FEEDBACK: upNXT March 24th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

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  • I first thought Raquel was a lock to win the title at Takeover, but after tonight I’m not so sure. A combination of there not being any sort of tease of dissention between Kai/Gonzalez, Io being manhandled (with commentary telling us she has no chance at Takeover), and the fact that whenever they have crossed paths, Raquel has almost always stood tall leads me to believe Io is finally conquering her biggest threat to the title. That’s ignoring the fact that Raquel looked incredibly basic in the ring tonight, with incredibly sloppy chokeslams and awful big boots. Even Zoey looked way better than her.

  • The crowd shitting all over both Escobar and Devlin should send red flags up for NXT. Both men are deeply unpopular (albeit in the case of Escobar its a good thing) for different reasons, and a ladder match won’t save this.

  • That women’s tag match was sloppy. Aliyah sucks.

  • I still don’t care for Kross.

  • The Cole/Kyle promo was really good, and I’m looking forward to the match!

How dare you Roddy! Grimes doesn’t just spend his money on anything and you messed up his suit. Anyhow glad to see Reed get a big win and the Cole/Kyle showdown was fire. 2 weeks left and counting.

PS Aliyah you know who you should have called to be your partner…

I caught the end of the run over. Both men cut amazing promos and this has real big fight feel. That said, Cole shouldn’t lose and I don’t think KOR can afford to either.

Props to both.

A solid show that got progressively better as it went:

  • Raquel Gonzalez continues her trajectory upward. Zoey Stark being around the upper echelon of the roster is gonna bode well for her.

  • Are Roddy and Grimes gonna do double duty next week with the battle royal for the gauntlet eliminator on the same night?

  • Shotzi and Ember got a credibility-boosting win for the women’s tag titles. It seems their heading Indi and Candice’s way. Mercedes Martinez needs a program to sink her teeth into.

  • Finn Balor and Karrion Kross had a very good duelling promo about channeling one’s demons. (Hmmmm?)

  • WALTER defending his title on back to back days against Ciampa and Rampage Brown has me wondering if the latter match will be taped or not (NXT UK Prelude is on April 8th)

  • I think Kushida and Pete Dunne’s claims of being the “best technical wrestler” strongly hints a match for either Night 1 or Night 2.

  • A rare HBK sighting did so much with so littte. First, he puts a ladder between Escobar and Devlin (A nice touch, considering HBK’s steroids accusation from way back) and he had a brief staredown with Adam Cole (Don’t you dare tease me!)

  • Kyle O’Reilly cut his best promo to date. Adam Cole was his best, gaslighting self. The ending pull-apart had me by the balls. Yeah, Balor/Kross has potential…Cole/O’Reilly WILL STEAL THIS TAKEOVER.

Kyle sold his soul for the UE and at Takeover…he’s taking it back!

Good charbel

I’m really happy with nxt tonight and I’m hype for the next two weeks

Is it crazy to wish for another year as champion for io ! I thinks there’s still so much left to be done for her with all the new talent incoming !

This takeover is shaping to be the best ever , I was a fool last week thinking that two days was maybe too much !

The nxt curse of hyping new talent and making them lose on their first match on tv happens again and it sucks , I was waiting to see lA knight and hoping to see him achieve great thing but with tonight I’m like ok next …

Thx for everything !