FEEDBACK: upNXT - July 1st 2020 "The Great American Bash"

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here asking for all your feedback for tonight’s episode of upNXT! This week we will be talking all about Night 1 of The Great American Bash featuring Sasha Banks vs Io Shirai.

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Eva from London,
Thatch Facts: When wrestling in Europe, the fans came up with a chant for Thatcher sung to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
Solid show.

  1. MOTN was Thatch vs Lorcan. Catch brilliance. Baszler would be proud
  2. Was surprised Nox won instead of Kai in a good match. I have no idea where the NXT womens scene is atm. Havent had a clue since Charlotte won at Mania
  3. Rhea going over the RSB was the right call. Good comedy match but Ripley should be back in the main event scene
  4. Mercedes Martinez is back next week. #Cantwait
  5. Was it just me or did it feel like Lumis squashed Strong?
    Keep up the good work lads, Happy Canada Day!

Jesse from the 6

Happy Canada Day fellow Canuck and semi-Canuck! I hope you spent the day listening to Carly Rae Jepsen, drinking Rye and ginger, and eating Kraft Dinner.
I no longer watch WWE because they are evil. But rest assured I will always listen to the upNXT lads.
Question: Who is the second greatest Canadian professional wrestler of all time?

Take Care, eh

Paul from New Jersey

Really enjoyed the opener despite some really sloppy moments. Thought Dakota Should have won, but pleasantly surprised with Teagan. I legitimately wanted Robert Stone & Aliyah to win. Would have been pretty interesting. The middle of the show began to drag for me. Thought it was a nice touch that Sasha used the stamp to sign her contract & came out in a jaguar. Main event left a lot to be desired. Cameron Grimes is my spirit animal & like Captain Hook, Robert stone is the good guy.

This weeks Kona fact: Kona was mentioned on Rewind A Raw! The subject matter is not important.

Hiya! Not much to say tonight about NXT!

Main event goddamn ruled. I know people will question the finish, but whatever. That match was goddamn great otherwise. I don’t see Tegan beating Io though, and nor should she. A can of paint has more personality than her.

Question of the Week (its a somewhat lengthy one, I apologize): With reports that Kairi might be done wrestling (WWE is trying to move her into an ambassador role for WWE Japan), how do you guys feel about her career in WWE? I feel like her NXT run was fine (but could be better), but her main roster career (assuming she doesn’t return) was completely mishandled, and it raises a huge red flag about Nia Jax and WWE’s negligence to actually discipline her if she ended up putting Kairi into retirement. But if she does return, they need to pair her with Asuka and Io, and reform Triple Tails (except with Kairi instead of Mio).

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

:canada: Happy Canada Day

Onto NXT…Honestly I don’t have much nice to say other then Rhea is appoching “star level to the jobber”. Like fuck me 6-months ago she won the title from Shayna and seemed unstoppable but has since lost clean twice in two title matches and is feuding with Robert Stone Brand.

Then Auska using the green mist…in the middle of a global pandemic, where the virus spreads from person to person via mouth droplets. What in the actual fuck you dumb idiots!

Like a parent of a troublesome teenager, I’m not mad anymore WWE I’m just disappointed.

Done with WWE, but will always look forward to listening to Post & BDE.

Peace out.