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Chris in Ottawa

Good afternoon blokes,

This was the first WWE…event that I’ve watched in literally years. Previews of the stage design was what drew me in, no pun intended, as well as the real-time prediction games on the POST Wrestling Discord led by the great Dickie Bird!

And it was all going so well - Gunther/Sheamus was excellent, as was Rollins/Riddle. And the main event was mostly serviceable. With minutes to go, I was certain that WWE were going to deliver a classic moment like Wembley in 1992.

And then it all went to shit. Several minutes of shenanigans, a fuck finish, some asshole came in the ring and sang with the loser, and no one seemed to care about what had just happened.

Thanks WWE - you’re the same old horseshit. 0 out of 10.


Mannie from Pacoima

On this day John sees clearly Wai Ting has come to life!!!

Great show the cardiff crowd was amazing throughout the entire show.
The 6 women tag was a great opener with bayley getting the win setting her up for a title challenge soon.

Gunther vs Sheamus was the match if the night, thise two put on a great fight and i didn’t want the match to end. Hope clash at the castle becomes apart of the regular cycle that crowd deserves another show.

Congratulations on your newborn Wai and I hope you two dtay hydrated since nxt heatwave decided to keep us in the triple digits this week

Saeed from Vancouver

Show flew by and the crowd was absolutely amazing.

Did not agree with the ending, but I guess thats one way to introduce Sikoa.

As Kate and I were talking during the event, we thought it would have been cool to have Sami interrupt Theory for a huge pop… but guess that’s why Tyson was there.

Match of the night was easily Gunther vs Sheamus for me.

I’ll give this show a 6/10 for another wacky finish in the main event.

Hope they have more premium live events overseas.

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Brandon from Oshawa

I went crazy for Roman winning. I was sure Drew was going to win. They were featuring him all morning on the network. I thought they would give him his big moment in front of a crowd. Im glad they didnt. Roman still has juice left in this reign and now adding Solo Sikoa makes The Bloodline even stronger.

Rollins and Riddle was match of the night for me. I was hoping for Sheamus to win the IC Title, that match didnt hit like I was hoping though.

Triple H likened his and Vince’s tastes in wrestling to chocolate and vanilla but it seems like the flavour they both really like is “bitter” because they could not have worked harder to disappoint a local crowd than having Sheamus and Drew both lose. I thought the show peaked with Sheamus and Gunther, which was just an excellent slug-fest. Rollins vs Riddle was very good but their feud hasn’t connected for me personally, so it didn’t excite me as much.

I encourage UK fans to reach out to people in Montreal for help dealing with their disappointment. Screwjobs are kind of our thing. We got you.

(Also, to Saeed’s comment, yup, definitely should have been Sami.)

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Kavan from Glasgow, via Cardiff.

Hey guys! Not usually able to leave feedback from the UK, but was at the show live tonight so wanted to check in.

Atmosphere was incredible. Until the main event, the most over person by far was Bayley. I’d imagine the singing came across on TV, and I hope it didn’t take away from the match. The performers seemed to manage it really well and it was a great way to start the show.

GUNTHER / Sheamus and Rollins / Riddle were great, and everyone popped for the Dominick turn

Unsurprisingly, Drew and Roman stole the show. The false finish with Solo Sikoa got every single person in our section, and the ending sucked all the energy out of us. Disappointing, but ultimately really well done. Didn’t send us home happy per say, but certainly satisfied.

After the show went off the air, Tyson Fury sang American Pie for some reason. Then drew sang Oasis. Very odd end to a very good night. Hope you’re both well, and congrats to Wai on your new arrival!

Travelled from Bristol to Cardiff to watch the show, trains were rammed and Cardiff was packed from midday.

The show was fun without being spectacular. The roof was closed so this maybe the reason for the lack of any big pyro.

All the baby faces were over as expected with Drew and Shemus big favourites. Bayley was a favourite as usual in the UK.

It was great to be able to see a big show in the UK but it felt more like an episode of RAW.

Stu from the UK.

I was really enjoying this event, the crowd were fantastic, the Sheamus/Gunther match was outstanding, Dom finally turned, Rollins/Riddle was a lot of fun…and then they gave us that ending.

Holy shit did they instantly kill my buzz. What an absolute let down. For a company that loves making moments, they sure as hell just squandered a huge one, and for what?

Drew winning was a sure fire win and feel good moment. That crowd was ready to go off after that Claymore and so was I and they screw it with ANOTHER interference. I’d rather Roman win fairly than get another Uso involvement. Its getting very boring. It was bad enough Sheamus losing but Drew too just sucked. This all ended up just feeling like a super expensive classic UK PPV from the 00s where they were nothing more than house shows presented as a PPV. Nothing matters.

I just really feel for Drew, all his moments the last 2 years have been screwed one way or another. Last time he won the title in an empty studio, this time he lost and sang bad Karaoke with Tyson Fury. Poor guy.

It also leaves all these open questions too on where Roman’s heading. If The Rock is facing Roman at Mania why make it for the titles, it doesnt need them. If they insist on it, does that mean The Rock is winning the Rumble? So then why even bother having the Rumble? Where does that leave Cody who would have been the favourite to win it too.

Sorry I’m rambling but that ending has left me really annoyed and my mind scrambled.

Congratulations on the the new born Wai and good to have you back.


Nas from NYC

An hour after the main event ended and I feel like the Yankees lost a post season game. That is genuinely a huge complement to both Roman and Drew. I didn’t care much about who won before the match started but got sucked in by the crowd and the performers.

Gunther vs Sheamus was everything I wanted it to be and more. Riddle vs Rollins was brilliant. The overall wrestling in this show was top quality.

Truly an amazing show. Really enjoyable and such an easy watch. I wish all WWE PPVs are 3.5 hours long starting at 1pm on Saturdays.

P.S. I know Yankees aren’t making it to post season the way things are going.

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I don’t wanna bottle up my anger over the main event. Drew McIntyre got Luger’d. I was on edge from bell to bell. Solo Sikoa was an inevitable possibility and it added some needed fuel to this Tribal Chief saga…I don’t think i can stomach another 6 months of the same song and dance. It’s Birmingham all over again.

end rant

Anyway, It’s a strong show with a hot crowd. GUNTHER/Sheamus was the match of the afternoon, it delivered the violence and then some. Sheamus earned that standing ovation. He deserved it and it justifies another babyface run down the road.

The pacing was tremendous and none of the matches dragged or overstayed their welcome.

So why did you give the show 0/10 ?

Imran from Huddersfield

Sheamus vs Gunther was everything I hoped for and more. A stiff, brutal, war that was a clear match of the night and a WWE MOTY Contender. It also showed how you can beat the (sort of) hometown guy in a good way - with the standing ovation Sheamus received after being a really great moment.

If that was the good way to book a home town loss…then Drew / Roman showed the opposite. They were on to an all-timer moment there at the end if Drew had won - the place would have exploded. In the end we’re left thinking of what might have been…

Read the part that comes after.

That was a damn good show, I liked everything except the end. Had Drew won on that last Claymore, I would have loved it. Regardless, Drew & Roman worked their asses off and had a great main event. Bad finish and very weird post match segment. My guess is that the idea was to send the live crowd away happy, which is fine but don’t air that as it makes Drew look bad as he shouldn’t be having fun after a huge loss.

At first, when I saw the ending, I crapped all over it. I hated it. But thinking about it now, it now seems like more a long term storytelling decision at best. I feel you get a short-term thing with Tyson Fury, and a long term thing with both new blood in the Bloodline, and Roman keeping the title till Mania, where we assume Cody is put over. (Medical condition outstanding, of course.) So while the show as a whole suffered because of that ending, it’s not as bad on whole because of it. 7 out of 10.

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If they would have done that ending, and gone off the air with Drew angry, I’d 100% agree. My main issue was him singing after the biggest loss of his career. I get that was to send the fans home happy, but do that off air.

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I couldn’t disagree with Wai anymore about the result of the main event effetcing your opinion of the show. If youre the father of a family of four sure you wanna make sure the wife and kids enjoyed themselves, but as a fan of a team or competitor i came to see you win i don’t want to see The Miami Heat after losing game 7 at home start singing to the fans “To take them home happy”


If anyone goes home upset, due to any result from a wrestling show, they should seriously reconsider ever attending a show again. There is a huge difference in your favorite sports team losing and someone losing in a scripted wrestling match.

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