FEEDBACK upNXT: June 3rd 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT featuring:

Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim
Drake Maverick vs El Hijo del Fantasma for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship
Prime Target - Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream and Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte

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Eva from London,
Since the actual greatest NXT champion is now on Raw, I need a different wrestler to give random facts about each week. So lets try this week with Thatch Facts: Timothy Thatcher trained under former UFC champion Josh Barnett, and frequently sparred with Shayna Baszler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tonights show: I muted the entire Cole Dream prime target. I just dont care. Honestly imperium vs Brit Am brawlers should be the main event instead.

Rhea Ripley did not come across heelish at all in the women’s special. Neither did Io, hence why i called them both tweeners last week.

Two weeks they built up Brit Am, only to give Breezango a title shot on their return? Nuh uh.

Mia Yim dropkicking Gargano brought a smile to my face.

I called EHDF being the leader of the masked luchadors from his first day on NXT. After that ending it cant be anyone but him.
Keep up the good work,
#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

Paul from New Jersey

Anyone notice both Candice & Mia have that nursery sound at the start of their theme songs? Baby fever is just going around the performance center. Also, I don’t know what a dexter Loomis is, but I know I don’t care about it. One person I do care about is Santana Garrett. When I look at her, I see a star. I’m surprised it took WWE as long as it did to sign her. Garrett was trained by Scott Hall, Larry Zbyszko & she was also TRAINED BY HER DAD! She’s been good for quite some time. Aliyah & Robert Stone deserve each other.

UE Have the douche bag jock bro characters down so well. Quote of the night goes to Pat McAfee for saying “velveteen dream does a lot of stuff that draws attention outside of his craft” Yikes.

Speaking of deserving, KONA REEVES birthday is in two days! This weeks Kona fact is that Kona has a tshirt on WWE Shop!

question, is there a PO Box or somewhere you gentlemen can receive packages? Also, what are your shirt sizes? Totally unrelated to Kona Reeves having merchandise.

Cool to see WWE superstars talking about the George Floyd murder. They usually stay quiet when it comes to stuff like this. The responses that I’ve seen have been pretty disgusting. Hope this leads to some change. Stay safe.


NXT was fine tonight.

  • The Women’s Triple Threat video package was pretty great. Although I feel like they are trying to make us feel sorry for Rhea, although I think its too late to course correct at least for now. The damage has been done. Charlotte was…decent. Io Shirai’s portion while shorter than the other two women, had way more production value put into it, and she came across as the biggest goddamn star in NXT right now. I really hope she wins on Sunday. She was the only woman in this package who came across as a legitimately big deal.

  • Drake Maverick getting a contract after losing a hard fought battle is a feel good moment. They had me up until then though! I’ve seen people complaining about him getting a new deal, but those same people complained about how they continued to use him even after they fired him originally.

Question of the week: How do you guys feel about Nia injuring Kairi…again? I feel like something has got to change. Nia has been absolutely horrendous since her return and she seemingly isn’t facing any sort of repercussions for her constant botching.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Drake Maverick had me hooked so instead of watching Cody vs Jungle Boy, I watched the main event tonight. The story of Drake Maverick has been my favourite thing about NXT and questions still remained. When Impact ran their Slammiversary ad and it featured Drake Maverick, it got me thinking, is this really it? Even since Impact got WWE footage for some Ken Shamrock vignettes, it always felt like WWE and Impact are in bed together more and I wonder if there was communication between the two to throw a curveball at people. Or it could be a mistake, which also wouldn’t be shocking. Anyway, I’m glad Drake Maverick is staying in WWE as he was one of the best things to watch in NXT in quite some time.