FEEDBACK upNXT: May 6th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT! Tonight is a huge edition of the show featuring two title matches!

Velveteen Dream vs Adam Cole
Io Shirai vs Charlotte Flair

Braden and I will be recording LIVE on YouTube at 10:30EST

WoW put all the titles on killer cross and scarlet right now god damn it. … I don’t even know them and I don’t care this was lit af !

I really think gargano and candice will be great together, we just need to give them some time …

Seriously why am I discovering Scarlett just now … because I watch only wwe products maybe … bray d it’s your duty as my mentor , and master to keep me inform of every women wreslter as lit As her !!! This is the way !!!

Hope your ready for my new catchphrase!
Scarlet gets me wet !

What did you do for May the fourth !?

Paul from New Jersey

It has to be pointed out, with all of the company cutbacks/firings, Aliyah still being gainfully employed is really something. It’s an opportune time to ask who’s naked pictures does she possess? Imperium cut a great promo & I learned tonight that RAW Tozawa & NXT Tozawa are two different people. onto the main event, no not Charlotte Vs. Io I mean some

  1. I did not attend high school with Kona Reeves. My life isn’t that spectacular.
  2. Kona participated in the inaugural Dusty Rhodes classic teaming with Alexander Wolff. He was a replacement for Marcus Louie.

P.S. BRAYD thank you for giving Marty Jannetty his props. Next to Bret Hart, Marty is legit my favorite of ALL TIME. I usually just say Hart as my favorite because let’s face it, Jannetty should have been committed years ago. Love the show.

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Tonight’s NXT was certainly a thing.

  • Why is Green and Aliyah likely becoming a unit? They are both pretty awful in the ring, and have an incredibly low ceiling.
  • RIP Rebel Heart, never forget.
  • With Ripley returning, who do you guys see as the face in the feud now that it involves three women? As biased as I am, I have to say Shirai. She did win via DQ, and Ripley is trying to butt in now.
  • Speaking of Ripley, was it me or did her promo come across as slightly heelish? She really doesn’t have a claim to another title shot considering she lost completely clean. While Io won her match, although it was by DQ.
  • No big shock that Cole retained the NXT title. With the allegations floating around regarding Dream, I don’t think WWE wants to risk putting it on him right now. Wish the finish was a bit more original though.

Kinda surprised that both blocks of the tournament have been booked the same. And they both can end in three way ties if:

  • Marverick def. Kushida
  • Atlas def. Nese
  • Fantasma def. Tozawa
  • Swerve def. Gallagher

Thus, each block has three wrestlers at 2-1 with 1-1 records against each other (making the previously stated head to head tiebreak useless).

I expect it to happen in one of the blocks, with the natural conclusion being a triple threat tiebreak match. Which would be a way to continue the Drake Maverick underdog fight story, by placing another hurdle in front of him.

This is not New Japan bro, it’s WWE. They don’t put that much thought into anything, I highly doubt they’ll go that deep with a cruiserweight title story.

I expect Maverick and Nese to win, sending Maverick to the finals against the winner of Fantasma and Tozawa.

I mean with the size of the tournament there’s really only other 2 ways to book it; 2 guys at 2-0 and 2 guys at 0-2 or everyone at 1-1. I’m thinking Nese beats Atlas, making the Kushida-Drake Maverick match being winner moves on. I’d guess Kushida vs Fantasma in the finals.

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I get the limited numbers leads to limited scenarios. I’m just surprised that both sides mirror each other. Take Swerve vs. Fantasma. If that match goes the other way, we get the 2-0/0-2 scenario in the B block. Which is how I would have gone.

But that would have left Swerve/Gallagher pointless. What we have now is 4 matches that all can change the outcome. Not a bad thing.