FEEDBACK upNXT: October 21st 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT.

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  • Johnny was great tonight during their dinner promo. However, Candice felt completely disconnected and uninteresting. She felt like the third wheel (no pun intended) in that promo segment. Even the wheel itself had more personality than her.

  • Io’s promo on the other hand continues to make her feel like the biggest deal in NXT, and she’s oozing confidence. She completely overshadows Candice in every single regard. Candice is, at best, the sixth most interesting woman on NXT right now. Behind Io, Rhea, Ember, Toni, and Shotzi.

  • That reveal of Pat McAfee at the end gave me Austin/Vince vibes.

Question of the Week: Do you guys still see Candice and Johnny winning the titles next week, or do you see them losing? At this point, I would rather see Io continue her reign as champion, especially if the Candice we got tonight was what we are getting going forward. And I feel like Johnny should be going after the NXT title at some point, not the NA title. So I think at the end of the day both Io and Damien are retaining, or at least Io will. They’ve already teased her having title matches with Ember, Toni, and Rhea. And NXT generally doesn’t tease matches they won’t deliver on (unlike the main roster).

Plus I have a feeling once Io (at least) loses her title, she’s almost certainly main roster bound, and considering the track record of NXT callups as of late has been absolutely horrid (Ask Davie about how Retribution was handled on RAW this week in their big match if you haven’t heard, BrayD), I would rather her remain champion than be directionless in NXT or called up to die on the main roster.

Pappy in Dallas here, new Patreon member

Am I the only one who gets seriously annoyed by the little changes WWE makes to the names of things that come from WCW?

“Clash of the Champions” became “Clash of Champions”

the “United States Heavyweight Championship” became the “United States Championship”

But worst of all was what was unveiled last week. They’re bringing back Halloween Havoc, awesome! They even use the same logo, great! And they have everyone’s favorite early 90’s stipulation!

Wait…“Spin the Wheel, make THE deal” is now “Spin the wheel, make A deal”???

Why? Why do they try to make our heads hurt with these changes?? You can’t say it’s a legal/trademark issue. I’m an intellectual property attorney here in the US, and phrases like “Clash of the Champions” and “Spin the wheel, make the deal” are not even trademarked. Not to mention, WWE bought WCW’s intellectual property back in 2001. There is absolutely nothing to stop WWE from being faithful to something like “Spin the Wheel, make THE deal.”

Just wanted to vent and see if anyone else gets really annoyed about these unnecessary changes like I do.

Keep up the great work, thanks!

Pappy in Dallas

Paul from New Jersey

Isn’t it amazing that in one company, one universe, Monday is a atrocious fever dream while Wednesday’s are consistently enjoyable? Solid match after solid match with interesting storylines. I nominate the Gargano’s for talking segment of the year. Cameron Grimes is hilarious and I can’t wait for his match with Loomis. 9 matches with 8 Finishes while the one disqualification was great with Drake & Dane. It told a funny story. Winners and losers, what a concept. Triple H must be some sort of sorcerer. NXT is the A show of wrestling. Revenge of the McAfee.

This weeks Kona fact. Kona has a population of 11,975. See ya Sunday.

The go-home show for Halloween Havoc was a good show that went next-level by the end (more on that in a bit). The Gargano’s skit with the wheel was hilarious. Johnny Gargano has found his voice as a comedic heel and his reactions towards some of the wheel choices were so funny.

Ember Moon shows no signs of ring rust in her second match back. LDF vs Swerve/Adonis/Atlas was a fun trios match. Kushida continues to pick up steam (on BTTF day, no less). Xia Li has turned heel which could be a sign of her becoming a player in the shark tank of the women’s division.Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan are the new tag team champions (long overdue, by the way) with an assist from…PAT MCAFEE.

Adam Cole must be stewing right now. Can next week get here?

Gonna cheat and post a second bit of feedback, but from a friend, who is…A FIRST TIME LISTENER (he doesn’t want to register on the forums to post feedback though)

He wants to know if you guys think that Ridge Holland was originally going to be Pat’s heavy instead of Lorcan and Burch.