FEEDBACK: upNXT July 22nd 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s NXT featuring Karrion Kross vs Dominik Dijakovic, Roderick Strong vs Johnny Gargano vs Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis vs Killian Dain and a major announcement from William Regal!

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Chris from Pennsylvania,

That was an awesome triple threat match, and I’m even happier with the result of Bronson Reed winning. Personally I think the secondary titles are most effective when they are held by up-and-coming fresh faces instead of guys who have already been established as main eventers. I’d much rather have guys like Reed and Swerve and CAMERON GRIMES in this ladder match than guys like Gargano, or Roddy, or Finn. They did seem to be hammering home the point of “new opportunities” with Lee giving up the belt, so I hope this is the direction they are going.

Paul from New Jersey

Like fetch, Dexter Loomis just isn’t happening for me. That being said, heel Gargano is working overtime. Beth stated that the beaver needs to be handled tenderly & passionately. I agree. Welcome to the ballpit? Shotzi Blackheart is a feckless butthole. Reed, Gargano & Strong was fantastic. Australians all day.

This weeks Kona speculation: on RAW, Drew McIntyre was discussing stipulations for yet another match with the boy who cried Dolph. As McIntyre was discussing stipulations, somebody from the crowd yelled “Eye for an Eye” and everyone started laughing. Pollock believes it was Kona. After reviewing it myself & getting results back from the lab, I agree. From not wearing a mask to the best moment of RAW, Kona is crushing it! Thank you for making extreme rules bearable.

Hiya! Not much to say tonight, so I’ll keep it very brief:

  • Mercedes is probably going to be Io’s first real actual threat to the title after that Robert Stone segment tonight. I just don’t see Dakota being portrayed as an actual believable threat to Shirai’s reign. Sorry!
  • That ending with Kross/Dijack was great, but went on for a bit too long. I’m also starting to lose interest in Kross, because the only neat thing about him is his entrance right now.
  • Overall this episode of NXT was pretty weak. Probably one of the weaker ones since the move to the USA Network. Their biggest strength is the women’s division, but they only had one match tonight, and it was completely forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

Question of the Week: With Kairi officially being done in WWE (at least wrestling wise) as of two days ago, what did you guys think of her (potentially final) match with Bayley? It was NXT levels of quality, and the fact that she is likely leaving with a clean win over the longest reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion shows that WWE is pretty confident they can get her under some sort of ambassador deal.

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

Man oh man what an amazing North American qufifying match. Having been lucky enough to have watch a lot of amazing matches of Bronson Reeds (Jonah Rock in Australia) and you knew he had that something special. From his various championship matches to attending PWG’s BOLA and even an incredible match vs Minoru Suzuki at Festival Hall in Melbourne (which I saw live).

It Goes Claws up for NXT’s resident Thicc Boi on the way to Takeover!

Question for Davie:
As an Arsenal follower myself what are your thoughts on Liverpool winning the EPL & the league for the first time in 30 years? (I feel sad for the fans who’ve waited for so long and then were locked out)

Stay safe, peace

Charbel the chosen one

I love nxt so much !
Fun bde facts nobody ask for , Davie almost put the bde on fire at least 17 times !

Thatcher oney… do I need to say more !!

Can’t wait for the triple threat next week wow , I’m eager to see how Finn thatcher and Lumis can all work together

I want two things in my nxt ,
First : I want the first time ever two hour iron man match between gargano and strong

Second : I’m repeating my self but … come on what are you waiting for with kross , pull the trigger like right now , I think he was really hot like white claw level hot ! Is it Going away or do you thinks he is still over af ?

Jesse from the 6

Braden, why do you pronounce “sorry” like an American?
Davie, why don’t you pronounce “debut” like an Englishmun?

Take Care

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That Triple threat ! The main event at the end with Dijak saying to Keith to not come and help. That was gripping. I loved it. Very strong booking for Karrion Kross.