Leave us your feedback and questions coming out of WWE Backlash from Newark, NJ.


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Lara from Vancouver

I can confirm that WCW 2000 returned from the dead tonight. After Miz/Rollins, I jokingly asked my friends which match was going to kill the hot crowd. Joke was on me because the answer was all of them. Utter disaster of a show.

Congratulations to Rollins and Miz who had MOTN and were the only bright spot of the show other than Elias and that drug induced hallucination of a comedy segment.

Joe’s credibility is gone. Super Cena Reigns is back. Asuka’s streak breaker jobbed to a leg kick. Owens and Zayn were turned into fools and AJ/Nak topped their terrible double countout finish.



There should be an option for 0 because that’s what this show was a 0. Done w Nakamura vs styles it’s slowly becoming worst fued of the year. If I wanted to watch nut shots I’d watch jackass.

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This show sucked. No reason it needed to be 3.5 hours, and the two big matches ended with a double nut shot finish and an awful lot of rest holds until Superman Reigns showed back up.

At less New Japan hasn’t some really hot storylines building for Dominion.

1 out of 10 only because 0 isn’t an option

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Very underwhelming. A combination of poor booking decisions and disappointing matches make this the worst PPV of the year.

AJ vs Nakamura was on route to being their best meeting in the WWE but that finish completely tarnished everything that came before it. Just terrible.

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Jesse from the 6

Vince McMahon is seriously bad at his job. He has arguably the most talented roster he’s ever had and he (deliberately?) books terrible matches with them.

  • Bliss vs Nia - popular undersized heel takes on moderately popular babyface monster. Ok…
  • Cowardly heel Cass attacks opponent after match; courageous babyfaces Braun & Lashley attack opponents after match.
  • WWE Championship match - ends in double nut-shot
  • And do you like rest holds? Cause we got 75 cumulative minutes of 'em!
  • And then there’s Roman Reigns. For fucks sake. You build up a whole match to comeback that nobody wants and you put Roman over. So nobody can beat Roman --a babyface that everybody hates-- and Roman can’t beat Lesnar --a heel(?) that people are bored of-- huh?

What will it take for this madness to end? Fans were streaming out of the building during Roman’s match.

Take Care


Rollins is everything they want Reigns to be. Have Rollins beat Brock and then Reigns turn on Rollins. White hot babyface and mega heel. I don’t know how they salvage Reigns as a babyface - at least Cena was self-aware about how polarizing he was at his peak. I will say this is the first time I ever heard a “beat the traffic” chant in a main event.

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The Intercontinental bout was good, but the rest of this show was so bad that this still deserves a 0. The whole card was a massive chin lock with horrible finishes It killed any interest in the Sasha/Bayley and Shinsuke/AJ feud. I’m only watching NXT and NJPW until you guys give the word that they’ve fixed RAW & Smackdown.
I only liked when Aiden wanted to join the faces’ congo line and Rusev pulled him back saying “No Aiden, Vince said we’re heels.”


Holy cow.

When watching the opener I started thinking about the WWE formula and how most of their matches follow it.

There was nothing surprising on this show, other than Nakamura / AJ not being the main event. It very much choreographed the finish. We continue to see Nakamura as the one who can’t win the big one. When he finally wins it won’t mean much.

Not much else to say that won’t repeat what others are saying. Not one match was better than anything you’d see on RAW or Smackdown.

The WWE has an awesome roster and this is the best dual brand show they could present. Wow.

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You know what that Joe/Reigns match needed…nut shots!! Seriously the most telling thing is Reigns wins, they cut to the fans leaving in mass. Sums up people’s frustration and caps off an odd PPV.

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Jalen from Pickering,

I’m glad I had that foresight to tap out after the WWE Title match ended. It feels like WWE is playing a game to figure out how long they can drag out a feud with almost no story. Even with that double countout, having Roman main event over the world title feels like the WWE saying that everyone is secondary to Roman, except for Brock. Until Roman beats Brock for that title, it feels like the WWE can’t truly move forward

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It’s unfortunate, but not shocking, that the WWE has reduced a Styles/Nakamura feud to kicks to the ding ding. Miz/Rollins was the best of the night and I enjoyed Owens/Zayn vs Braun/Lashley. Carmella/Charlotte was crap but I think Carmella has the potential to be a very good chicken shit heel.

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Wow where do I start what an amazing show. Nia’s heartfelt speech really warmed my heart, Randy Orton kept me on the edge of my seat, the booking of Sami and KO continues to impress, No Way Jose in a segment with Bobby Roode twerking Um yes please. Nut shot cuckold porn? Sign me up. Roman passing out only to come back was very realistic like a UFC main event. The match was so good that many in the crowd got up from their seats to rush to the merch stands to buy Reigns newest “Beat the traffic” shirt. Only lowlight was Miz vs Rollins… zero point zero out of ten.


Dave from Sydney Australia

The hang over of Mania, the draft and Saudi continues in a terrible follow up show. Rollins v Miz was good but nothing special and Nakamura v Styles was looking fine until the dick shots came into play. I can’t believe it ended in a count out for a No DQ match, so stupid.
On a weekend that saw Progress Super Strong Style and two New Japan shows, WWE gave us nothing exciting whatsoever

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604 Matt

Wow, two ppv house shows in a row. Why would they make Joe lose clean? Where does he go from here? Just a piece of garbage show. The best part was the cut to the crowd leaving en mass at the end.

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Saeed from Vancouver,

Hot start and then the show took a nose dive.

After the double count out for Naks vs aj in a No DQ match… the ref tweeted why he made the decision… is this going to the new thing moving forward, refs explaining on twitter?

Tyson kid booked the best 2 matches of the night, which was a surprise. (Bayley vs Ruby and Seth vs Miz)

WWE has announced that Alexa Bliss has suffered a shoulder injury. Any truth to this?

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

An absolute joke of a Pay-Per-View, if you have some free time go watch the opening match between Seth Rollins & The Miz for the IC title, otherwise extremely skip-able. I could go on about how bad this was but I need a drink!

I give Backlash a Zero “Fan’s leaving early” outta Ten!

The more I watch New Japan the harder and harder I find it to watch WWE. You look at the story telling in the main event of Okada/Tanahashi and compare it to the storytelling of Reigns vs Joe. Both matches had “babyfaces” that were very clearly heels to the audience, one promotion takes advantage of that and the other completely ignores the audience and books a comeback for a babyface that no one wants to see win.

When I saw the AJ/Nakamura matches placement on the card I automatically though dear god they’re doing another non finish and they turned the best 15 minutes the two had together in WWE into another pointless match.

Outside of the Rollins Miz match and a moderately entertaining segment featuring Elias this pay per view was a complete waste of time.

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Sam from Melbourne Australia - I bet the WWE bookers which they had a reset button right about now.

Bates from Saint John
The show started great with Seth Rollins vs. Miz but ended with a frustrating and tiring final hour. The finish of the Nakamura match was hilarious in its commitment to the low blows joke, but it really feels like they don’t know how to end this thing. Joe got a good match out of Reigns, but the crowd was gone and the finish was flat. I miss single-brand PPVs already.

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