FEEDBACK: WWE Backlash 2024

LIVE immediately after the card:

Cameron from Bristol.

Its funny how much a fantastic crowd can elevate a PLE

Over delivered for me
5 solid matches in 3 hours.
For the PLE with a very quick build it was a fun show.

Untill today last year’s backlash was my favorite crowd!

KOTR and QOTR line up looks incredible.

Thank you for the content guys i always look forward to your reviews!

Brandon from Oshawa

This was by far the best WWE show in years and they need to get on top of getting France a big show sometime next year. This crowd would be even more insane in front of 50000+ people

Jay from Colorado

A very enjoyable show that was taken from great to amazing by the red hot crowd in Lyon. Everyone brought their A game today and it showed. Absolute perfect synergy of performance and crowd interaction.

Also, absolutely dope to be finished with a PLE at 2 pm MST and still have the rest of my day to go. I really hope they do more of these overseas shows.

I’m curious if we see this format for the “B” PLE’s moving forward with this takeover style of fewer matches that get more time.

It was an entertaining show, had progression with the bloodline angle, but it wasn’t a show you had to see.

Love to see these under served markets getting the spotlight. That crowd was amazing.

With Cody and the WWE Title likely being on every PLE moving forward, how do you make the World Title not seem like a consolation prize?

Viva Wrestlemania Las Vegas! Cue up that Bobby Heenan backwards on a camel footage.

I honestly couldn’t have cared any less about this show but the crowd made me care. That was one of the more enjoyable at home PLE experiences that I’ve had in quite some time.

I think my perspective may be in the minority, but I was mixed on the crowd. I felt the same way I feel about the day after mania crowds and certain AEW crowds, at times it was super cool, but at other times it was annoying.

I prefer crowds that react to what’s actually going on. So a strong reaction to an entrance or a move, or an emotional moment, I love it! Chanting for the sake of chanting mid match almost ignoring the action in the ring….i hate it. Tonight for example, singing the entrances, I loved. That stupid soccer chant that they kept doing in the main event, I hated it. Maybe they said “phenomenal” but they were actually cheering AJ, they were just putting themselves over.

I prefer a crowd like that backlash crowd last year, their reactions felt much more organic, less contrived.