FEEDBACK: upNXT June 15th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s WWE NXT!

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I regret ever jumping on the LA Knight bandwagon even if for a few minutes. I was wrong. He couldn’t shine Zach Ryder’s boots. That promo was terrible as not for one minute did I think he wasn’t a heel. And he repeated himself, a lot. A lot of meanderings.

Io and Candace rivalry starting to rival some of the all time Women’s feuds. What’s the pantheon of NXT women’s feuds?

They got me with the weird clip of the Joe/Regal interview as I did hang til the end to see the actual segment… IMO Regal is good as done. Joe took him to the parking lot. Bad things happen in the parking lot, you already know.

Jesse from the 6

After four of the most talented performers in NXT history spent their Sunday night trying to make Karion Kross look like a star, the dude comes out tonight and the first thing he says? “Her and I knew” blah blah blah. . .“Her and I”. What a dumb fucking meat head he is. It’s “SHE AND I”, fuckface. Put the title on Jonny or Kyle, I’m done with this clown.

Take Care

P.S. LA Knight is great.


Caught most of this show. The LA Knight promo was awesome, and I think this feud is going to elevate both guys.

Totally disagree with MJ as it sounded like someone actually talking and not memorizing a script with buzz words. Plus it got him mega heat and the physicality with DiBiase was a lot. The guy is an excellent talker, one of the best in all of WWE.

I also love Barrett putting him over, reminds me of a low level Flair/Heenan.

Trey Baxter (horrible name) and Kushida was very good but I hope they don’t slot him in the CW division. Look at guys like Cole and Gargano and there is no way “Baxter” can’t be in any division in NXT.

I’m interested in the diamond mine. I think NXT realizes they need desperately to freshen things up and I think this show puts them on the right path.