FEEDBACK: Vince McMahon Retires, SmackDown, Ramapge 7/22/22

Leave your feedback here for the news of Vince McMahon’s retirement, WWE SmackDown or AEW Rampage.

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Jermaine from Chicago. I really enjoy when Kate is on the show. Smackdown was a little better to me this week. Wai these rematches each week need to be the number one thing to go. It feels like I’m watching a rerun each week. I was happy with the new nxt call up maxxine Dupree. Hopefully she could be a mouth piece for some women on the roster. It makes me question my wrestling fandom when I here a chat of thank you Vince, lead by a women no less. Come on steph. You are the face of women rights in the wwe correct? Lastly since Vince is gone can we at lease get one of those tittles off his man crush at summer slam? Him having the raw belt doesn’t nothing for him and makes raw worst. Have a great weekend

Brandon from Oshawa

Austin Gunn was robbed. He totally owned Caster.

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Vince leaving is easily the second best news I’ve had this week. Second only to my wife giving birth to our first child 72 hours ago. You’ll be fine, Wai. It’s not nearly as hard as you think it’ll be. It genitally all comes naturally. And John was right. The drive home from the hospital is by far and away the most terrifying part.

Didn’t watch SmackDown. Back to 2 hour Raws? Can we dream?


I don’t think Raquel’s gimmick is forced at all. That’s how she is in real life @katred

Here’s proof : WWE Superstar RAQUEL gets Shoulder Pain RUBBED OUT by Naprapath - YouTube

That’s 27mn of her smiling and laughing the whole time.