FEEDBACK: upNXT March 17th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s NXT featuring Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs Karrion Kross & Finn Balor for the NXT Tag Team Championships!

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Charbel the chosen one is no more

Make place for …

Good charbel

Who is sarray , I already love her and she gives me huge kairi vibe !! I just can’t wait to see her !!

I’m really happy to see la knight last week …but I’m not sure nxt is the best place for him !

I think the next takeover has a huge potential to be the best card yet but With two night I guess it will bring the excitement down because I see the card shaping up and I can’t see being excited for some of the match knowing they will probably have 11 of it …time will tell…

I hope Escobar destroys devlin , Escobar is putting the tittle over like no other cruiserweight ever did

Question of the week … if lose dose he go up ?

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  • Sarray debuting soon is great!

  • Io/Raquel is going to be good, but I can’t shake the feeling that Io is retaining with Dakota being insistent that her and Raquel stick together. If they don’t split next week, then I feel like Io is retaining at Takeover. With Raquel turning on Dakota after that.

  • Great, they took two steps backwards with Kross tonight. Awful.

Question of the Week: What did you guys think of Asuka going Japanese History X on Shayna on RAW this Monday?

Shoutout Cameron Grimes on vacation. Takeover build moving along quite well. Io coming out and shoving the contract in Raquels face was so cool. Obviously they show had to be rebooked a bit but it wasn’t a complete mess to me outside of some weirdness. The biggest news of the night had to be the return of WALTER. Definitely looking forward to him vs Ciampa. Or any various combination with him we can think of. Knight got his first win, thankfully the distraction via “fat guy in a little coat” was just to further the fued with him and Reed (glad to see Reed possibly getting a Takeover match out of this). Kyle and Adam proving the reputation of the NXT parking lot. Stark looked good in defeat. Main event was ok (the injury threw it off) but just to further the title match build which is fine I guess.

Show definitely was hurt by the absences but overall I’d call it a solid 6.5 out of 10 bowls of Lucky Charms knockoff cereal (shoutout Leprechaun)

Good show with the best part being the confirmation of WALTER’s return to America…unless you’re Vic Joseph and you treat this shocking return like it’s nothing. Not to always do the Vic vs. Mauro thing, because I like Vic enough, but that’s a moment that deserves an excited sell and this continues to be one of his major struggles as a lead announcer and a major juxtaposition to how the job was previously handled. Hopefully he gets a little better at that.

Either way, WALTER-Ciampa should be great match and the two-night card is really developing well. Hopefully with the two full nights they save a little room for some of their up and coming talent that hasn’t gotten a lot of experience on Takeover as it should be a great week to get them some shine.

A few musings from an episode rocked by COVID.

  • Lorcan/Burch vs Kross/Balor telegraphed no title change. MSK are owed a title match. The Dusty Cup isn’t a joke.

  • Dakota Kai and Zoey Stark had a very good match. Stark has a lot of upside.

  • The cruiserweight unification match was a long time coming. Escobar season ain’t ending yet.

  • Do I sense dissension between DK and Raquel?

  • WALTER hopping the Atlantic to hit Ciampa with the hand of god was a big surprise.

  • Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly continue to tell a helluva story. Sure, the NXT title match will be the main event of Takeover but this will overshadow both nights. Mark my words.

P.S. The roster (some of them, anyway) need to stop being careless about COVID this close to Takeover!

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Alex K from TO

Hey guys,

An OK episode for NXT that definately moved along although makes it apparent they are trying to stretch things out till Takeover. At the end I was left with three buring questions.

  1. Is Teddy Long a guest GM of NXT since I don’t think there has ever been an episode of NXT that had more tag team matches or singles match to lead to tag team matches? Holla Holla Playa!

  2. Cole versus O’Reilly seems to have missed a stop between a singles match with outside interference to a fight pit match. Time to get it out of mothballs.

  3. NXT seems to give us matches without defining who we should cheer for and who to boo. Example is Devlin versus Santos. Not sure who I should cheer for? The loudmouth claiming he is the only champ or the other loudmouth who has two lackeys doing his dirty work. That headbut and Devlin side did make for a great visual for the match.

Stay safe guys.

Jesse from the 6

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, lads!

I liked Birch’s mod t-shirt. I also like your shirt, Davie. I’m drinking Guinness right now.

Take Care

Balor/Kross, Oreilly/Cole, Devlin/Escobar, Ciampa/Walter, and Io/Raquel are all building up nicely. Looking forward to seeing the plan for LA Knight as well after Bronson Reed (not his biggest fan). Don’t know much about Sarray but the women’s roster in NXT is seriously getting bloated now. A few definitely need to move over to Raw or SmackDown. Can see Dakota Kai being one of them.

Gotta figure MSK is healthy enough by then to either do the tag title match or another banger with Grizzled Young Veterans. Women’s tag will get a spot. Probably Gargano/Lumis (eh). Pretty much just leaves one or two more spots that need to be filled, but outside of that Lumis match (I’m sure Gargano will get it to a good enough level), everything has a good build and should live up to it, so this is really looking like an exciting two days for them.