FEEDBACK upNXT: October 14th 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring Undisputed Era vs The Brit Am Brawlers, Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory and more!

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Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but I have an urgent question:

You always pour one out when someone leaves NXT but what do you do when someone comes back??? Pour one in???

Thanks, Wrasslingram out.:v:t5:


  • Not a fan of Johnny and Candice getting title matches again. That being said, I don’t see either of them winning. Not after that video package with Ember tonight where she explicitly called out Io for a title match, and its still too early for Damien to lose the title. And with Indi interfering in the match, I feel like they are going to pair her up with Candice as a tag team.

  • I mentioned it in my last point, but I feel like Johnny is definitely losing, because he’s setting himself up for a feud with Dexter Lumis with that promo earlier. And Candice is likely gonna lose when Indi’s interference backfires or is neutralized by Shotzi. Another thing to consider is that with Survivor Series coming up, assuming its brand supremacy again this year, then Io is a vastly superior choice to represent NXT than Candice would be.

  • What stipulations do you think the wheel will decide for them? For reference, here are the stipulations that were on the wheel graphic (obviously they are subject to change):

Question of the Week: With Lana getting a title match against Asuka next week (yes I’m serious), how quickly do you see her getting squashed, just for Asuka’s true next feud to show up?

Tonight’s show carried on in the absence of Finn Balor & Ridge Holland without missing a beat. The UE and Lorcan and Burch had a sick tag team match (par for the course when those four are involved). Toni Storm looked very good against Aliyah. Ember Moon’s promo skills are much better in a pre-taped segment. Shotzi Blackheart is the perfect host for Halloween Havoc. Her and Candice LeRae had a dope match and Indi Hartwell made her presence known, furthering the story between her, Candice and Johnny. Johnny Wrestling took Austin Theory to school and Damien Priest and Dexter Lumis had a solid main event title match.

The card for Halloween Havoc is filling up. 8 pumpkins out of 10

Spin the wheel, make a deal!

Great promo:

Makes more sense than the IC title angle as well as Devlin wasn’t stripped of the title (from what I can remember) and the tournament was initially just supposed to crown an interim champion before they quietly changed things hoping no one would notice. Escobar v. Devlin should be great whenever it does happen.