FEEDBACK upNXT: "Super Tuesday" September 1st 2020

Hello there! John Siino here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s special Super Tuesday episode of NXT featuring the 4-way Iron Man match for the Vacant NXT title with Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor; as well as a six-man street fight with Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Legado Del Fantasma, Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher… and more!

Due to the rather sudden different night of the week change, Braden and Davie will not be going live tonight, but instead have a special LIVE review tomorrow at 3pm EST so make sure you come and join us for that in the chat!

Eva from London,

Plus: Shayna is WWE Womens Tag Team Champion
Minus: Nia Jax is WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion (Seriously why wasnt it Shayna and Bianca teaming up?)

  1. Im psyched for the Martinez-Ripley Cage match week, is it just me or has the women’s cage matches in NXT far outshined their male counterparts
  2. Ranallo not being on NXT anymore…its a shame but the show must go on.
  3. Wade Barrett feels like hes always been a part of the NXT broadcast team hes that seamless…i would love to hear a team of McGuinness and Barrett
  4. Is it weird hearing a crowd of wwe employees going this is awesome?
  5. Watching the main event…Anyone but Gargano (great wrestler but he has nothing left to do in NXT)
    #RIPChadwickBoseman #WakandaForever

Paul from New Jersey

I actually enjoyed Tegan’s‘s promo. No shouting, just talking like a person. I must say after Candice & Dakota turned on her, Tegan might be the common deNOXinator. after last night, that’s the best you’re getting out of me. A non-finish in a 60 man Iron Man match? Fuck yourself.

This weeks Kona fact: Kona has a 100% win percentage in Evolve. even the main roster couldn’t ruin this man.

Keep up the great work.


Harry from Houston,

Wow that sucked. I haven’t watched NXT for a long time and well…can’t say I see myself spending 2 hours on that in the near future. The first hour was fine I suppose but the ironman match was pretty much everything I don’t like about wrestling. While I don’t think NXT falls into this trap as often as some might think, the ironman match felt like 4 guys doing moves to each other with very little in the way of storytelling or drama until maybe the last 2 minutes. I still gutted it out because despite the match not doing much for me I thought I’d at least I’ll get to see a new champion. And then I didn’t even get that.

Can someone tell me what the hell the point to any of this was besides “we need ratings for the 2 Tuesday night shows”? Because they could have just announced cole vs balor for the title and I don’t think anyone would’ve blinked an eye. Usually NXT is the show that doesn’t do pointless matches like this but man they really let me down tonight.

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So an hour long match - didn’t even give us a winner and its happening again next week…



…60 min non finish. I was really looking forward to this match. I wish they would have went with one person and just pushed them. Nxt has been really disappointing me lately.


Ugh. Invested the two hours with the Tuesday night airing and can’t believe I watched a hyped 60 minute match and got nothing settled other than coming back next week. I’m gonna decline that invitation, I think.

Texan Knox had a good interview though, on the bright side.


An overall bad episode of NXT. Outside of Legado vs Breezango/Swerve, pretty much everything else on this show just existed. Don’t even get me started on how awful that finish was to the ironman match. I don’t want to see another one happen for a very long time, at least in WWE. Absolutely terrible finish.

I’m also pissed because they didn’t really mention Priest or Shirai at all tonight either, two other prominent champions.

If I had to give this NXT a rating tonight, it would be a 4/10 at best. The main event sucked, and the show lacked any sort of real coherence.

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On paper, the Iron Man 4-way had potential to be great. Before I get to that. The 6-man street fight was very fun. The forklift spot was creative leading to Swerve Scott getting a much-needed win over Santos Escobar. The Tegan/Candice feud got a nice promo package that showcased Tegan’s personailty quite effectively and Candice’s open invitation leaves plenty to think about.
Reed vs Thatcher was solid.

Now, the main event…for the majority of the match, the action was very, very strong despite the picture-in-picture cutting in during some cool spots. All four guys mixed and matched very well. The finish may not be everyone’s cup of tea but dragging it out another week will help solve the babyface problem NXT currently faces. To paraphrase Aaliyah (the R&B singer, not Robert Stone Brand Aliyah): We need a resolution. 7/10

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Jesse from the 6

This appears to be a rare case when I feel more positively than most about a WWE match. I have no issue with the draw . As soon as I heard about a 4-way iron man match I laughed to myself, “I hope they do a draw”.
And why not? It’s more realistic. Draws happen in sports. Sometimes a return leg or over time is needed. We didn’t “pay” for these shows, so I have no problem with them giving us Balor-Cole next week on TV.

However, I would second what Harry from Houston said with regards to match layout and the presentation. After haven taken months off from NXT, I’ve been quite dismayed at how staged and over produced the matches are now. I’ll watch next week, but I doubt I’ll be a regular again any time soon.

Take Care


Charbel the chosen one …

There’s a lot of feedback so I’ll go quick …

A fatal four way match , 60 minute … with four of the greatest … next time make it two hour because this match was insane ! Nice selling by gargano, nice by ciampa , nice little heel bitch in cole … and balor well he’s lit … next week pretty simple booking the UE are turning on their leaders to align themselves with balor !! Cole for the baby face chase , bring back the fans to witness this and they will treat Cole like the biggest baby face of all time !

Rhea lipstick any tough Bray d

See you next week !

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If you weren’t expecting that finish then you must be new to wrestling. It was always going to be a set up for the actual match and I have zero issue with it because it makes sense. If they do it in the next match then I’ll start asking questions. Final should’ve been Finn v. Ciampa though in my opinion.


Can we talk about the perfect timing for Adam Cole’s second fall ? 3 2 1, how did they do that ?

It was a fast count.

I refuse to watch a 60-minute match without a finish. What a desperate ratings ploy that will not work


Matches don’t need to exist in their own bubble. They can be a part of a longer story. This is not a new concept. Maybe AEW wouldn’t run through so many heels in the main event scene in a short space of time if they figured that out…

I rewatched it and it was not a fast count. I have no clue how they did it.

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Chris Elliot
Listening to all this feedback, imagine these fans watching Sting Flair doing an hour back in the day…

Sting and Flair wasn’t for a vacant title.

I have no problem with a draw but that should have been established before doing it on a match like this. They never explained what would happen if there was a tie and just threw it on the viewer.

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You want things to be revealed to the viewer before the finish… since when did wrestling work like that? Since when did wrestling fans want things to work like that? And wrestling fans are aware of the possibilities when there’s a tie and even if they weren’t, it’s always explained what’s going to happen.

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