Please leave your feedback to WrestleMania 35, including your choice for the best match on the show.

Because of the high volume, try and keep your feedback concise and we will get to as much as we can.

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Jalen from Pickering,

Kofi. Fucking. Kingston. That was my match of the weekend.
I feel like basically every right person won, especially the big ones. It’s just a shame that they either booked a terrible finish, or someone goofed.
The set and entrances were below the standard they’ve been setting recently, but Kofi made me cry, so it’s okay.


Kofi winning the title was a great moment, Sometimes when wwe has a wide open shot they manage to shoot themselves in the foot, and I’m glad it didn’t happen here

SD Tag match was fun, though seeing Rick and AL lose in tag title matches 3 times in a week seems pretty pointless ( could have switched them out with the Hardys, as I don’t see the point of bringing back Matt back just to have them job in a battle royal)

Im probably alone here but I was entertained by the Batista/HHH match. A lot due to some unintentional comedy - slips, falls, tables refusing to break. HHH’s enterance looking more like twisted metal on ps2 rather than what he was going for in mad max, - And a lot of silly spots with tools… regardless of all the camp in the match I was entertained and that’s what I look for in a mania match.

Cons - Roman should have faced dean over drew. First time and last time you could have gotten those two together - Shane/miz final spot just looked extremely goofy… Baron over Kurt (how Kurt was allowed to do that moonsault is beyond me) - A poor Cena cameo and of course we can’t forget hogan - Tuned out for the main event . - Decent show overall

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Mj from the crowds at the train

Immediate thoughts:
The crowd couldn’t wait to leave and stayed to see Becky win. That said, didn’t feel like anyone bit on near falls and the finish suffered and fell flat. Then a mass exodus. I actually want to watch this match back as I feel it could have been terrific if it was done on Mania Sunday (not Monday)

On the flip side Kofi stole the night. And that match was awesome even before the finish. I’d put that on par with the two main events from NXT and MSG. Yes we got one of the biggest feel good Mania moments ever but man did they wrestle a really high caliber match.

My first mania having been a fan since the 90s: I got to see Hogan, HHH, Rey, hear Sexy Boy, Kurt Angle…I watched WWE in the 2000s when Batista, Cena Orton and Brock broke through. I watched the hot TNA years of AJ and Joe. I waited years for a Demon entrance at Mania and remember Bliss and the Iiconics as the NXT group of women behind the horsewomen. I saw Black and Richochette at a TakeOver just last summer.
7.5 hours was way too much, but I saw the history of my WWE fandom all in one night. That’s something only Mania can deliver.


Eric from Sudbury
Keeping it quick, I really enjoyed the show, although the crowd seemed done for the last hour or two. I really enjoyed AJ/Orton and Bryan/Kofi. Both those pairings had great chemistry. Michael Cole’s voice was shot by the main event, give that man a vacation. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip.


Jay from Colorado

I’ll make this short and sweet. Best WrestleMania in years. Lots of highlights for me, but getting thuganomics Cena with a pocket full of pistachios was something I never knew I always wanted. Kurt losing sucked though, but I guess you always have to go out on your back. Subtracting points also for the unnecessary destruction of Michael Cole’s vocal cords. 5 out of 7.

Jay from Colorado

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Sam from Tennessee,

Tremendous show, definitely among my favorite Wrestlemanias.

Kofi/Bryan is the best match that I’ve seen this year and I teared up at the finish. Most of the other matches delivered with the main lowlight being the lethargic Batista/HHH match.

I would also say the women’s main event was a little disappointing, but that also may be because I, along with the crowd, was emotionally drained after the Kofi win and physically drained seven hours into the broadcast.

I would give it a 19/20.


Michael from Newfoundland.

Half-decent show overall. Let’s see how the WWE Universe reacts now that it has everything it wants with all three faces going over.


Chris from Pennsylvania,

The first half of the show was great, but things noticeably started to drag after Kofi won the championship. I’m sure a lot of the discussion will be on the Kofi and Becky matches, so I just want to hit on some quick points about some of the other things I really liked.

I loved the story they told in the AJ/Orton match, with Styles having scouted the RKO

The Smackdown Tag Title match was fun, props to Cesaro and Ricochet for that long Swing Spot

The Miz/Shane match was better than I thought it would be. I really liked the aggression from The Miz.

Overall, I gave this a 16/20. Sure the last couple hours dragged a bit, but the Kofi win was truly remarkable. I think there’s also something to be said for the fact that except for Baron Corbin, the crowd was happy with all the winners. Thanks for all the hours you put in this week, and hopefully your flight back to Toronto is turbulence-free.

Bolo from Southampton, UK

Shame the crowd was stone dead for the Main Event and two messy spots took the shine off the finish. I was surprised that after Seth and Kofi won that Becky still went over. The nature of the roll up finish suggests Rhonda might stick around perhaps? Or were they just protecting her?

Overall a better show than I expected though 14/20

Far far too long. Crowd died which effected the matches. Good booking. Match quality was generally lacking. I’m really tired, it’s 5.30am. Okay to good, knock off 3-4 matches would be good to great.

Andy, London


Rich from Winnipeg
Again, the message here was quantity, not quality. The obvious high point was the Kofi title win, and after that, with the exception of the Retro Cena, they struggled with regaining that point in the show. You could tell that the length of this show really took this crowd out by the time of the main event, but you can tell they wanted to see Becky win. I am already hearing of a mass exodus after that…
All in all, a thumbs in the middle, leaning towards up, as there really wasn’t a bad match, just more ok.
Rich in Winnipeg, recovering after 3 energy drinks and a Rolling Rock beer.

Jamie from Leamington

IT IS 5.30AM HERE IN THE UK, MANIA IS TOO LONG. Too much of the show was unnecessary, and overall a weird mania that was greater than the sum of its parts - apart from Kofi, nothing hit the highest levels, but I still found it a very enjoyable show, although I did have to take a nap part way through. But it was worth it for Kofimania, a really executed match and celebration that was truly memorable.

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Tactical naps rule. HHH put me to sleep and Charlotte’s helicopter woke me up.


Joey from Queens,

I was happy to see that Vince didn’t overthink the finished to the 3 big matches, but this show was way over bloated and a few of the matches suffered for it. However in spite of its downsides this was the most fun I’ve had at a wrestling event in a long time. Outside of the slower parts my only big problem was the ending of the main event. If you have to ask yourself “was the ending botched?” You did something wrong.

Overall Grade: 15/20

Here’s to the hour and a half train ride back to queens.

Sean from Toronto

I’m going to get straight to the point: Wrestlemania this year was WAY TOO LONG and I didn’t like having to watch a show where the main event started at midnight. WWE needs to really consider making this a two night event, if they want to keep having this many matches. Kofi’s win could’ve been a natural endpoint for night one and there would have still been a three hour show remaining.

Also, it’s sad that the historic woman’s main event ended with what appeared to be a botched finish, where Ronda’s shoulders clearly weren’t on the mat,

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Guillaume from Québec City

Just a quick question… why Jason Jordan wasn’t ringside with the rest of is family during Kurt Angle farewell moment?


A flash pin in the main event of WrestleMania. A FLASH PIN.

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but it’s clear the security team at MetLife Stadium was better than the team at the Barclay’s Center - when Becky was walking down the ramp, I saw a fan waving the Irish flag, but then one security guard took hold of it and then threw it right back in the fan’s face.

Kofi/Bryan was easily MOTN, AJ/Orton exceeded (somewhat high) expectations, and the Miz/Shane match was better than it had the right to be thanks to Mr Miz.

I like how they celebrated the 17th anniversary of WrestleMania 17 by doing the same spot onto a bunch of crash pads, though this time the camera picked up on it long before the replays. The commentators made note of there being a golf cart in that Miz match, but sadly didn’t do another X7 callback by driving it all over the place. And then, at the exact point that Miz was actually getting over huge as a babyface, they just had to make him look dumb and pretty much pin himself.

Edit: Where was Kevin Owens??

Jeremy in Texas,

I like to think of Triple H as a smart wrestling mind but having the longest match on the show at about 25 minutes, I just don’t get it.

Overall I thought it was a good show, but the endings to these marathon Wrestlemania’s have seemed flat. Not since WM 31 (Rollins cashing in and winning the title) has it seemed the crowd was buzzing when the show ended. John and Wai, what are your thoughts if you have the energy?

Best match: Kofi vs Daniel Bryan

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The show was… TOO DAMN LONG. Had a lot of enjoyable moments but I have no issue saying I will never watch an event that long from beginning to end again. I would rather do something else during the show, wait until tomorrow, and hear about the highlights from you guys to know what I actually need to go back and watch.
5 Outsiders MDs out of 10
Jake from Fort Wayne

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