FEEDBACK: upNXT January 9th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s NXT. 205 Live in 205 Seconds should be back this week so give us your opinions on the state of the Cruiserweight Division. Also, give us your thoughts on the upcoming NXT UK show. Will you be watching? Predictions? Ahoy!

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Ari from montreal
Happy new year guys! Have to say this episode did pump me up for Takeover phoenix more than anything.
Quick question who do you think is more likely to make their nxt debut in 2019:
Kushida or Tessa Blanchard? (Since she recently dropped the knockouts title)

Wrestlers should never expose their knees, thoughts?

the opening segment was weaved together really well and got you really hyped for takeover phoenix.
the women’s match was really great with the callbacks to the other match.

i’m a fan of aichner on his own but his pairing with marcel barthel does not look natural. i look at these two and see two guys that nobody wanted in their groups so they were begrudgingly forced to do a project together. i also feel like they posed 5 times too many. their handshake reminds me of the white supremacists from OZ.

the main event was pretty good. i don’t know why they called up EC3 when they already have Zack Ryder up there. adam cole is always entertaining. bobby fish yelling “i’m not doing anything” after EC3 asked everyone to say his name was golden. however, i wouldn’t be surprised to find out that kyle o’reilly got injured after these tapings. if not, then he sold like a champ. he ate a seriously large bowl of shit in that last segment.

Happy New Year, Gentlemen! What parties did you guys throw at the bars?

Great way to start of the New Year with that badass, spine-chilling opening segment. Loved the superkick spot Gargano did on Ricochet. Can’t wait to see what they do with those guys.

Really looking forward to what NXT has to offer in 2019 and hopefully will eclipse 2018.

Q: Are there any movies or shows you guys are considering or planning to review?

Decent show this week I thought. The opening segment was great although gargano repeating ricochet’s tweet in the most white way possible was unintentionally hilarious. I’m looking forward to gargano vs ricochet way more then I am the nxt title match because we haven’t seen it yet in nxt and the winner doesn’t feel as obvious.

The women’s match was good but they haven’t done anything to build up for the Baszler match and with only 2 more episodes until takeover it will probably have a very rushed build.

The main event was also ok but this EC3/undisputed era feud was very lame for the most part. Adam Cole feels very directionless right now since he’s out of the NA title scene and at this point I’m ready for him to get called up if he isn’t going after the nxt title.

As for nxt uk this weekend…eh. I tried very hard to keep up with the tv but around episode 14 it just became to much of a chore. It’s not BAD, but it really failed to hook me and I thought they should have relied on Pete Dunne more to carry the interest of the show. There’s just too many people I don’t care about, especially as someone who doesn’t really follow the uk scene closely. The card looks decent but for a first ever takeover it’s pretty weak if you ask me. I have no interest in seeing Joe Coffey challenge Pete Dunne as he hasn’t stood out to me at all when I was watching. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised but I’m not holding my breath.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila:

Very good show this week I expected. The opening monologue was great but weird although Johnny wrestling repeating ricochet’s tweet wars in the most white way possible was unintentionally hilarious, also I’m kinda confused whether he is a face or heel. I like the good 'ol super kick spot as they will clash for the North American title match in TakeOver, I’m also looking forward to that :+1::blush:.

The Tag Team match between the Axis Powers i mean Aichner & Barthel, lolz against the enhanced talents was brutally good :+1::blush:, hope they will not end up as J.O.B. soon.

The women’s match was great as both competitors (Belair vs Cross) showed everything they can in their arsenal, also I really enjoyed Nikki Cross’s fiery mood which makes this match less awkward or botchy even though she didn’t win (I don’t care) :+1: :blush: I just hope she[Nikki Cross] will change her finisher as she head to the main roster :neutral_face:.

Is it me or Keith Lee looks like David Otunga?

The main event was also decently ok but this feud was getting boring for the most part, meh. I’m very concern about Adam Cole as he is not in the same page right now since he’s no longer of the North American title picture :worried: and I hope the creative will address this in days to come #Me want Title match :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Welcome back War machine, I mean War Raiders, hehehe :grinning:


Is EC3 and Nikki Cross’s last NXT appearance?

Is the Street Profits still in their NXT Tag Team title picture :thinking:?

Any thoughts on who will be the next NXT Women’s Champion

Last no the least, what happened to the Dynamic Duo knockoff, I mean Sabbatelli & Moss, I haven’t seen them for months since their Injury. Any recent news for that?

Overall I give this weeks show a verdict 7.5/10.

God bless and more power the two of you sir, chat you soon in Twitter :blush::wink:

Hi guys! Just wanted your feedback on a few things.

First off, since it seems to be moving in that direction, do you guys see Johnny Gargano being the one to take the NA Title from Ricochet? I originally thought they were going to do another Gargano vs Ciampa match at Takeover: New York, but that doesn’t seem too likely now.

Second off, am I the only person who feels this Bianca vs Shayna match at Phoenix is a bit rushed? They haven’t done much building towards it at all, and even if they do start over the next few weeks, it will probably be too little too late, or just outright rushed. Which leads me to believe that Bianca should absolutely not be the person to dethrone Shayna. I can see her (Bianca) being screwed over at Takeover: Phoenix by Jessamyn and Marina, especially since Bianca has gone out of her way to piss everyone else off in the locker room, so she has no friends at all to back her up.

Which begs the question, who will be the one to dethrone Shayna? The only person I can think of is Io Shirai. Maybe Kairi if they want to revisit that feud (and they should, since they dropped the ball hard on how it ended, it felt incredibly unsatisfying and rushed). I don’t see Shayna holding onto the title past Takeover: New York (nor should she).

Jalen from Pickering,

Delicious opening segment! Ricochet looks great with that title. Also, I just realized Gargano was 1-4 last year at Takeover. This man loses his way into championship matches.

UK Takeover prediction: BSS has all the gold, Walter comes out and forms a new version of Ring Kampf with Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner

Think I’m too late. I was smoking a bone with my boy like our usual NXT ritual and we realized that Matt Riddle made himself tap out. He was open hand tapping right on KO’s chest. I wish OhNo would bring that up and call Matt riddle a stupid pot head cus he thought he won when actually he lost. Also didn’t like the EC3 match much but we loved watching him get stomped out. Weird how Smackdown was better than NXT this week. Cheers