FEEDBACK: WrestleMania 39 - Night 2

We will be taking calls and feedback at the end of the show.

LIVE immediately following WrestleMania:

Andrew from the multiverse.

Which is better? AEW speeding through its PPV matches or the endless parade of advertisements on WrestleMania?

Cody From Maine

Night 1 was fantastic. The worst of the card was inoffensive, while the big matches delivered on all fronts. However, outside of the tremendous triple threat and the women’s title match (although I disliked the result), Night 2 struggled up to the main event.

TV level matches, an unfortunate injury to Shane McMahon in a segment that felt perfectly setup for LA Knight and a very subpar Cell match. Which to me is a dead concept in a PG era. No more “extreme” than a typical extreme rules match. I’m all for keeping talent safe, but the current blood policy neuters the match.

That leaves the main event. What would’ve been set in stone as one of the best main events in company history and they blew it. For what? Cheap shock value? Trying to replicate Naito’s chase? For Jey to be the one? 1,000 days? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. This definitely isn’t a “wait and see how it plays out” for me. One of the biggest “fumbling of the bag” moments in wrestling history.

Brandon from Oshawa

I was afraid they would be cowards and take the easy road of having a “Wrestlemania moment” and having Cody win the title. Im so glad they didnt go the route.

This is the story. Cody is better chasing the title. The Bloodline story is better with The Usos failing, before Roman eventually does. The abuse from Roman towards the rest of The Bloodline means more, with him still as champ, before they finally leave him and he finally loses.


Will from Toronto

Thrilled to see Roman keep the belt… Gotta get him to 1000 at this point. Can’t stop at 945

Cristian from San Jose

Just wanted to pop in and say WWE really missed the opportunity to have Snoop Dogg perform the AEW remix version of Cody’s theme for the main event. Maybe next time.

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Chris from Scotland :scotland:

Always worth staying up late until 5am when it’s Wrestlemania weekend.

An overall excellent weekend of wrestling and a great time to be a wrestling fan.

I am hoping that we hear from the gentleman who called in last night saying “we thought Drew was going to win at clash, we thought Sami at Elimination Chamber…why is Cody different?” Because he was right.

All in all, an excellent Wrestlemania, setting us up nicely for the year ahead into the 40th (anniversary??) of Wrestlemania.

So let’s pose the question again from last night, if not Cody, then who?

Jay from Colorado

I just wasn’t a huge fan of night 2. Maybe it is the fatigue of watching a dozen shows over the last few days, but tonight was definitely my weakest night.

With that being said Cody vs Roman was definitely a good match, don’t get me wrong, but it just wasnt the night for that ending. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief to a point, but the injured ref spot during the biggest match if the biggest show of the year just makes everyone look stupid.

If the story is to get Roman to 1000 days then there’s a better way to have him win instead of the usual shenanigans, and probably better opponents. So if the guy wasn’t Sami, and it wasn’t Cody in what was a perfect lead up, then who is it going to be?

Great match, dusty finish.

Ross from Saratoga

I truly don’t understand what the point of having a title reign like this is if you’re going to pass on not one, but two opportunities to cash it in and make a huge star. WWE was one layup of a booking decision away from having an all-time great WrestleMania and they had to throw it all away, for nothing. I will never understand this company.

Steve Grows Weed

Better show than last night overall. I was enjoying the main event but the ending felt flat. I don’t mind Roman winning. Just too messy.
Match of the night was the Intercontinental Title. Those guys beat the hell out of each other.
Followed by the Women’s title. I thought they had a kickass match.
Last night had some great moments but I had more fun tonight.

I went to Night 1 and I think I made the right decision. I can’t remember the last time I heard such insane reactions for a WrestleMania.The main event seemed three times hotter than last year’s (Brock vs. Roman).

Michael Cole had a career weekend. I’ve never heard him call matches with more genuine emotion and believability. I really hope Vince doesn’t come back on the headset.

I know people will be mad about Roman retaining. I guess they were about to pull the trigger on a Cody win, saw the upturn in business, and got gun-shy about ending the Bloodline storyline. They threw me a curveball. Hey, some unpredictability in wrestling is good, right? I’m curious to see where they take this.

Oh, Shane McMahon. First of all, I really hope he’s okay. But - the guy’s been cosplaying as a wrestler for over 20 years, wearing sneakers and track pants to the ring. It’s surprising something like this didn’t happen sooner. Wrestling is dangerous.


Seems like Triple H didn’t forget that Double or Nothing spot with Cody, eh?

That main event fell flat with the finish.

I can’t imagine having two believable white hot baby faces and not giving the belt to either of them so they can tout 1000 days of being a champion.

Gunther looked great and hopefully they can find some fresh opponents for him coming out of Mania.

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Hey Gentleman

I guess im a rare positive fan but I was was entertained both nights.As I dont believe complaining is healthy .Night 1 we had big men flying , Ricochet being awesome ,an idiot dressed as an energy drink going thru a table, a father giving his son a spanking , Rhea v Charlotte ,KO and Sami finishing their part of the story , cool intros and great matchs. Night 2 Brock being Brock , Big men beating the hell out of each other ,crowd popping for Solo’s ejection, great Roman facials, Huge KO and Sami pop and Roman skates by again. Bllodline not fractured just yet. Finish leaves Cody still in the picture . Again the sponsorship dosent bother me at all. They are supposed to take their money , be crazy not to. All in all i say job well done. Success in my eyes. From Rumble on they have been on fire. Hope it continues.

Again shout out NORD VPN!!!

Thanks Guys
Pete in Texas

Shane from San Jose!
There were some great matches over the last 2 nights but the main event finish tonight reminds me why I no longer get invested in wwe or even follow the product that closely. They absolutely fumbled what they could have had with Sami and his brief involvement tonight bummed me out. Wwe is fun to watch casually and I always love your guys’ coverage but I can’t get seriously invested. I’ve been disappointed too many times :frowning:


Jermaine from Chicago, I know you guys long week thanks for the hard work. Good show. Was so happy to see Shane I’m a fan. Sorry to see him get hurt. He is 50 now and has to adjust his offense. The triple threat was the best match and they didn’t have someone sleep on the outside for long stretches. Lastly, Cody is true professional if they told me the finish I would have gave them a Sasha banks trinity special. This is a bad babyface company and continues to be. Good night

Ian from california

Night 2 was definitely the antithesis to night 1. Every aspect of it in every match reflects the negatives about the current WWE product in contrast to the incredible night 1.

The opening match was a slow and predictable affair which did nothing to elevate either performer.

Women’s showcase was a huge letdown, I feel bad for every woman involved. it’s always striking to me that there are little to no feuds in the women’s division beyond the belts. With long reigns from Bianca and now possibly rhea that gives very little time to develop any of these characters and their only hope for any exposure is to be thrown into a giant multi person match like this.

IC match was one of the best hoss fights ever, but again demonstrates the WWE flaw of having such a large chasm between their mid and top card, because especially with Roman winning how can any of the men in this match even be considered viable challengers to him? All 3 could match up with Cody, but they chose not to go that way.

Miz/shane being on the card was a disgrace to Bobby Lashley. Snoop earned his hall of fame spot with the save though

Bianca/Asuka didn’t have good chemistry to me, I get the story of Bianca powering out of all the holds, but it at times looked a little awkward/sloppy with all of the half locked in submissions asuka was putting on and I think it hurt the crowds ability to get invested in the match which kind of killed it as a remote viewer.

Finn/Edge was hurt by the unfortunate stoppage, I think it’s a little tired how the WWE is trying to have its cake and eat it too with the large degree of plunder in these matches but the strictness of the anti-blood rules. I’m fine with no blood, but maybe if that’s the case, do less hardcore stips and definitely less of the ridiculously unsafe spot of just throwing objects at the other performers head. Honestly it reminded me of the time cena chucked the ring stairs out of the ring at bray Wyatt and I legit thought he died.

The main event was incredibly well worked but the booking was awfully bad. The biggest heel In the company should not be the booker, but WWE insists on being antagonistic to their fans. The bloodline story is very good, but obviously it could continue without reigns as champion and still be compelling. Cody will never be this hot again and they completely missed their shot.

Overall I think the ads were more intrusive and obnoxious on night 2, that coupled with the deflating booking I think leaves a bad taste and even sours night 1 to some degree. I’ll keep watching if the shows are on peacock, but if they start asking me to drop $60 to watch the same reigns match we’ve now seen 30 or so times in a row you can consider me a lapsed fan.

I agree that the decision to leave the titles on Roman was a bad one. They’ve spent the last year developing Cody as a challenger. Beyond that, Roman’s beat everyone and now Cody.

If they’re just keeping the titles on him for a potential match up with the Rock, then they’ve just wasted all our time, because titles would meaningless in that match up. They would be secondary to the existing Bloodline stories already embedded in their relationship.

There won’t be a bigger moment for Cody to win, or Roman to lose.

I hope they can do good work, following, but they let so much air out of their tires at this point.