FEEDBACK: upNXT March 20th 2019

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Hi Davie!!! And Brad. I guess.

  • Forgotten Sons and Kona Reeves in one segment? Who did I piss off to have to see my four least favorite NXT male wrestlers in a single segment?

  • Kairi and Io are great and I hope one of them wins the title at Takeover: NY. Because we know that while “nothing” will get between them, that’s all a facade for when Io inevitably turns on Kairi, not only breaking her (Kairi’s) heart, but also Davie’s.

  • I’m probably in the minority here, but I really did not care for Bianca’s promo tonight. Her mindset of being undefeated reeks of delusional heel at best, and just makes her look stupid.

  • The fatal five way match was real good and I am glad Adam Cole won. But I have a feeling he won’t pull off the victory at Takeover: New York.

Charbel the sushi master
( sorry for my English )

I had to rewind the episode because I was like “ wtf was there only one match “ it’s unbelievable how 50 minute goes so fast in nxt … I know that no one is with me on this one but I’m ready for nxt to be longer ! I think last week was 25 minute longer and I’m fine with that !

I think hhh with promos like this should go to the main roster
Cathy Kelly is so beautiful she should go to the main roster
Kona is shit he should go in the dumptster … but Lars Sullivan is not on nxt anymore to give us what we want ! (Remember those days ) :joy:

This match … I will sound like a broken record but that match was moty contender for nxt tv .

To be honest I’m fine with Bianca saying that she is undefeated because her match with shayna wasn’t that clean of a match … i know it piss everybody off but I’m ok with it !

Io and kairi are the worst promo in nxt aaaaaa no wait there’s the original bro for that , that guy promo are the fucking worst I ever seen , I would take more boring promos from mojo then this ! And that bromission is shit !

Is it me or the nxt version of ricochet is much better then the main version ? He always look more faster stronger better on nxt.

Just for you guys
( Plz give me a link so I can send you money for your guys I buy a switch and twitch ! )

I’ll keep this short, unlike Kona Reeves’ canoe-sized teeth

That main event was incredible. Ciampa is my favorite wrestler, but his neck injury brought upon the greatest match NXT has seen since Sasha/Bayley Brooklyn.

PS - Gargano/Almas isn’t even in NXT’s top 10. Sorry Davie.

Hello, Davie and Braden
i love nxt , what an easy watch , from daddy H to kawai girls speaking in engrish, this is so good , the 4 stars 20min indy match it’s all i need.

takeover NY will be awesome BAY BAY !!

:guitar::guitar::guitar::guitar: kyle’s guitars of 5
Sorry for the F Word of last week :full_moon_with_face:, english isn’t my native language so i learn with your podcasts
love you all at Post Wrestling

Ari from montreal
Well from the dissapointment of last weeks last angle in the gargano/ciampa feud it got worse with seeying the finnest and the forgotten sons…seriously i forgotten about kona and just no more interviews with those three ever. And bianca should retire the undefeated…kinda pointless
I loved the new graphic for undisputed era with all 4 of them posing. An amazing match with one complain…how bad and stupid was that 4 person superplex…i was telling myself ohh the over done towrr of doom spot…bjt i wish i saw it. Riddle looked stupid in tht spot…who was he holding? However the frankinstiner outside from riccochet to velveteen did make up for it haha.
This is shapping up to be the best takeover yet…plus we get walter vs pete dunn…

Question: do u ever think once ciampa is back wwe will ever give the fans the proper resolution to their feud? If so any hope it will be good? My opinion its not

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

Hi Besties, how you doin?

  • I’m not interested of what Forgotten Sons of Anarchry and Ted DiBiase Jr. wannabe [Kona Reeves] said about the main event as their cheap promo seems to be powerless. I would be happy if those Three dorks will win the Dusty cup, only time willl tell.

  • The Jumping Bomb Angels 2.0 [Kairi and Io] are still great as always and just like my idol [Io Shirai] said; “May the best women wins”.

  • Same old Bianca’s promo, it keeps getting mundane/boring to be honest. Her paranoia towards the aforementioned two just got intense.

  • I’m totally suprised that Adam Cole (Bay2x) win, not only his ring performance but also his card status as a main event just got boosted. Excellent main event nevertheless. By the way, get we’ll soon Ciampa


*Speaking of Kona Reeves, any hopes that he will get a push anytime soon?

*Will Keith Lee and Shamrock 2.0 become a champion?

*If Adam Cole is on a ‘Main Roster’ what will be his first feud or angle at least?

PS: I won’t be around by next week as me and my family will have a Lenten vacation for a few days.

God bless, take care and see you in April :wink:

Patrick from Toronto.

Good morning Braden and Davie!

Fantastic main event tonight and I thought the right person won. MOTY contender. Everyone looked great but I thought Riddle really stood out.

If I had to pick, it will be Cole winning the title at Takeover. It seems kind of lackluster to have Gargano win it, his NXT story needed to conclude by having him beat Ciampa for the title. Very sad that we will probably never get the true conclusion to one of best story lines in years. I don’t have faith that the main roster will be able to give this epic feud any justice.

Side story here… I randomly ran into our boy Brady this past Friday night!!! After getting some chinese food at New Ho King (a Toronto late night favourite).
It was almost 3am and while I walked towards the exit, who do I spot sitting by the front in a black craft hat??? upNXT’s very own The. Bray. D!

I went up and said hello, we had a quick chat then I let Braden enjoy some of his late night grub. It was great meeting you brother!!! Hope I bump into you again some day hahaha

All the best to you two and keep up the fantastic work!

Daniel from Brooklyn:
long time, some times.

hope i’m not too late but I couldn’t not chime in after an appearance of NXT’s FINEST. how long has it been since he graced our screens? too long if you ask me.

so bummed that for the first time ever I’m missing TakeOver in NY - them moving to Friday really threw a wrench in my plans because I already had tickets to JJSB3. (and then JJSB3 added a second night on Saturday with a better card! oy vey!)

i really don’t read ahead, but I’m guessing the Forgotten Sons go over RichoShades of Black next week so the War Raiders have a heel team to face. would bet that War Raiders retain in NY though.

glad to see Adam Cole Baybay come out of this match the victor. here’s to the start of Undisiputed Era holding all the titles in 2019.

see you all in a couple weeks. xoxo

The only push this character deserves is off a cliff.

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It looks like he will go down hill towards to the rock bottom, haha.