FEEDBACK: upNXT November 27th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this not-so “Hangover” edition of NXT! Braden and I will be going LIVE on at 10:30EST to record the show and the podcast will drop late tonight! Ahoy!

Paul from New Jersey

My dearest brand supremacy champions:

On RAW, we saw a dejected locker room after their crushing defeat at Suvivivor Series while tonight’s NXT kicked off with a celebration Wrestle N Flow style. I LOVE THIS! Both shows aren’t pretending like the weekend never happened & are selling the after effects. Mansoor & Shane Thorne are close friends IRL so it’s cool seeing them get to share the ring together. Speaking of good friends beating the piss out of each other, heel Dakota is really working for me. I would have liked to have her cut a promo to explain her actions in her own words, but perhaps we will get that next week. Tegan hot box Vs. Dakota high in the super friends bowl? Take my money. Must suck that when you turn on your friend in story, you probably have to stop riding with them while you’re making towns. The sacrifices one must make. Hope we see Mauro back soon. Pretty sure Jim Ross called Asian people Orientals on AEW Tonight, so it’s been quite tumultuous for announcers. Question, do you think you’ll ever add a rating system in feedback or does the BDE & the superior brand not roll like that?

Eva from London,
The Shayna superfan with the weekly edition of Shayna Baszler random fact nobody asked for: when Shayna is making her entrance, and she kneels on the ringsteps, she is dedicating the match to her late coach Billy Robinson.

SS main event: it was ok. It wasnt awful, but the dead crowd certainly did not help. The structure of the match was also weird, but i dont think any of the women wrestled badly that night. However, my big issues were Becky not taking the fall and then having to Roman Reigns cosplay at the end. Legit though, when Bayley tap my legs started shaking I was so happy Shayna won i almost fell.

This weeks episode:
Pros: Opening party
Tag title match except for weird finish
Dakota Kai’s new themes
Kai vs Lerae
Rush Tozawa (or what i could see before my legal viewing platform crashed)
Balor vs Ciampa
Shayna vs Rhea both promos and staredown
Not really properly acknowledging Shayna main eventing and winning the triple threat
Mansoor vs Thorne
Babadook vignette
Li Borne (although Li’s kicks when fighting off the horsewomen looked sick)
Corey Graves seemingly insincere apology
Keep up the good work BrayD and Davie

Great episode tonight. To follow up on a busy weekend of NXT domination. That said I do hope they let some of these people recover a bit as Bobby Fish went down and the Candace had a weird moment where it looked like she might be hurt. The NXT talent has been keeping a brutal schedule for the last month.

Hi there. Not much to say about tonight’s episode as it was basically a cooldown episode. That being said:

  • I hope Bobby Fish is okay!!!

  • Rhea Ripley saving Candice from Dakota may bite her in the ass a bit later, because I can see Dakota screwing over Ripley when she does eventually face Shayna.

  • Speaking of Ripley, that promo from her was…not good. At all. I absolutely hated it. It felt like she was being too much of a tryhard, and it was not pleasant to listen to either. I kinda feel like that’s her worst aspect, and it really sticks out. She either needs to significantly polish her promo skills or they need to give her a mouthpiece. Because she came across as a faux badass.

As an aside, Kairi’s new photos that she posted on social media give her quite a bit of an edge, and I love it. What did you guys think of her involvement in the Charlotte/Asuka match on Monday (if you saw it)? She was incredibly entertaining.

charbel from Victoriaville
The new Dakota Kai ring gear is lit , her theme song and new look also …
how fucking geargous is she , I’m a little bit confused on why they dint do a redemption story with her going for the title … i thought it was Candice or Dakota or maybe even io dethroning shayna but now i dont have a clue …
See you tomorrow guys … i think the cwc up yours is a good timing with the end of 205 and the start of the nxt cruiser weight championship

Sango from Malaysia here.

Very happy to see both Mansoor and Shane Thorne have a match tonight. Not so happy that Thorne lost again, though. Wonder how long he can tread water before they run another storyline with him (or he requests his release).

Another standout title defense for Lio Rush, this time against Akira Tozawa. Wasn’t as smooth as his match against Garza, but it was mighty fun watching Tozawa do all sorts of Germans on Lio. Makes me wish we could bring more 205 alumni back to Full Sail.

Loved the angle between Shayna, Rhea, and Xia Li. Especially liked the bit where Rhea asked the champ for a fight right then and there; it’s always great to see Shayna showing distress.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs end Bobby Fish’s career.

Matt in the 604

I’m still going strong on the cruiser weight division! Hoping that Leo gets to be on one of the big four ppv main cards instead of the preshow to show off his talent.

Random, have either of you had the beyond meat burger and if so what did you think? I had one from a&w for the first time and me and my wife both thought it was decent.