Burak from Saint Albans in the UK.

My favourite font is PT Sans Narrow.

The mics in the ring need to be more consistent so sound travels to the audience.

Mania in NOLA is better, as you can walk back to your hotel and not wait in a fucking Uber queue, to queue to meet your driver.

As for the event, Kofia fucking Mania. My favourite match as I was emotionally invested in it the most.

Too long, I will be peeing Gatorade tonight

Steve from Cambridge
I finished watching this show with the people I invited sleeping all around me. Not a bad show but it’s a tough watch. Entrances weren’t that elaborate. Stage was a bit boring. Highlights were the Kofi/Bryan match. Cenas spot with Elias. Women’s match was good. Wish that ref had done a recount after the shoulders stopped bouncing. Not a bad show but when only two out of 8 people actually make it to the end. Something has to be done.

Sugs & Kinny from England

I’m sat on the train at 3am waiting to go to Penn Station so I csn try and get back to Brooklyn!

I day that started with so much promise @ the Brooklyn Comedy Club that peaked with Kofi Mania ended bering hurded like cattle in the rain & waiting 2 hrs for the train.

My 1st WrestleMania I’m happy I came.

Best match Kofi v Bryan, Bryan was excellent as ever and Kofi raised his game to almost Bryan level.

We also got to sit in front of MJ form NJ

I watched in the UK with another Patron called James Rose and I think we both had the same thoughts - decent Mania but too long. To give an idea of time difference - it started at 10pm and ended at 5:30am. We were burnt out for the main event. It was a case of just wanting it to be over.
That’s how it came across on TV too - it appeared that the crowd was wiped out for the last 3 matches. I didn’t predict 3 positive finishes and was lovely to see Kofi Seth and Becky all get the wins. Good mania - but too long

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Just a few thoughts in hindsight:

  1. Where was Kevin Owens?
  2. Is Rey injured? The guy entrance was longer than the match
  3. The set design was the worst in recent memory
  4. After the pirate ad for next years Mania being shown is Kairi debuted this week?

didnt like it one bit. Not sure what everyone loved here TBH

Seth vs Brock sucked
AJ vs Styles was underwhelming
Mix vs Shane sucked
Mens battle royale sucked
Daniel vs Kofi was good
Joe vs Rey sucked
Balor vs Lashley sucked
tag matches for men were okay
womens tag sucked
Womens main event was solid but a lot of botches
HHH vs Batista sucked

Honestly was terrible Liked the Cena coming out bit probably the best

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