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You know the gist!

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Jake from The Windy City

This night proves that seven hours will never have the same quality as Takeover tonight. What a show. Every match was so different and told a unique story. The men’s tag team match was just brilliant. What more can I say? That match alone will outdo the main card on Sunday. Dream and Riddle had such a Austin/Bret WM 13 feeling to it. Dunne and Walter was the type of match I needed to get an ice pack for.

Every chop, every twist was painful to watch. It had such a slow build but it paid off with Walter treating Dunne like a rag doll. The women’s match was well booked. Every woman had their own sub match with their own story and it all came together like a 5000 piece puzzle.

And what can I say about the main event? Johnny f’n wrestling and Cole brought down the house and my raised my anxiety a few levels with the intensity they had through the match. We got the full story of Gargano and Ciampa and I couldn’t be happier. This is going to be a hell of an era of NXT and let’s see where it goes. Good luck to the main roster…I dread MANIA more now. Hell good luck NJPW/ROH, this show raised the bar!

A perfect 10/10

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This Event is off the charts, NEW UK Champion is a massive deal and cant wait to see what happens next, Tag Team championship just outshines all tag team wrestling on the main roster.

Dream and Riddle was jsut amazing and i loved it.

The Womens match was epic but was suprised bazler retained was expecting a possible call up.

NXT title match was awesome will look forward to a rewatch

First time long time!! Lost my password and email so I’ve never been able to log in. Seriously though guys, I’m sure Braden would have an easier time drunken karaoke serenading Shirai in her native tongue than I did logging in. As you can see though, much like Gargano, I was finally successful.
This TakeOver had some really weird booking decisions. Dream and Bayzler retaining? I understand wanting to take the belt of Bayzler in a 1v1 but it’s time for them both to move on even if I am afraid what the main roster will do to them.
The UK match was brutal. I’m not really sold on Walter, but I’m eager to be proven wrong.
Tag match was great, if not predictable. The respect angle just added to the excitement.
The main event was great, but I couldn’t get out of my head what we were supposed to have gotten. I’ll have to rewatch it later with unbiased eyes. All in all though Adam Cole was a worthy replacement and it will be a matter of time until he is dripping with gold, baybay.
It goes without saying that the main roster has some huge shoes to fill this Sunday courtesy of its younger brother.
8 Johnny Starkgano kickouts outta 10.

Well fuck. I’ve never had a show where there were 3 matches that could legitimately be the best match of a given month. NXT Title, NXT UK, and NXT Tag Title matches were all PHENOMENAL. NXT North American Title match was pretty fantastic as well. NXT Women’s was good, not great; I think any combination of the 4 women could have a better singles match than the Fatal Four Way.

Overall, the best Takeover ever, and one of my favorite shows ever.

9.8 drunken Bray D karaoke performances of Rebel Heart out of 10

John Siino aka Cno Evil

Welcome to New York fellas ! Hope you guys are having fun… Braden what a 360 one day going from seeing wrestlers on bicycles, Lego’s and Dolls to one of the best Takeovers ever. Gargano. Ciampa. Wow. One of the best matches I’ve ever seen live. The whole crowd was against him and he got them all on his side . Amazing story that couldn’t be written if tried . I expected the crowd to be more into WALTER that match missed that energy. Oh! There was almost a murder tonight ! I was sitting to the left of the ramp and heard a giant BOOM. One of the lights from the rafters had a wire that came crashing down , luckily there was nobody in the seat or there might of been some injuries . For the next 20 mins or so during Riddle and Dream fans were yelling , faking injuries trying to get something out of it, I was more pissed because I was trying to get into the match and they were causing a scene. Not sure if you guys got there on time for the tapings ; but 3 matches taped for Hangover show: Anyhow , awesome show and great meeting you guys, see you on Sunday.

5 Joey Ryan lollipops into Dino’s ass out of 5.

Harry from Houston,

Holy shit.


Burak from Saint Albans in hertfordshire U.K.!

Sorry we missed you guys in the bar beforehand!

What a show! Highlights for me were Dream’s entrance, Walter and Pete Dunne beating the shit out of each other, Ciampa coming out to meet Gargano as he mouthed ‘he’s behind me’ and Shayna fucking everyone up!

Crowd was a bit dead for Walter vs Dunne which was a shame and some obnoxious fans around me just shouted comments about British people’s teeth the whole time. I hope they fall and hit their faces, hard.

I would put NOLA Takeover ahead of this, but this was still amazing.

Fuck yeh!

Jalen from Pickering,

For no good reason I stopped watching NXT the week before Dream beat Johnny, and this was a great show to hop back in for. 5 distinct matches that were all great and the fairytale ending (:wink:) we all needed to see.
After the first 2 falls, I was slightly underwhelmed and was thinking how this match with Ciampa would’ve been better and the crowd wouldn’t have been so divided. But they did everything to get the crowd fully behind him. and the atmosphere was awesome by the end.
Based on the ending, I think this is the end of the Gargano/Ciampa story in NXT. Thanks for giving us one of the best feuds and heels of the best past decade. At least we were blessed with Daniel Bryan to fill the shoes of entertaining bearded heel who actually gets boos.

FInal thing. It can not be stated enough the quality of the run that Mister Jonathan Gorgonzola has had. From the CWC it’s just gotten better. He’s part of the reason we still hold out hope for the Revival, No one’s been an important part of NXT as long as him. And he’s probably in a third to half of NXT’s 10 best matches ever, including the top spot.

What more can be said. The talent on NXT all feel like absolute stars at every TakeOver. I give the show a lot of stars

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I can’t remember a Wrestlemania I enjoy more than this Takeover. Every single match had me on the edge of my seat. The Tag Match was almost my favorite but Dream/Bro destruction derby edges it out. I thought all the Women performed very well. I bit on several false finishes. UK and NXT title matches are probably going to be the gold standard for quite some time.

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Tyler from Orlando,

Wrestling is amazing. NXT TakeOver has done it again, I don’t think they will ever produce a bad show. Cole & Gargano had me jumping up and down for the near falls, very hard to get that kind of emotion in a wrestling match but they did it! Thought Bianca was gonna pick up the title, main roster bound maybe??

Sugs from South Wales!

My second Takeover @ the Barclays and it was amazing!!!

On the second Gargano near fall I ended up holding hands with the guy next to me as we both jumped out of our seat!! What a match, what a show…

A 5 match, 5 star show

Great meeting you guys in the bar before hand, hold tight!


Andrew from Chino Cali baby,

Nxt delivers again! Another incredible show. What’s next for the losers of these matches? Is undisputed era getting moved up? Who are your guys predictions for call ups on monday and Tuesday?


Everything is said in thee other comments

Maybe just one thing isn’t said … Candice is lit

What a show the best single 2 out of 3 falls I’ve seen

Plz have a fun Sunday , just enjoy everything You’re are very lucky!

Just for fun who is the first challenger for Gargano ?

Gary from Dallas.

I am literally exhausted and have lost my voice from screaming during that main event. I can’t even imagine the state I would be in if I was there. FINALLY seeing Gargano win the Championship was incredible in a spectacular match that ended a spectacular show.

I was at Takeover Dallas so that show has a special place in my heart. And Takeover New Orleans was incredible too. But somehow NXT just keeps raising the bar and this may have been their best show ever. I don’t know how they do it.

5 stars… Screw that, too low.
50 stars… still not right.
Just give this show all the stars

Aaron from Ireland. Long time listener but never posted on here. That was easily the best takeover ever. A star was born in WALTER and Gargano vs Cole was everything I wanted from that match. Love to see NXT do Hell in a Cell this year

Stevie D here boys, Happy Takeover! It has been a long time since I was able to post some feedback. My manager at the bar I work at part-time has been scheduling me every Wednesday night lately. I tried explaining to him that I can’t work that night because of NXT and for some reason that didn’t seem to fly as an excuse.

I hope you two were still at a bar getting some drinks during that Million Dollar 2K19 Challenge…that shit was so cringy

War Raiders vs Al and Rick was sick. One of the best face vs face matches in a long time. Please tell me when the crowd got distracted and yelled “you deserve it” to someone in the crowd it was Braden getting kicked out because of one of his “breaks.” That swan song farewell legit almost made me cry.


I am heading to bed since I wasn’t able to start TakeOver until late. I have somehow avoided all spoilers and am going to wake up and watch the rest of the three matches. Just wanted to get some feedback in. Mock the system tonight guys.

Paps from London

It’s takes a special special talent to turn the crowd from the start of a match to the end. Johnny Takeover booed at the start of the match. Followed by one of the biggest pops I’ve had live when he won the match.

Johnny Effing Takeover!

I love you!

This was an excellent Takeover. Every match but the women’s match delivered in a big way.

The women’s match was the weak point because Shayna retained. I can see her facing Candice in San Jose (since its only a few hours away from Bakersfield where Candice grew up). However, I think Shayna will hold onto the title until Takeover: Toronto (Summerslam) at this point, where she’ll drop it to Kairi or Io. And then we can move into a full fledged Kairi vs Io feud, because the crowd seemed to wake up whenever those two were exchanging blows.

I’ve seen a few people question Bianca tapping out, but I think its to write her out of the title picture for awhile, because while she is charismatic, she’s still pretty green as well.