FEEDBACK upNXT: "Super Tuesday" September 1st 2020

I don’t really feel like I lost anything in a draw. Helpful that I watch every week and nothing is going to stop that. And so now next week is also going to have a big, interesting match to watch like this week making that weekly watching better. And this week’s match was still good and had a great ending. A tie is still a definitive conclusion we got. We’re not in the same spot we started in. The story continues. And the next part of the story is equally big.

So more of a good thing? Cool. So if I’m not really looking for something to be mad about, I’m fine with everything that happened. Been spending months wondering why the biggest star on that show isn’t in the main event picture and now we’re getting two straight important Finn Balor matches…so it’s all good with me.


Not quite a “bait and switch” because you got the four advertised guys wrestling for 60 minutes. Though I will say that — as far as I remember — every Iron Man match to end with a tie (which feels like most of them) has gone into an immediate Sudden Death.

And just one nitpick… in kayfabe, these matches have contracts. How was this situation not covered in the contract? It would probably be my first question before signing. Finn and Cole both need new agents.

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Wow! 849,000 viewers and a 0.26 in the demo, whatever they did worked.