Leave us your brief feedback to WrestleMania 34 - we will do our best to get to as much as we can.

Overall thoughts on show, what worked, what didn’t work, favorite and least favorite match / segment.

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Jay from Colorado.

I’ve got to admit, this show really surprised me. Going into it I was excited despite the weak builds, but nearly every match delivered and did something I didnt expect.

I didn’t mind the Braun/Bar match but I think it was a fatal mistake putting it second to last especially after the Nakamura heel turn. It really seemed like it took the air out of the building, and the main event could have benefited heavily with a stronger lead in. The crowd was absent during the main event and it killed what was otherwise a pretty strong show.

Overall 7/10

Sean from Toronto

There was something majorly off with this Wrestlemania from the start, with big matches too early and outcomes that seemed solely to generate heat. A solid outing from Ronda Rousey was the highlight for me and I tuned out by the main event, save for the nasty blade job on Roman. I see no reason not to focus more on ROH and New Japan in the foreseeable future.


I enjoyed the show despite it being way to long (11 pm to 6 am in Germany including the pre show).
My match of the night was actually the Rousey match … maybe because I had the least expectations for that one. I really liked her move set and think in a few months + some polishing Ronda could be awesome. Actually thought that the most troublesome part was Steph and she still being a Diva while every other woman in the roster is a Woman.

Loved the Braun + audience kid idea … could be as awesome as Cenas US Open Challenge thingy.
Lesnar retains and looks totally unbeatable … this didn’t help anyone in my eyes.
Also hated the Shane Vs KO & Zayn match or well generally the idea that all it takes to compete at this level is for your lastname to be McMahon :wink:

The most forgetable moment was the breaking of Asukas streak … the match had zero memorable moments in my eyes … on the other hand I like that we finally have that stupid streak out of the way.

Overall I enjoyed the show but 7 hours is just waaaaaaay to long. Cut the Undertaker/Cena/trolling bullshit and spare us the extra 30 minutes at least.

Brandon from Oshawa

This was a solid show. The first 3 matches were all tremendous. Ronda looked great. What do you think happens next with Brock and the title?

Kevin, from Allen Park, MI

As a smark, I prefer to hate everything but this was an above exceptional Mania. Seemed to start off a lot hotter than it finished…but there was nothing to hate. Interested to see where they go with Brock and KO/Sami. If Rusev would of won 20/20. 19/20 just because of no Rusev Day.

Dave from Sydney
Very early start at 7am this morning but not that bad of a card at all. IC title and Charlotte/Asuka stole the show for me. This may have been one of my favourite Charlotte matches of all time.

Big let down with the main event, no need for a blood spot like that in this era of WWE wrestling with so many young people in attendance.

Raw and Smackdown should give us some decent call ups however the card feels way too stacked at the moment.

Probably one of my favourite Manias in recent times

Matt from Morristown, Tennessee

Tonight’s show wasn’t as good as Takeover last night but this was one of the better Mania’s in recent years. That being said, Asuka losing really killed my mood. I love Charlotte but her ending the streak was just ridiculous. I think that loss is really going to kill Asuka’s momentum. Then in the next match they furthered killed my mood with Jinder winning. I would rather see Byron Saxton with the US Belt than Jinder. Other than those very horrible booking decisions this was a good show. Match of the night goes to the Mixed Tag, props to Ronda. AJ/Nakamura was good but the rematch will probably be better and the main event really surprised me with Brock winning, curious to see where they go from here. I just wonder if the match was cut a few minutes early with how heavy Roman was bleeding.

Side note: if I never hear another Kid Rock song again after tonight I would be happy

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Chris from Florida

This was terrible. How they could have screwed up this card so bad is beyond me. You had Asuka losing her streak which I think was a huge mistake, you had several decent matches in between but nothing even really that great. Bryan and Shane vs Owens and Zayn was probably the best overall match in terms of living up to the crowd expectations. Styles and Nakamura was fantastic until it just abruptly ended then you had the heel turn which I think is way to soon for Nakamura. But this is WWE, where you have to have a clear heel and a babyface. Respect matches have no place in Vince’s WWE.

And the last two matches. Holy shit. Don’t get me started about that shit show. Why were those two matches at the top of the card. The crowd shit all over Roman and Brock and rightfully so. It was so intensely boring, then you had stupid dangerous spots which served no real purpose and to top it off you had what I think was a hard way color angle…with absolutely no point? Then a wierd ending where Roman just sort of staggers off. The crowd was chanting “This is awful”. They were right. I’m sorry for anyone who had to sit through this.


Matt in GA

Overall this Wrestlemania card was one of the best they have put together in a long time. Top to bottom the action was great and the comedy spots mixed in with Elias and Nicholas were perfectly timed IMO. The big issue that I think most will have is with the length of the show. If they did that swerve with Brock winning in hour 5 of the show instead of hour 7 it would have had a much bigger impact. By the time it hit everyone had already given up on the match and didn’t care. AJ/Nakamura was a good match but didn’t live up to the almost impossible hype that it was trying to meet. Other than those two I felt that the rest of the show was a solid A and look forward to where they are going next.

Tony from South Dakota
This show went by very quickly for me and I enjoyed it.

The match placement seemed very off, but maybe that’s just because there has been so much speculation about it this year.

I feel really bad for Brock, Heyman, and Roman. They worked hard as hell and the crowd shit on them. Took me out of the match entirely. I’m not not a Reigns fan, but you gotta res pect the main event in my opinion.

What was your guys’ best and worst finish of the night?

I’ll go with Bryan/McMahon over Owens/Zayn for the best and the worst would be Jinder winning the 4 way.

Thanks guys!

Burney from Chicago

After the first 2 hours, I thought this Wrestlemania had the potential to be one of the best ever. Rollins, Miz and Balor was a really good opener. Although, I didn’t care for the outcome Asuka and Charlotte was great. I thought the Rousey match stole the show. It was way better then I think anyone anticipated. Taker and Cena was booked to perfection. My 2 biggest disappointments of the night were the Nakamura/Styles match, but by far my biggest disappointment was the crowd shitting all over the Lesnar/Reigns match before the even started. It wasn’t a bad match at all. There was tons of physicality, but there was nothing these guys could do to please these fans. Daniel Bryan is by far the biggest baby face in the company, I hope he winds up on Raw soon to challenge Lesnar. Final thought, Flo Rida > Kid Rock.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

For the first 75%, this was looking like it was going to be one of the best Wrestlemanias ever. The IC three-way, the Charlotte-Asuka match and the Rousey mixed tag were all excellent. As someone who was not looking forward to a Cena-Undertaker match, I am glad they kept it short, and the part with Elias before the match was well done.

As for the WWE Championship match, there’s a lot to go through, so I’ll try to be as brief as possible. I thought it was a good match, but the expectations were for it to be a Match of the Year contender. The combination of not living up to the hype and the crowd being as dead for this match as any other on the card left me and most others feeling unsatisfied. The Nakamura heel turn was interesting, though, and it looks like they will get another chance to deliver in a re-match.

Overall, I thought this was a really good show, which didn’t seem to drag that much until the last half hour. A few small things kept this from being great, but I think there was a lot more good than bad on tonight’s show.

Thomas from Charlottesville

Sure you’re getting a ton of feedback so I’ll make this quick.

Rousey/Angle vs McMahon/HHH was my favorite on the show, and I did not expect that coming in. 3 of the first 4 matches were ****+, but I didn’t have another for the rest of the show. Nakamura and AJ was good, like 3.5, but not even close to what I was expecting.

After the mixed tag, I was ready for an all time great Mania, and then it kind of fell apart. 6/10.


Some quick-fire thoughts.

The triple threat opener was a thrilling and spectacular way to open the show.

Rousey match was engrossing and exactly what it needed to be, everyone played their part perfectly.

Taker segment was great for the entrance and moment but it made Cena look like a right fool.

Both tag titles match fell a bit flat for me, I’m sure we will get more info on this Nicholas kid.

Asuka/Flair was awesome despite the finish, really hope they can continue this feud in some way.

Bryan’s return was a nice feel-good moment and he hasn’t missed a beat.

The two big title matches disappointed to be honest Styles/Nakamura was never going to be like their NJPW stuff but it never fully engaged the crowd perhaps because they were both faces hence the heel turn, who knows.

And Brock/Roman in isolation was good, but the crowd wasn’t having it and I’m not surprised, I think brocks character has gone stale and I think Roman will never be universally (pardon the pun) liked.


P.S congratulations on all your work this week guys, loved the Lens updates. Top notch coverage as always.

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Matt from Melbourne, Australia.

I get what WWE are trying to do by manipulating us with Roman and make him a legit hated heel. But this is not fun.

I see Cody doing his thing, and it’s working on so many levels. This Roman thing, is just off-putting to me as a viewer. I hope to hear how you feel about this and if you believe it’s ultimately wise to do so?

I’ll keep it brief:

  • Rousey was awesome. F the haters, she plays a wrestling character really well
  • Brock busting open Roman as the crowd chants The is Awful was one of the weirder endings to a main event of any Mania I can recall
  • I’d put Asuka and Charlotte up against anything over the weekend because as a women’s match that was Strong Style evolved
  • show was great just waaaaaiiiiiii too long (2/3 of my buddies tapped out before the SD and Raw title matches)

Terrific show overall and paired with NXT, WWE felt like it won the weekend. Now let’s get ready for 5 more hours of TV + 2 more of you count 205 and NXT as must see follow ups

Safe travels back boys!

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James in Japan

A real mix for me.

Firstly I was very happy to see a lot of ppl watching the 205 match, which i enjoyed.

The main show started great with some real good matches, including the mixed tag that i was expecting to hate.

US title win for Mahal by pinning Russev made me audibly sigh.

Amazing to see Bryan return. Goosebumps at the video and entrance.

Super disappointed in the AJ Nakamura match. I blame myself for hyping it too much and recently watching the NJPW fight.

Tag match with NICHOLAS THE CHILD sucked.

Wasn’t invested in the universal match, much like the crowd.

The length of the show was ridiculous. Living in Japan i get away lucky as it started at 8am and finished 1:30 in the afternoon.

I feel sorry for ppl that stayed up till whatever time in the morning to watch it all. More strength to you.

Ayden from London

Overall feel quite disappointed with the show, think we were spoilt with great wrestling on Saturday.

Thought the IC Title match was better than expected, and now potentially frees up Miz for a feud with Daniel Bryan.

Was very surprised that the next match was Charlotte vs Asuka, was expecting this to be the penultimate match. Was even more surprised with the finish, I suppose the streak had to be beaten at some stage.

Jinder Mahal, why o why! There now needs to be a feud with Rusev for the title, this guy deserves so much more.

The Angle & Rousey vs HHH & Steph exceeded all expectations, was great to see Ronda get in quite a bit of offence, can see her next programme being with Alicia Fox after the confrontation between Fox and Travis Browne.

Taker and Cena was more of an Taker exhibition match, I guess this is due to Taker’s age and health, but I enjoyed it, nothing was promised.

Bryan & Shane vs KO & Zayn wasn’t a wrestling masterclass but it had that feel good feeling, had goosebumps when Bryan’s music hit! Glad he’s back and hope he remains safe / healthy.

Have they cleaned up Mickie James yet?

AJ vs Nakamura was certainly no WK but the story was portraited well, enjoyed the finish but didn’t get the probable heel turn for Nakamura.

I was one of the people before WM saying anyone but Big Cass for Braun’s partner (I was at least hoping for a wrestler) but this had the comedy factor, hoping for a different child every week, can’t see this record being being for youngest champion…unless King Maxel can save us.

Another curve ball was thrown with Brock vs Roman. Surely this now means Lashley is taking the title off Brock? Will Roman final get the Universal title in the main event of WM35? Do you know if the ground and pound by Brock caused the blood or was he cut before the match?

Have thoroughly enjoyed your coverage over the weekend, even though I have about 50 emails about lens!!!

Keep up the great work and best of luck with the future!

Jesse from the 6

Some entertainment. Some bizarre booking decisions. Horrible main event (the 6 F-5’s was childish and dumb). Very similar to the previous two 'Manias.

Take Care

P.S. Stephanie McMahon was in the best match on WrestleMania and that just boggles my mind.

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