FEEDBACK: World's Collide

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here from upNXT to request all of your feedback for tonight’s Worlds Collide event where NXT face off against NXT UK.

Join us LIVE on YouTube after the event with our review of the show.

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Worlds Collide exceeded my expectations. DIY vs MM was AMAZING. So was the CW title match. Toni vs Rhea was incredibly weak. It wasn’t bad from a “moves” perspective, just…not good either. If this is how Rhea’s title matches are going to be, then we are gonna have a problem. Rhea and Toni have zero chemistry as well.

WALTER rules. That is all.

Also BrayD and Davie, how broken up are you about Io being injured and having to wear a knee brace now? It’s heart breaking and I’m incredibly bummed she might be out for awhile. If tonight’s women’s title match is what we can expect as the standard going forward, then the NXT Women’s Division might be in deep, deep trouble without Io around to carry the division, since she’s the only woman who seems to put out amazing matches and elevate others.

first reaction to World Collide, Great show, DIY/MM was my match of the night and great to see Imperium pick up then win, weakest match for me toight was the womans championship but still good outing.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The matches tonight were excellent, especially since I wasn’t expecting much from this show. My match of the show was the main event. Despite losing a guy in the middle of the match from a swift kick to the chin, both teams really worked well together. Lots of quick tags in and out, and lots of great offense. The right guys won in the main event as well, especially since Walter has had issues ever since getting squashed at Survivor Series.

I’m also looking at reddit and a lot of people are pointing out something about the Fish/Wolfe issue. I saw at first comparisons to Liv Morgan and Brie Bella, but it seemed here, Fish knew something was wrong immediately and got Wolfe’s shoulder up for a kick out. Drake Younger got on Wolfe right away after that, so shout out to be Drake and Bobby Fish. 9 out of 10 show. One question remains though. What is the point of the Cruiserweight Title? It doesn’t help that the majority of the guys in NXT are 205 or under, so it’s almost like a redundant title. What’s worse is 205 Live is even more pointless as it’s an NXT show outside of full sail that just features people compete for a midcard NXT title.

Mj - Hello io io io Oh oh

Fun show. Some great matches. Only hurt by the fact there were no stakes.

Ive been at a loss for who should win the Rumble and now I’m full on WALTER should win and face Brock. He’s got bump guys Brock can destroy for weeks on TV and he presents a legit threat we can buy into. A stadium getting behind that entrance would make him feel like the monster he is and it could cement a new star if he could go over. He’s a Vince type which is why I’m so behind it - it’s realistic.

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Bang bang!

What is up you guys?

Quick thoughts on tonight’s card

-Ilja is great and I can’t wait to see how much better he gets from here.

-Good call giving Devlin the belt as he’s too good to just be lingering around NTX UK doing nothing .

-Tag match was bonkers and I would love to see some more DIY vs Mustache Mountain somewhere down the line.

-I used the women’s match to go put in some laundry. I love Toni but this match made no sense as to how she got the title match itself.

-If there were a chef kiss emoji, it would be used to describe the main event. Hope that Wolfe is okay as he looked legit knocked out. WALTER came off looking like a million bucks after that travesty that was Survivor Series.

I thought this was the perfect show to take the place of a Takeover.

9 Imperium posing at the top of the ramp’s out of 10.


Chris from Pennsylvania,

Don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said already. The Cruiserweight match, DIY/Moustache Mountain, and the main event were all excellent. Three matches of that quality in 2.5 hours is an easy 9/10 for me. One thing I did want to add though is that I really enjoy Tom Phillips calling shows. I hope they find more regular work for him.

I might try to check out your watch along stream tomorrow for the Rumble. It should be lit.

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Daniel from Brooklyn:

sometimes, longtime.
fun show. hope Wolfe is ok.
y’all see that side russian leg sweep in the main event?

Hugh from Melbourne here!
That was an overall OK show. The crowd wrecked Dragunov and Balor’s match, despite Balor’s heel efforts. I hope Ilja pops up on regular NXT now and then to get him more over.
The Cruiserweight match was mental and definitely a surprise finish. Jordan Devlin has had a fantastic couple of years both in his NXT UK performances and his work in OTT and the UK indies so this is a well deserved win. Do you think Devlin will defend the belt at Takeover Portland? I imagine he’ll take it to the UK for a bit where there’s plenty of cruiserweights to compete against but Devlin deserves a bigger platform to work on.
DIY/Moustache Mountain was a fantastic match, almost a little house-showy in the early stages but I thought that added to the match if anything. I will say I don’t like tag-team finishers being kicked out of but it was still a hell of a match by all four men. Given that backstage segment we got with Balor as well, maybe we’ll see Balor and Bate on TV in the next couple of weeks or maybe even a UK Takeover.
The women’s match was just OK. Toni and Rhea have had better matches before, maybe Rhea working heel back then was the reason. The Belair match at Takeover will be interesting in that Rhea won’t have the power advantage.
Main event was fantastic even if it didn’t get off to the start they wanted, props to referee Drake for immediately getting Wolfe out of there. I think Drake was also helping call the match after the injury, given he used to wrestle it wouldn’t surprise me. MVPs of the match were Roddy and Aichner, the height Aichner got off that last cross body to the floor was ridiculous.
Overall I think a Big 4 PPV weekend deserves a proper Takeover but this was a fun show. Maybe they could go back and forth with the UK hosting the next Worlds Collide.

Jesse in Taipei

Watching on delay, I’m still on the main event, so I won’t comment on that except to say I hope Wolfe is OK. Injuries like that make me appreciate both how hard wrestlers nowadays strike as well as how precise they normally are. It’s amazing injuries like that don’t happen more often.

I thought Balor v Dragonov was everything I wanted out of an opener and the Cruiserweight 4-way was great. Happy for Devlin but why did he have the Italian flag on his ring jacket? He had the Irish flag on his trunks but the one on his jacket was definitely Italian. Does he have Italian ancestry? Or was this a fuck-up by the costume designer?

DIY vs Moustache Mountain was amazing. I got goosebumps when DIY came to the ring. It won’t happen under Vince’s reign, but DIY could 100% main event a 'Mania and it would be epic.
This match had expert use of comedy, hard-hitting action, and some great near falls. If I’m going to be a pedant (which I am) all four men were in the ring too much. They got confused about who was the legal man and the ref looked dumb. Just do a tornado match if you want that style. But hey, I’m nitpicking. Great match, very good show.

Take Care

P.S. I just saw the O’Reilly-WALTER exchange. Those guys should main event a 'Mania, too. Cool Kyle is just so fucking good.

Brian from New York

Can’t guess the degree of difficulty it is for wrestlers to call an entire 8-man tag on the fly with only 7 men is, but I can’t imagine anyone pulling it off better than Imperium and Undisputed Era. Hopefully Wolfe is alright, but the with every negative is room for a positive and the handicap situation made WALTER look like even more of a monster tonight. Barthel and Aichner getting a big stage to work on was great as well.

Also want to echo from above and say how great it was to have Tom Phillips calling a big event again. It’s been a shame not having him around often when he’s one of their strongest announcers. He and Nigel work really well together as a two-man booth.

Harry from Houston,

As promised I’m giving my feedback from my live experience. I’m going to be totally honest as I was kind of distracted for a lot of the show talking to the girl next to me but I tried to stay engaged with the matches regardless.

The Preshow match existed and I remember nothing from it. I think Mia did a destroyer but that’s about it.

The opener was fine but didn’t hit an epic level or anything. I don’t think it did much for Balor’s opponent.

I’m going to be honest I saw like maybe 30% of the 4way so I’m not going to comment on that.

The tag match was pretty good, not my MOTN but just under the level I expected from the two teams.

The women’s match ended before I even realized it.

The main was incredible with WALTER slowly becoming the crowd favorite in the match. I couldn’t see the table spot but the chops sounded absolutely incredible. There was a weird moment where you could clearly hear what sounded like a bump but there definitely wasn’t one. I don’t know if that means the bump sound is fake but it certainly felt like it.

I also want to note that I got to fist bump Matt riddle and Dakota called me a loser so that was cool. The guys sitting in front of us work for WWE and introduced us to the German announce team along with giving me some pretty juicy intel for the rumble which I’m going to choose against spoiling here. Overall I had a great time but I’ll probably want to rewatch some of the matches on the network.

Neal from Northern Ireland —

A vote for the main event as match of the night, and high praise is due to referee Drake Wuertz for handling the Wolfe injury so quickly and well. That match was even better for the way the remaining seven carried on. As usual, Kyle O’Reilly stood out to me — he does literally everything brilliantly. Good to see Walter get some shine back after the Survivor Series debacle.

Sidenote: I tweeted this to you both already but I absolutely loved the Rumble trivia game. Terrific work, Davie. And Braden, how are you coping with being branded “the HATER” by WH Park?

Good show - the main event and tag matches were both great.

The Wolfe injury actually made the match better, and O’Reilly really stood out. One of the best at selling and facials in the industry. Walter was excellent and it makes you wonder why they don’t used him more if they can.

DIY/Moustache Mountain was also a lot of fun. Right team went over and all four guys worked hard.

Cruiser match also really good. Kind of like the title change because otherwise the show lacked much of a point. Hope they give Swerve more this year, he’s super talented.

Finn/Dragunov was ok. I don’t watch the UK show so had never seen the other guy before and he seemed a little nervous. The match just didn’t do much for me. Waste of Balor

Rhea/Storm was pretty dull. They just didn’t seem to have any chemistry and that long sequence in the standing submission killed the crowd. I think they need to pick if Ripley is a heel or face

But good show overall 7/10

Decent show - biggest takeaway - well done that ref. Great call and the fans understood.

Thinking it will be the end of the world if they dont continue is such an old fashioned thought.