FEEDBACK upNXT: July 15th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of “upNXT” where Braden and I will be talking all about tonight’s episode of NXT featuring Tegan Nox vs Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship, Dominik Dijakovic vs Keith Lee for the NXT North American and NXT Championship and Cameron Grimes vs Damian Priest!

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Eva from London,
So so episode of NXT. Ran out of Thatch facts so heres some School of Hard Nox: she has 4 tattoos on her left hand which represent friendship with 4 other WWE wrestlers: Kai, Lerae, Duke, and…Shayna Baszler.

Quick thoughts:

  1. Pretty decent match between Nox and Shirai. Always love Lady Kane. Also Shirai refused to shake hands… what a bullylol Sound familar?
  2. Why didnt they promote the Dijakovic Lee match leading into this episode
  3. What did you guys think of Tom Phillips playing the role of heel commentator? Byron did it better in 2014 NXT
  4. I am so happy Lorcan Thatcher is continuing #FightPit
  5. Random question: Are beer stores in Toronto open? Because they arent in London, ive been getting my craft beer from Loblaws.

Keep up the good work Bray D and Davey. PS another english Davey, Davey Grant, won the opening bout of UFC 251.

Hugh from Melbourne. It’s been a while, my work hours changed so I can’t watch NXT live anymore, but I took today off because it’s my birthday.
Grimes and Priest put on a solid hard hitting match, that Reckoning off the ropes looked brutal, Priest should always do it that way.
I thought Indi Hartwell looked good, but the Big Boot is a little played out, even if she has the legs for it. On the Aussie indies, she used a Hammerlock DDT and Springboard Rocket Kick as finishers.
That Fantasma promo was amazing and had major Lucha Underground vibes. Look at how they’re portrayed compared to Garza and Andrade on the main roster: Garza is a generic playboy character and Andrade has basically no character at all now.
Lee-Dijakovic was great as always, but I’m glad they didn’t steal the promoted main event from the women - the match you’ve built up should always take priority.
Fantastic match from Io and Tegan, the chokeslam looked better since Io is so short and the Shotei counter to the Shiniest Wizard looked brutal.
7.5 out of 10 show, stay safe and I’ll write in next time I’m off work!

Jackie from Orlando
Really enjoyed tonight’s show, despite the lack of expectations this had compared to the past two weeks. I thought Dijakovic and Lee worked a style of match that they haven’t done before, using a lot of counters and saving the hard hitting stuff for the end. Thatcher and El Legado del Fantasma’s segments were awesome. This is the kind of stuff I prefer over backstage segments that pretend to be spontaneous. Lastly I enjoyed the main event, but GOD Nox’s acting was garbage. So over the top.

Paul from New Jersey

So let me get this straight, Tom Phillips talked about both Marty Jannetty & the IIconic’s while an Aussie beat up Shotzi Blackheart? Did I write this show and forget about it? 10 on 10. I do think Shotzi is a solid babyface which isn’t easy in this company. Grimes & Priest has been quite an entertaining program & not just because of Grimes. Over the top? Yes, but I do greatly enjoy Robert Stone as he does a good job getting heat & giving it to these big schmucks. Io winning was a formality, but I thought Teagan did an excellent job tonight. Playing the default heel while showcasing much-needed personality. Very enjoyable show.

This weeks Kona RUMOR! Apparently, the Robert Stone brand might become the Finest. keep up the good work and never forget you’re the superior brand.

Also, KANE

Hiya! Couple of things tonight

  • Robert Stone getting ran over with a tank and getting revenge on Shotzi is one thing, but I have a feeling it’s gonna result in him getting ran over again.

  • Io vs Tegan was a fine match, but I feel like it was a step down from the last few matches Io has had. And Dakota attacking her at the end was fine as it instantly sets up her next title feud. But I don’t think Dakota is winning either. I can’t see anyone in NXT beating Io right now for the title. She’s pretty much above every other woman (in NXT) in every aspect right now. And with Survivor Series a couple of months after Summerslam. Assuming NXT is part of it again, I don’t see anyone but Io representing the brand as the champion.

Question of the Week: How do you guys feel about the teased Kairi vs Asuka match after Extreme Rules? Would you rather see it on RAW or at Summerslam? Especially if its Kairi’s farewell match.