaysia here.

Don’t have much to say tonight. Just want to give a shout-out to Kayden Carter for her first televised win at Full Sail!

Here’s hoping she (and other jobbers to the stars) will figure out the next step and gain relevance in 2020. Always makes me happy to see NXT’s developmental talent still trying to make their mark.

So Orton is totally gonna RKO Beth before mania right?

I’m charbel the chosen one … not a sushi master anymore :smiley:

I love nxt !

After seeing shotzi arrive with a tank I was scared af for io… I’m pretty sure bray d will do a heel turn on io !!! If Davie can pick shayna for best female superstar over Kairi , everything is possible ! Yes guys after all this time it’s still hurt , what a heel turn by davie this was towards us the loyal up next universe

I don’t know why but I’m falling for nox … and now that conti is no more
Nox gets my nuts hot !!!