FEEDBACK: upNXT March 31st 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of NXT featuring a Battle Royal to determine the entrants in the Gauntlet Eliminator Match at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver to determine the Number 1 Contender for the NXT North American Championship. Woof!

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Good charbel

Old school charbel comment …

Scarlett gets me all … wet !!

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Show was pretty good I felt. Bottom line as the go home show did it make me sufficiently hyped for Stand and Deliver? Yes it did and then some. Can’t wait. Shoutout Doggie Morrison Ciampa’s fire promo and the production team on that Kyle and Adam video. And whatever Mei was smoking. See you next week.


  • Raquel getting the advantage at every turn except for the end of the show makes me think Io is retaining. With the division as heel heavy as it is (Io is the only real credible singles babyface in the division, especially with Raquel having bulldozed everyone else), plus with Tian Sha basically winning handicap matches now, I don’t think a title change is in the cards.

  • Strap a rocket to the dog and push them to the moon. Next NXT champion, me thinks?

  • Io just celebrating and dancing and acting completely unhinged at the end of the show was great.

  • Roddy/Grimes had a very clever finish that echoed Gargano/Andrade with a piece of merch to throw him off his game. If Roddy figures his way into the unsanctioned match, I’ll rage. (more on that later)

  • Zoey Stark’s going from strength to strength lately. The Io/Raquel brawls got progressively more intense as the night wore on until after the battle royal.

  • The vignettes with Taya Valkyrie’s dog, Franky running around the CWC was adorable and a great hook for the Tuesday transition in two weeks.

  • Tyler Breeze in a singles capacity always works. Can’t Fandango get the same kind of love?

  • PRIME TARGET WAS FANTASTIC. Balor and Kross can have their little fun. The main event, in my eyes, is with Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly.

  • The duelling promos for WALTER/Ciampa were very good. Ciampa, especially, conveyed a lot of passion (his hair halo needs to go) and they should bring the violence.

  • The rest of the Takeover cards got filled out the way I expected with the battle royal setting up KUSHIDA/Pete Dunne and furthering the Swerve/Ruff feud

I’m gonna need coffee to get through this loaded week.

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Yo yo yo

  • Loved the Prime Target for Cole and Kyle. Type of thing you rarely see in WWE anymore. NXT usually brings it with the prime targets. Got me super hyped for the match. Cannot wait.

  • Walter and Ciampa gonna be a hard hitting banger. Both of their promos were top notch.

  • Io and Raquel really ramped up the intensity and really looking forward to the match.

  • Not really sure who I want to win the gauntlet match but Johnny Takeover always rises to the occasion so that should be a good one hopefully.

  • All in all a solid show that got me amped for next week. Can’t wait for the BDE’s ultimate Takeover/Wrestlemania week. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Appreciate ya boys.

I don’t get the negative feedback on the podcast for LA Knight. He’s already the best promo on NXT (maybe other than Gibson), he’s new, fairly different, and he’s barely had a match yet. But already its negativity, because he’s not Bret Hart in the ring.

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Only hear good things about LA Knight on wider platforms (YouTube, Twitter, etc.). Only negative so far is whether had him lose to Bronson Reed. Overall I think people want to see more of him.