FEEDBACK upNXT: May 27th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring a Fight Pit Match between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee.

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Eva from London,
Random Baszler Fact: Shayna is the only person in pro MMA history to have more than one win via the unorthodox Cobra Twister submission in their fight career.

Thatcher with the fight pit win via the Kirifuda Clutch! Seriously though hard hitting main event, not sure if its better than their first bout but still damn good.

I firmly see Io and Rhea as both tweeners, i disagree completely that Rhea is supposed to be a full fledged heel. I also think that this Charlotte experiment has been a dismal failure, as everybody knows either Rhea or Io is taking the pinfall at takeover so the false Queen can lose the title without being pinned.

Unique finish in the cruiserweight triple threat, i wonder if they are setting up a Kushida heel turn. Happy for Drake.

Yim and Lee’s Dinner > Gargano Dinner Segments

Finally, Raquel Gonzales has the best chokeslam in the business today. No one else comes close.
Great podcast as per usual, Bray D Davie until next time,
Throw em up! -hums Lorcan and Burch’s theme song-

Pretty great NXT tonight.

  • Cole is really bad at negotiations.
  • I think tonight was the first time I was actually entertained by Mia Yim in that segment with her and Keith.
  • Not a fan of Io eating the pin. At least it was dirty. First time Charlotte’s had to cheat to win in a very long time. Still rooting for Io to win the title, as she deserves it the most.
  • The story that seemed to be told is that Io was mostly focused on winning, while Rhea was more focused on trying to get to Charlotte. It was also a nice touch that Io had an armband on with a flower on it, in memorial of Hana Kimura.
  • I do hope that since Charlotte won tonight, she drops the title at Takeover. I agree with Eva that the Charlotte experiment has been a failure.
  • The Fight Pit match ruled, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

Paul from New Jersey

I’m actually starting to warm to the Gargano heel character. He had some funny lines.Mia Yim saw Shotzi Blackheart’s shitty promo from last week and said to herself “Two can play that game.” When Beth said that Shotzi’s tank run on Nuclear waste & pepperoni, I turned the channel to AEW. Tegan, I love you, but you’re a big girl in the big leagues. Just eat the last damn slice! I guess you weren’t RAISED BY YOUR DAD!Drake Maverick is so damn entertaining. Last and certainly least, Kona Reeves birthday is in just nine days. He looks like a scarf guy to me if you’re looking for suggestions. Now here is a funny video of Drake Maverick & Mia Yim roasting the hell out of each other. Love those watch along’s. Keep up the great work as

Chris from Pennsylvania,

A few thoughts from tonight’s show:

  • It’s a small thing, but I liked Candace getting involved with Tegan Nox tonight. So often in WWE, people only interact with the person or group they are feuding with. It’s refreshing to see characters involved in multiple angles in the same show

  • I liked the pairing of Charlotte and Chelsea Green more than I thought I would. I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlotte take on Chelsea as a lackey or protege, but Charlotte gettin the pin in a non-title match makes me think she’s dropping it at TakeOver

  • Really enjoyed the main event. Given the format I think it actually went over better on TV than it would have at TakeOver. It sounds like that might be the last we see of Riddle on NXT. Hopefully he’s off to feud with Goldberg for SummerSlam.